Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 465: Fang Yunyao’s man

Just like Xu Tingsheng had said, she had no choice but to leave now regardless of whatever her final decision was. There was just no staying there any longer.

“Don’t stand here. Go pack the books on the table over there.”

“Oh, right.”

Fu Cheng had stood beside Fang Yunyao for less than a full three seconds when he was dispatched elsewhere to do something else. Song Ni could not help but chuckle at this.

Xu Tingsheng and Huang Yaming sat at the stairwell and smoked a cigarette.

“Will things get too exaggerated later?” Xu Tingsheng mused aloud, thinking how things always easily blew out of proportion around him.

During his earlier call, the usually cool Ye Qing, Fang Yuqing, Tan Yao-all of them had been so triggered…

They had only just been moved to tears by Fu Cheng’s and Ms Fang’s tale, sympathising with the laudable Fang Yunyao and feeling sorry for the pretty, adorable Little Niannian…

And the next thing they learnt, Ms Fang and Little Niannian were actually being bullied.

Their rage meters were instantly maxed out, the prelude to ultimate moves being unleashed…

Hucheng’s hotel in Chengdu could be considered pretty high end, with their manager being a local and experienced with such dealings. Ye Qing’s family had a branch company in Chengdu. A portion of the Black Horse Club also had companies or offices here…

“All who’re human, mobilise. Those with people in Dujiangyan, rush there first.”

Such was what Ye Qing had instructed even as they rushed back.

Going from Chengdu to Dujiangyan usually took an hour by car. Right now, these people were all going all out, speeding forth as if there was no tomorrow. Whoever they were, an opportunity for them to show their worth in front of their boss had arrived.

No one dared to be remiss. Really, they only wished that they could be the first to arrive.

“The bigger things get the better. The more it’ll mean that Ms Fang has to leave. Also, we should let these people know that Ms Fang isn’t someone they can casually mock, bully or gossip about,” Huang Yaming said, “The gossip is probably underway now.”

The truth was that they would not have been able to leave earlier even if they had wanted to.

Right after escaping downstairs, that Chairman Liu had gotten the school’s three security guards to watch over the gate and prevent Fang Yunyao and co from leaving. If not for Huang Yaming and Xu Tingsheng both appearing somewhat capable and Fu Cheng having just demonstrated what he was capable of, Chairman Liu would probably have come charging over with the three of them who were a bit on the old side.

As for the reason, his bloodstained face and a bit of cursing were basically enough to inform the security guards of the situation.

This private school had a senior high division and a retaking examination class.

As it was only a few days into the winter holidays, there were still a few hundred students from twelfth grade and the retaking examination class doing revision in the school along with a few dozen teachers. Some of them, having witnessed or been alerted to what had just transpired, snuck a few glances before going from the staff dormitory to the classroom building.

After gossiping in the office, the teachers began crowding along the corridors…

“Chairman Liu? That hooligan deserves it. He’s met a tough one this time. It’s not the first time he’s harassed our school’s female teachers. It’s just that they mostly daren’t openly show their outrage and fight back…”

“I heard that the father of Fang Yunyao’s bas….her daughter Niannian has come, that he was the one who beat him.”

“Is it really as they say, that he’s a student?”

“Well, I’m not so sure, but they did look pretty young. Three guys and one girl came, university students from the looks of it. They’re still here, packing. Ms Fang’s job is definitely done for this time. It’s just a matter of what else may play out here…”

“It definitely won’t go well. What sort of guy is Chairman Liu? He’s actually just a gangster. Those out-of-towners university students, alongside Fang Yunyao, are in for a rough time.”

“Well, maybe not. See how they aren’t panicked at all. Maybe there really is something backing their confidence.”

“Ha! If that person really had such capabilities, would Fang Yunyao still have to suffer so much before? Alone and taking care of her child and her mother, how pitiful is that? Just look at Little Niannian. She’s so pretty and adorable, anyone’s heart would ache just looking at her…”

“Who’s fault is it? It can only be Ms Fang’s own fault for being muddleheaded and not choosing the right person. Otherwise, with her looks, she’d probably have no problem marrying some rich dude. Yet now, she has the baggage of a fatherless child…”

“How silly. I’ve never seen anyone sillier…”

“Things would never be like this otherwise…”


The teachers continued chattering away.

The students nearby naturally took in some of this. The corridor became filled with people.

“It seems that pretty teacher has aggravated Chairman Liu. It doesn’t look so good…”

“Wa, Niannian’s Dad is here? I wonder if he’s handsome, if he’s wealthy…”

“Wealthy my arse. Didn’t you see how tough their lives usually are?”


Two cars sped over, halting with a screech at the school gate.

Ye Qing and co were the first to arrive…

Ignoring those onlookers from the classroom building, pushing past the security guards at the gate, the lot of them made their way right to the staff dormitory. Fang Yunyao was almost done packing by now. She did not have many possessions in the first place.

Ye Qing located Xu Tingsheng and asked, “Our people are almost here. Do we wait or go down first?”

Xu Tingsheng took a quick scan of the area and replied, “We should head down first. Everyone should help with the carrying.”

And so, gawked at by two full stories of students and teachers, some carrying things, some empty-handed…a group of ten plus people arrived at the empty space before the classroom building.

Fu Cheng was carrying Little Niannian. Fang Yunyao had wanted to carry something at first. Still, it had been ‘snatched’, leaving her empty-handed. Finally, Song Ni was supporting Mrs Fang…

“Are you leaving, Ms Fang?” Someone yelled from upstairs.

As it was not good to ignore a colleague, despite her somewhat chaotic frame of mind, Fang Yunyao still looked up at them and smiled, nodding.

“Has Niannian’s Dad come?” Came another question from upstairs.

After hesitating for a bit, Fang Yunyao nodded.

“Which one is it?”

“Which one is it?”

Teachers and students alike were all enthusiastically speculating at this moment.

“Is he handsome?” Someone behind jostled forward.

“I can’t see clearly. They’re facing away,” The person in front answered.

No one did yell out this query directly to Fang Yunyao as they were just happily guessing away…

Now, Fu Cheng turned, “Dear, I think Niannian’s wet herself…what to do?”

From his voice, from his expression, this seemed like some monumental occurrence. Niannian had wet herself….

Feeling rather exasperated, Fang Yunyao shot Fu Cheng a look.

Fu Cheng smiled sheepishly, gingerly apologising.

Startled exclamations resounded upstairs.

“So young, and so handsome…”

“Yeah, he is! Much better-looking than the guys in our class.”

“Even better when carrying his child.”

“And cute too.”

“He seems very afraid of pretty teacher.”

If these girls knew that this fella was the legendary lead singer of Rebirth…even without Chairman Liu, Fu Cheng and Fang Yunyao would also not be able to leave easily in a while.

“It looks like she really did find a young, good-looking one,” Some female, middle-aged teachers smiled.

Immediately, some unhappy male students as well as those teachers who had not harboured goodwill towards Fang Yunyao in the first place and often gossiped about and slandered her began commenting.

“What use are his looks? They won’t save him from being beaten to death later. Just these ten plus people, some guys and some girls, what the hell can they do?”

“It’s just empty decoration. Being rich is much more practical than being handsome.”

“Right, look at the clothes Fang Yunyao are wearing…the poverty.”


As if proving their words, three vans now zoomed straight into the campus. The first to get off was Chairman Liu who had tidied up his face somewhat. If not for that, he would have arrived even quicker. Yet, with the guards there to keep an eye on things and prevent his targets from escaping, he could still spare that time.

Thirty odd people got off the vans and stood behind him, all youths or sturdy men with clubs in their hands.

Fang Yunyao was rather nervous.

“It’s okay. Change Niannian’s diapers first,” Fu Cheng said calmly.

“Oh? …You’ve called girls over too?” Chairman Liu enunciated in a suggestive manner, “Where is that earlier defiance of yours? So you know how the word death is written now? …You, come over, kneel down before me…”

He pointed his club towards Fu Cheng.

Fu Cheng was raising Little Niannian as Fang Yunyao changed her diapers.

“Look, your handsome guy’s about to have a broken head,” Someone said upstairs.

“Only good for his looks.”

“Looks like Fang Yunyao did really find an incompetent.”

People started throwing in sarcastic remarks at once.

Fu Cheng was fully focused on learning how to change diapers for his daughter.

Huang Yaming took a step forward, “Are you sure of what you said?”

Fang Yuqing stepped up. He had trained together with Zhong Wusheng for a period of time and made sure to continue training afterwards. If anyone was most capable of fighting here, it was him. The other guys stepped forward as well…

“What, you all don’t want to live anymore?” Chairman Liu raised his club.

Right after he said that, the first car, a 7-seater Mercedes-Benz, zoomed into the school…

The school gate had been opened earlier when Chairman Liu’s vehicles had entered.

Next followed a BMW.

A third car.

A fourth.


Soon, there was no longer any space for cars inside the school as a whole line of them was parked outside. Everyone from Zhicheng and the Black Horse Club in the vicinity of Chengdu who could be deployed had been activated. Some wore suits, some were brimming with killing auras and quite a few were bespectacled, desk personnel too…

Still, they did indeed amount to over a hundred people.

The main thing was still those cars…

Chairman Liu knew that he had kicked a hornet’s nest.

Everyone on the corridors was speechless too…

Those who had said strange things earlier dared not utter a sound.

Those who loved to give disparaging remarks about Fang Yunyao were even more at a loss.

Chairman Liu was trembling.

“Bro Liu, they’ve more people. How about you contact your friends in the police?” An underling suggested.

“Fool! Look at these cars. Do you think we can outdo them?” Chairman Liu still had his rational faculties.

“What do we do then?”

Chairman Liu grit his teeth and stepped forward, “Look, Ms Fang, I did help you when you were in dire straits. Even if I’m at fault here, you already beat me earlier…now that you’re leaving, you must have at least a bit of lingering attachment for our school, right? It would be unnecessary to go so far, right? What do you think?”

He knew that Fang Yunyao was softhearted.

Fang Yunyao indeed wavered a little, especially with how she was unused to situations like these.

She looked at Fu Cheng, looking rather lost…

“Leave this sort of stuff to Huang Yaming. He’s better at dealing with it,” Fu Cheng said.

Now, a Rolls Royce drove over.

This car was used by Zhicheng’s hotel to escort VIPs and such. The manager had previously asked Xu Tingsheng and the others if they wished to use it. They had declined, however, finding it too ostentatious and oldish.

This, however, was the perfect occasion to use it.

As the car pulled over horizontally, Fu Cheng opened the door and half-turned, saying to Fang Yunyao, “Get in first, dear.”

Fang Yunyao could do nothing but accept his audacity here. She went inside rather nervously.

Fu Cheng passed Little Niannian to Fang Yunyao before opening the car door on the other side and saying respectfully to her mother, “Auntie…Mum, get in first.”

Mrs Fang could only shoot him an exasperated look before entering the car.

After closing the car door, Fu Cheng walked over and exchanged a few words with Huang Yaming before getting in the car himself.

The Rolls Royce slowly drove out of the school gate.

That day, Fang Yunyao, poor, helpless and frequently subject to mockery and disdainful looks without any resistance on her part, along with her pitiful but adorable daughter Little Niannian…

Were escorted away by a handsome young man, the father of her child, with more than thirty cars and close to two hundred people on an ultra flashy Rolls Royce…

This might be the most surreal day in the history of that school.

The whole two stories of people were all speechless…

Some had just called her silly, muddleheaded…

Some had…

“Both handsome and rich, afraid of his wife and loves his kids…” A girl murmured in wonder.

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