Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Superstar godmother

Fu Cheng was a relatively gentle person who valued relationships greatly. This was true for not just with Fang Yunyao but with his parents too. While he surely resented them for having brought about such a situation, he still did not wish to resort to too extreme a method.

Moreover, marriage was not a minor matter that just concerned their family of three. It was long and complex and was intertwined with many other things.

And so, when Fu Cheng’s parents had ruthlessly spoken of disowning him, he had replied, “No. As your child, I must fulfil my filial duties. Still, I’m definitely marrying her.”

Despite being gentle, he was also the most stubborn. He would always use the gentlest method to stubbornly live by his core principles, and no one would be able to change his mind. This had already been apparent to Xu Tingsheng in his previous life.

While such people were great and all, they would easily be caught between a rock and a hard place. It was thus in both lifetimes for Fu Cheng.

“If there’s really no other choice, I can only offend my Mum and Dad first. I think they will be able to accept it in time,” After hanging up, Fu Cheng said rather helplessly to Xu Tingsheng and Huang Yaming, “Whatever the case, I definitely cannot let Ms Fang and Niannian suffer anymore.”

Fu Cheng called Song Ni outside via text and entrusted her with the task of taking photos of Niannian. He reminded her to find a suitable excuse so as not to alert Fang Yunyao about it.

Fu Cheng hoped that Fang Yunyao would not have to participate in his efforts this time to get his parents to accept her. It would be best if she were completely in the dark about it.

Xu Tingsheng was with him on this point. Mr and Mrs Fu must have factored greatly in how Fu Cheng had failed to win Ms Fang over in his previous life despite having waited for her all those years. 

If she were to have to face things with Fu Cheng again now, things would probably end up even worse. Ms Fang would likely choose to give up from the start rather than persevere.

She would definitely be fearful, at least.

If she were made to face his parents again two years from their initial meeting, to endeavor and even plead…it would be too difficult. The pain and hardship these past two years were still fresh in her mind.

For now, Fu Cheng placed his hopes on Little Niannian, hoping that they would be moved and change their minds upon seeing her pictures. This pretty, adorable and clever little girl who had been suffering outside was their granddaughter at the end of the day.

After all, blood is thicker than water. It would naturally be best if problems caused by familial ties could be resolved through familial ties.

At some point in time, Huang Yaming had already poured out and readied three glasses of red wine.

“Alright, stop looking so gloomy, Fu Cheng. The heck…Ms Fang’s birthed you a daughter. Ms Fang’s birthed you a daughter! Thinking about us back in senior high, and thinking about the present, it’s really too freaking inconceivable,” Huang Yaming exclaimed very emotionally.

“True! Someone you love most. She loves you too, and has done so much for you. And now, she’s right by your side. How hard to come by is that?! How marvellous!” Xu Tingsheng agreed.

Xu Tingsheng had actually been deeply affected by Fu Cheng’s and Ms Fang’s reunion along with the appearance of the angelic Little Niannian. Two romances of two lifetimes, past and present, that were despairingly fated never to come to fruition-this was something that had always been at the back of his mind, that had even caused him a bit of fear.

He had once witnessed the two caught in an endless entanglement that was doomed to failure, having also been overcome by despair himself at one point in this life…

Everything now was already so wonderful compared to that.

Fate had already been subverted in one of these two romances which had now blossomed. As a result, Xu Tingsheng was also feeling much more confident with regard to things between him and Xiang Ning.

“You even have such a cute daughter…huh, just based on this alone, we’ll never ever be able to catch up with you, Tingsheng especially. If he has already decided, he’ll still have to wait a long, long time,” Huang Yaming raised his wineglass, “To sum it up, what more could a man wish for, what more could a man wish for…come, let’s have a toast first.”

As he was smiling, Xu Tingsheng and Fu Cheng were unable to tell if he had suddenly thought of Chen Jingqi and the child she had aborted.

Still, Xu Tingsheng actually did not believe him when he said ‘what more could a man wish for’. People seek different things in life. A simple, mundane life with a virtuous wife and a filial child definitely wasn’t what Huang Yaming truly desired most.

He had also said, “Tingsheng especially. If he has already decided, he’ll still have to wait a long, long time…”

Xu Tingsheng had received a critical hit at a vital spot.

He had lived for two lifetimes, yet be it failure or success, ordinary or unordinary, he had never actually been a father before…he so looked forward to it, but would that day ever come? As a result, whenever Xu Tingsheng looked at Little Niannian these past few days, he was always filled with much envy and desire…

A glass of wine, a moment’s reverie. Xu Tingsheng’s mind flashed back to the streets of Milan, to a picture a certain someone had once painted for him. “If I had not been so selfish back then, things might have turned out differently from how they did…”

There was indeed much to feel wonder at as after downing glass after glass of red wine, the trio finally ended up lying drunkenly together on a bed.

“Do you still remember the first time Ms Fang came to class?” Huang Yaming suddenly asked.

Xu Tingsheng thought about it but was unable to remember despite having been wowed too then.

“White T-shirt, green stripes across the top left, pale white jeans, white sports shoes and a ponytail…she was just like a young student that day.”

Fu Cheng had the lowest alcohol capacity and was most inebriated…but could still recall it perfectly.

“Did you ever remind her of how she caught the three of us smoking on the rooftop in eleventh grade? Xu Tingsheng and I begged for so long but she still reported it to Old Zhou. Thankfully, Old Zhou has brotherhood and let us off…”

“Never would she have thought that she’d also caught her own husband then, huh?” Huang Yaming recounted.

The three sat up and laughed loudly, finding this very amusing indeed.

“I didn’t dare ask. I’ll do it next time,” Fu Cheng replied.

“While you’re at that, you can also ask her if she remembers how you looked like when you couldn’t answer her questions in her lessons! And do you still remember how we squeezed together into a table with her at the cafeteria…

As they talked, and they talked, there were only the happiest memories.


At the same time.

Having already ascertained that she would be singing <

> at the upcoming New Years’ Gala, in the midst of frantically rehearsing, Apple updated a new Weibo post.

“A few minutes before going to rehearsal, I just heard the most wonderful news. What to do, what to do? I’m so excited, so moved…what to do, I just wish I could fly over right away…”

Out of nowhere came these words, followed by a slew of emoticons and a flying kiss.

Song Ni had finally managed to get through to her on her phone earlier, telling her the news:

“We found Ms Fang in Dujiangyan…right. Overjoyed, huh? Nah, stop yelling, you can do that later. There’s more! How about you take a guess…forget it, I’ll just tell you, you surely wouldn’t guess it…it’s Ms Fang’s and Fu Cheng’s daughter, she’s called Little Niannian…yeah, she’s over a year old already, she’s just beside me right now…let me tell you, Niannian’s super pretty…”

Apple was over the moon, moved to the point of frenzy, both crying and laughing.

Her bewildered fans pressed in the comments:

“What’s gotten you so worked up, Apple? To the extent of the most wonderful news?

“Is Apple in love? Noooo, I hope not! My heart will break.”

“Whatever it is, if Apple’s happy I’m happy.”


Apple sent a reply: “I’m going to be a mother.”

The entire Weibo…blew up.

Fortunately, before the media blew up as well, she quickly elaborated, “Heh, a godmother, I mean. I’m off to rehearsals! It’s just that I’m so happy, so moved and it just won’t go away…”

Apple was fast…in the meantime, the godfathers hadn’t even officially made a move yet.

Therefore, Little Niannian’s first godmother…was the music industry’s newest superstar.

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