Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 464: You can’t not leave

Huang Yaming and Song Ni went to buy food while Xu Tingsheng and Fu Cheng remained at the side gate of the school. It was without any reservations whatsoever that Xu Tingsheng revealed to Fu Cheng all that his parents had said and done to Fang Yunyao back then.

Fang Yunyao’s age, her formerly having been Fu Cheng’s teacher, that incident and those rumours…

At the end of the day, Fu Cheng’s parents believed that Fang Yunyao was unworthy of their son, that he and their family would be put to shame if they were married with his future compromised as a result.

Caught between his parents and Fang Yunyao and Niannian, while determined, Fu Cheng was also suffering.

As for his future prospects, he had never had any intention of entering the bureaucracy in the first place. All and any rumours and whatnot meant literally nothing to him too…all this was evident from Xu Tingsheng’s previous life.

Xu Tingsheng said, “Abduct ’em.”

Fu Cheng asked, “Really?”

Xu Tingsheng said, “Yeah. Let’s make preparations.”


Little Niannian was asleep. Her fatigued grandmother was also resting.

Fang Yunyao forcibly kept herself upright and made lunch.

The dormitory building was so old it actually did not have a kitchen stove. There was only a board erected along the corridor outside with a stove placed atop it. Beside it was a coal ball stove that helped to save on gas when boiling water or whatnot.

As Niannian was still little, they often had need of hot water for like when she peed the bed or her pants and such.

Fang Yunyao ignited the coal ball stove and placed a kettle of water on top. Next, she turned on the normal stove and began to cook. Not having bought groceries that morning, she grabbed a few eggs and potatoes, intending to cook just two simple dishes.

With her chaotic state of mind, Fang Yunyao zoned out somewhat.

Fang Yunyao had actually acknowledged it when Xu Tingsheng said things might be different with Niannian. It was also not that she had not been moved. Still, she had ultimately chosen to give up. She truly lacked the courage to face all this with Niannian and was also unwilling to see Fu Cheng in a bind.

The decision she had informed Fu Cheng of was one that had the best interests of others rather than herself in mind.

After pouring the potatoes onto a plate, Fang Yunyao tasted one. She had forgotten to add salt.

“Cooking, Ms Fang? Not going back for the New Year?” A rotund man in his forties with permed hair, a suit, leather shoes and a black wallet under his arm walked over.

Fang Yunyao glanced at him and furrowed her brows, greeting, “Hello, Chairman Liu.”

This person was the head of teaching in this school, the brother of the principal.

“Where’s Niannian?” Chairman Liu asked.

“She’s sleeping,” Fang Yunyao answered.

“Oh, it’s rather late, huh. It’s past 1 o’clock,” Chairman Liu looked at his wristwatch, “It so happens I haven’t had lunch too. You won’t mind if I join you for lunch, right, Ms Fang?”

Fang Yunyao hesitated for a moment before replying, “Sorry, Chairman Liu. I haven’t anything prepared for today. I’m just cooking casual. How about next time?”

“How many next times has it been already? Relax, I don’t mind that,” Chairman Liu said as he walked forth.

“Sorry, Chairman Liu, but really, no,” Fang Yunyao removed the boiling pot from the stove and clasped it, blocking his path forward.

Chairman Liu ground his teeth. Some time passed before his expression eased and he forced out a smile.

“Look, Ms Fang, you know what I want…this isn’t my first time raising it. It must’ve been ten times already, right?” Chairman Liu said, “I’m divorced, my child following her mother. Aside from that, I pretty much score well in all other aspects. You aren’t married, and must support your mother and your child. It can’t be easy for you. I think we’re rather well suited for each other. Relax, I don’t care about any gossip outside. I also wouldn’t mind bearing your load…”

“Sorry, Chairman Liu. I’ve also said it a lot of times. I really have no such desires. I’m thankful, but please don’t bother me again,” Fang Yunyao interrupted him.

“Don’t forget who it was who hired you back then,” Chairman Liu grit his teeth and threatened.

Fang Yunyao lowered her head and did not speak.

“If I could hire you in, I can also make you scram at any time!” An infuriated Chairman Liu kicked the bricks that were supporting the wooden board. One of them fell, causing board, stove and all to topple onto the ground.

That plate of potatoes also ended up scattered across the ground.

Fang Yunyao silently bent down to clear up the mess.

“Give it some careful thought. If it’s a no, get lost. Pack up your things and scram,” Chairman Liu threatened menacingly.

“Alright,” Fang Yunyao said.

As if triggered by this firm ‘alright’, Chairman Liu finally stripped away his previous facade, “I’m giving you face but you don’t want it. Do you think you’re a goddess? A goddess, unwanted by anyone, giving birth to a bastard with no father? Damn, what a joke! Who do you think you are?”

“Do you think I don’t know about your reputation? It’s all over the net, all the teachers in the whole school know about it. That bastard in your house came from you and a student, right? And in the end? This old man was pitying you, seeing that you can still do a bit decent…slut…”

Chairman Liu continued to holler.



That massive ninety-kilogram frame received a full-powered kick by Fu Cheng from behind, plunging headfirst into the ground.

Fu Cheng, Xu Tingsheng, Huang Yaming and Song Ni had come to deliver food to Ms Fang.

Fu Cheng had heard the last part of Chairman Liu’s words…yes, he had heard it all. He dashed up those stairs, dumped the packet food by the side and lunged forward in a frenzy, bringing his target down with a single kick and throwing himself on him.

Each and every punch was targeted at the face.

Fu Cheng usually had the mildest personality of them all. Yet, he was like a man possessed at this moment as he howled, raining blow after blow on the person beneath him without any care for the consequences…

Xu Tingsheng and Huang Yaming had wanted to help at first but saw that there was no need to now.

Soon, the downed Chairman Liu’s face was all bloodied.

Huang Yaming stood at the back and added in a few kicks for good measure. Xu Tingsheng did nothing and simply watched.

“Fu Cheng!” Ms Fang yelled.

“Fu Cheng, stop! Stop hitting!”

But nothing seemed able to get in to Fu Cheng at all.

He did not know what injustices Fang Yunyao and Niannian had suffered, how hard it had been for them. He could not exact payback for that. Right now, though, right before his very eyes, someone actually dared to speak to Fang Yunyao in such a manner, to threaten her and humiliate she and Niannian like this.

It was on this unlucky bastard that Fu Cheng vented all his hatred, self-blame, guilt and pain.

He was already tired, but still, he punched, and he punched…bashing downwards unceasingly…

Xu Tingsheng and Huang Yaming had no intention of stopping Fu Cheng due to what they had similarly just heard. They felt anguished at what Ms Fang would have suffered over the last two years. Since this person had dared to act like this today, there would definitely be a precedent…

It was no wonder that Song Ni had found a knife when searching for milk powder in Ms Fang’s bag. Under most dire circumstances, she had resorted to extreme measures to protect herself.

Soon, though, there was no way for Xu Tingsheng and Huang Yaming to not stop Fu Cheng. Fatigued from his exertions, Fu Cheng grabbed a large brick from the floor and raised it high, seeking to smash it downwards…

“Fu Cheng, calm down!”

Xu Tingsheng grabbed him.

Huang Yaming tried unsuccessfully to snatch away the brick in his hand.

“Waa…” A child’s cries resounded.

Both roused by the racket, Mrs Fang came out carrying Little Niannian, asking frantically, “What is it? What’s happened?”

“Fu Cheng, don’t scare Niannian, okay?” Fang Yunyao said, pulling Fu Cheng’s hand.

Fu Cheng finally relaxed his grip.

“Sorry that you had to suffer for so long…I swear, I won’t let you tolerate the least bit of it again, including from my parents…” He seemed to be muttering aloud in a daze.

Huang Yaming transported the brick away. Xu Tingsheng supported Fu Cheng up.

Chairman Liu made use of this opportunity and scrambled for the stairwell.

“The heck, you’re that student who got together with this slut, right? Well, you’ve got guts. You lot stay right where you are if you dare. This old man will show you who’s boss around here…I will make you regret the day…”

Huang Yaming made as if to pursue him.

Chairman Liu gave up his bluster and fled in a panic.

“This might be a good thing. You can’t not leave now, Ms Fang. Ha, Fu Cheng’s beaten up the chairman of your school…” Xu Tingsheng laughed as he saw the mess on the floor and the blood on Fu Cheng’s hands.

“Right, you guys hurry up and leave. I’m afraid…” Fang Yunyao sounded rather nervous.

“It’s fine. Pack up your stuff. We’ll wait for him,” Huang Yaming said in a relaxed tone.

To the current him, this was truly too small a cause for concern. Whether it was from that matter with Ding Sen, managing a bar, the movie industry or interacting with Wu Kun…there was much that he had experienced over the past one over year which had caused him to develop an air of poised self-confidence and invincibility somewhat.

“It’s not that,” Fang Yunyao still felt uneasy as she hastily explained, “I know that you’re all doing very well right now, but you’re not familiar with this area. In running a private school here, these guys have connections with both the legal and the criminal. That Chairman Liu especially, he’s party to that and doesn’t actually teach…”

“Relax, Ms Fang, everything’s fine. Go pack up your things. I’ll make a call and get people over to help with transport. Trust me,” Xu Tingsheng said in a kindly manner, “Song Ni, Fu Cheng, go help.”

He dialled Ye Qing’s number.

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