Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 466: Communication failure

As for that Rolls Royce that Zhicheng’s hotel used for escorting VIPs, that was thanks to Ye Qing who had arranged for it.

In having done so, Fang Yunyao would be able to gloriously depart from a place of unpleasant memories, for one. More importantly, this was really also for the sake of appeasing her mother.

Regarding Fu Cheng’s and Ms Fang’s affair, the two elders of the Fang family should rightfully be furious. After all, it was their own daughter who had painstakingly suffered, and it was their entire family who had been forced to move away from their hometown as a result.

It would actually be understandable even if they gave Fu Cheng two tight slaps on sight.

Yet, due to Fang Yunyao’s firm resolve, her fool’s stubbornness, they could only suppress their fury.

Now that Fu Cheng had managed to reunite with Fang Yunyao, the two of them having become his parents-in-law, it was necessary for him to appease them and alleviate their anger. The best way to do that was actually to let them see how esteemed Fang Yunyao and her mother were in the eyes of he and those around him…

Only then would Fang Yunyao’s parents feel comfortable and be able to set their minds at ease.

The usually low-key Fu Cheng comprehended the good intentions therein. His shameless ‘Mum’ when he opened the door for Mrs Fang and that look she had shot him in response was the very first time she had acknowledged his existence this time around.

That Mrs Fang had gotten on the car was a very good beginning. Whatever the case, that such a scenario could unfold when her daughter had initially already steeled her resolve was surely comforting and heartwarming to her as a mother.

The car slowly drove towards the school gate.

Chairman Liu’s face was turning pale. Fang Yunyao was like a lifesaving straw that he had to desperately clutch at right now, for only then might he be able to bypass this grave tribulation.

When he had pleaded with her earlier, Fang Yunyao had clearly wavered somewhat.

Yet, even without saying anything, she was already leaving just like that?

Leaving behind Huang Yaming who did not look so kindly at all.

“I’m done for…no, I can’t just wait here to die,” And so Chairman Liu did a very awkward thing that would leave everyone holding their heads in incredulity.

With the car still yet to fully leave the premises, he flung his club behind him, took a few steps forward and opened up his arms.

“Students, fellow teachers, listen to me,” Chairman Liu raised his hands high, “Ms Fang is just about to leave our school. At this moment, I believe that everyone feels the same as me. While unwilling to part, we are also happy for Ms Fang and happy for the cute Little Niannian.”

What was he up to?

The students and teachers, Xu Tingsheng’s lot, those people Chairman Liu himself had brought over…everyone was rendered dumbstruck.

“Come, I propose a round of applause to thank Ms Fang for her service to the school this past year and more. At the same time, we send her our well wishes for the future…clap, clap, clap…”

Now this was really very awkward.

But Chairman Liu seemed not to notice it at all as he started clapping enthusiastically. Next, the teachers who were his lackeys and the people he had brought over had no choice but to follow along and clap…and then the students began to do as asked as well…

They were clapping while looking totally stupefied…

How had a good old group fight turned into something like this?

The atmosphere wasn’t right!

Xu Tingsheng and co exchanged blank looks. More lost were the almost two hundred people who had just rushed over. They all stared at Ye Qing, Fang Yuqing, Xu Tingsheng…

Huh? Should we clap too? Didn’t we come here to fight?

In the Rolls Royce that was still moving forward slowly, the driver turned and asked Fu Cheng, “Boss, do you want me to stop the car?”

Fu Cheng turned to look at Fang Yunyao.

Fang Yunyao hastily shook her head. How awkward would it be if she got off the car under these circumstances? While Chairman Liu could stand it, that didn’t mean that others could!

Fu Cheng understood this as he turned back and told the driver, “Drive a bit faster, please.”

The students upstairs exclaimed softly in startlement as they saw the car accelerate away.

Chairman Liu turned and saw this. His heart sank at once.

“As a representative of the school, let me send Ms Fang off…goodbye, Ms Fang, goodbye…”

Chairman Liu galloped towards the gate as he gesticulated.

“What a talent this is,” Fang Yuqing said, “Is he running away?”

“Looks like it,” Xu Tingsheng agreed.

Huang Yaming chased after Chairman Liu and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s send them off together,” He said, “There are so many twelfth graders upstairs, it’s also right for you to come out…it’s not so good for them to see this. So, where shall we go to talk?”

“Sigh…” A deflated Chairman Liu accepted his fate.

“What kind of luck is this… just what in the world?!” Chairman Liu pointed at the rear end of the Rolls Royce in the distance and gestured towards the ring of people and cars nearby, sounding as though he wanted to cry.

“It shouldn’t have been like this. You people…what was that?! Say it earlier!”

Chairman Liu really felt very aggrieved, as if he had been set up. It had clearly been a helpless, easy-to-bully, beautiful female teacher in dire straits. But the twist…it was all too sudden, all too sudden…


Ms Fang, Little Niannian and Mrs Fang moved into a high class suite at Zhicheng’s hotel in Chengdu. This suite would hence become the centre around which everyone gravitated.

Song Ni had missed Fang Yunyao from the start. Then there were those like Ye Qing who were trying to get familiar with Ms Fang for fear that she might be uncomfortable in her new environment. Finally, the younger girls had all their attention focused on the adorable Little Niannian.

It could be said that everyone harboured the greatest goodwill towards the mother and daughter based on they themselves as well as their past experiences.

Fu Cheng was often chased out by Ms Fang, though.

Having persisted against smoking these past few days for the sake of carrying Niannian, Fu Cheng got a cigarette from Huang Yaming. Then, he called his parents in front of the two of them after he had finally finished and mustered his nerve.

This was an unavoidable matter that he had to face.

“Dad, is Mum there?” Fu Cheng asked, “Right, good…I want to tell you guys something. I’ve found Ms Fang. Also, you have a granddaughter. She’s named Fu Qing, pet name Niannian…”

Fu Cheng’s parents said something in reply which Xu Tingsheng and Huang Yaming did not quite manage to catch.

“I must marry Ms Fang. Niannian is my child,” Fu Cheng said.

They seemed to say something along the line of disowning him if he did so.

“No,” Fu Cheng said, “As your child, I must fulfil my filial duties. Even if you say that, I can’t agree with it.”

“…” His parents were both speaking at once.

“Still, I’m definitely marrying her. Right, Niannian is very pretty and adorable. I’ll send some photos to Dad’s QQ later.”

Fu Cheng hung up.

As expected, his attempt to communicate with them had failed.

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