Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 469

Chapter 469: As you guys wish

“All this walking is wearing me out. Where are we going next?” Someone asked.

“We’ll get our hair done first and then do some skincare…afterwards, a good meal,” As their mainstay and the one who made decisions, it was not in Ye Qing to give a simple ‘whatever’.

Ye Qing seemed to have changed a lot over this period of time. Nowadays, whenever she was not at her company, her image was totally different from that of the domineering, lofty boss lady.

While such might be due to romance and Tan Yao somewhat, as she had privately confessed to him, it was more because she felt that interacting with this group of people was relaxing rather than tiring and left her feeling young.

She had decided on this mainly for Fang Yunyao. It was really too long since she had last properly attended to her personal grooming. The other girls teased that Fu Cheng would probably faint in amazement on seeing Fang Yunyao later.

Fang Yunyao was left feeling rather bashful. Still, she did not argue against it. She too harboured expectations towards how Fu Cheng would react, in truth.

As a woman, Fang Yunyao naturally cared a lot about her own appearance too, especially after they had reunited. Despite having given birth, Fang Yunyao’s figure had not been warped as it had even improved somewhat. Still, the condition of her skin and her mental state had indeed deteriorated.

That day, despite things being as they were, she had still asked Fu Cheng very concernedly, “”I’m, I’m much older than before, aren’t I? All haggard. Have I turned ugly?”

Fallacious though it was, she had even come to regret not listening to her mother and dressing up nicely that day. “I went out dressed like some tomboy. Who knew that I…would meet you…”

Fang Yunyao agreed, and everyone else agreed as well aside from Little Xiang Ning who asked, “Big Sis Qing, must I do skincare too?”

Ye Qing reached out and pinched her cheek, smiling, “You don’t have to. Your skin is still so young I can squeeze out the water from it…huh, Xu Tingsheng, that beast.”

And so, while everyone else was doing skincare, Little Xiang Ning was left in charge of looking after Little Niannian whom she finally had all to herself. Over the past few days, she had actually noticed Xu Tingsheng’s extremely envious, yearning look every time he carried Little Niannian…

“Uncle looks like he really wants a child, but I’ll still need many more years…what can I do?”

Meanwhile, the women were talking about Little Niannian, such as where she would stay after going to Yanzhou and which kindergarten she would attend afterwards. Those they compared one by one.

Next, they discussed the skills or languages Niannian should acquire and where she should attend primary school. Yanzhou, Xihu or Shenghai? Ye Qing felt that the primary schools in Yanzhou were not so good, whereas there were a couple of international schools in Shenghai that were pretty good.

Above all, Xiang Ning wanted Niannian to stay with her at first before moving to Ning Garden as a neighbour.

Finally, a major ‘dispute’ broke out over the topic of Niannian studying overseas. This included how old she should be at that time and what country she should go to, like England, France, America…

Then there were also what she would major in and what company she would work at after graduation…even as Little Niannian was toddling under Xiang Ning’s supervision, they were already thinking so far ahead.

Fang Yunyao lay there quietly, listening as everyone bickered happily. On her face appeared a smile that was filled with anticipation for the future. As a mother, while she did not really desire such a high-class life, when she heard them describe and thought about how things would be for Niannian in the future, considering the inevitably woefully limited extent of her own abilities…

Fang Yunyao began to waver, began to rather look forward to it.

“Shall I go to Yanzhou? Right, for Niannian’s sake, be brave, Fang Yunyao! Even if you have to tolerate a bit,” She silently told herself.

She could be sure of Fu Cheng’s feelings towards her and Niannian. That combined with Xu Tingsheng, Apple and co as well as all these new friends she had made also granted her a warm, safe harbour which provided respite from the hardship and loneliness of the past two years.

That aside, though, she truly wished to be by Fu Cheng’s side, never again to be separated.

She wanted to go to Yanzhou.

It would be alright even if she did not rely so much on Xu Tingsheng and the others. Fu Cheng had tried to give her a card the previous day, saying that it contained two million plus yuan. It was saved up from the ringtone business with Xu Tingsheng and singing at Bright Brilliance.

Fang Yunyao had not accepted the card from Fu Cheng at the time as she had sternly shooed him out. Still, if she truly thought about their future, that should be enough to get them a house and a life, supporting Niannian through her studies…

“Fu Cheng can continue doing what he likes. I can go to work at Xu Tingsheng’s school or do something else…it’s more important that the whole family is together, even if our conditions are a little lacking as compared to others…”

Somewhere along the line, Fang Yunyao had already begun conceptualising their uneventful but happy and peaceful life together.

“Alright, stop bickering already! Ms Fang hasn’t even said anything, but we’ve already mapped out Niannian’s future path for her! How does that work?” Ye Qing said, “What do you think, Ms Fang?”

“I, I don’t know,” Fang Yunyao said, feeling rather awkward, “I feel that education aside, there may not be a need for Niannian to have it too extravagant. There’s no need to pick up too many skills. Niannian’s health isn’t so good; I don’t want her to be tired out. If it’s languages, I guess English would be better. French is very hard. I’m just afraid that she might have inherited Fu Cheng’s language learning genes. I don’t think he ever passed English back in senior high…”

Such was equivalent to her having indirectly given her consent. Meanwhile, amidst her shyness, she grew increasingly earnest in her musings.

Everyone could not help but hold back their smiles as they listened to her.

Ye Qing and Fang Yunyao were allocated the same room for body maintenance. Ye Qing could not help but gasp as she saw the dozen odd scars on Fang Yunyao’s body that were horrifying indeed…

“You’ve really suffered a lot,” Ye Qing said, her eyes rather reddened, “You should recuperate well after going to Yanzhou. As for those scars, how about getting them dealt with in America? Get Xu Tingsheng to help you with the arrangements. He went to a private clinic there before…”

Fang Yunyao nodded. She truly wanted to be rid of those scars. They were psychological as much as they were physical.

“We’re sisters from now on. I’ll stand up for you if there’s anything. Fu Cheng, Xu Tingsheng, they all don’t dare to provoke me,” Ye Qing joked.

Fang Yunyao smiled a little.

“By the way, does giving birth hurt?” Ye Qing tentatively asked Fang Yunyao in a low tone.

“You want to have a baby?” Fang Yunyao questioned.

Ye Qing hesitated for a moment before nodding rather awkwardly, “I never thought about it before, but after seeing Niannian this time, I’m a little tempted…still, it’s just a thought. To me, too many things are involved in this…I’m not as brave as you, able to disregard everything else like that…”

Ye Qing spoke a bit obscurely as Fang Yunyao could not grasp the full meaning of her words.

In reality, if Ye Qing chose to get married and have a child, it would basically mean that she would have given up on the succession of the Ye family’s assets. This had previously been everything she had aspired and been striving towards.

To make such a choice would be very difficult indeed.


Song Ni knocked on the door from outside.

“What is it?” Fang Yunyao asked.

“It’s Apple! She says that she wants to video call Niannian when she’s free during lunch…she’s almost tearing her hair out thinking about it already…so?” Song Ni asked, “How about you chat with her for a while?”

Fang Yunyao received the phone and chatted with Apple for a while. She could tell that this self-anointed godmother was truly raring to see Niannian.

“What do you think?” Fang Yunyao asked Ye Qing.

“How about we go back and rest for a bit? Have lunch at the hotel and let Niannian take an afternoon nap. We can continue in the afternoon,” Ye Qing said.

Fang Yunyao nodded.

“Alright then,” She said, “In that case, you eat first, Apple. After that, wait a while on Weixin! We’re going to go back to the hotel right away.”

Ye Qing called the hotel and got them to send some cars over. They hastily returned to the hotel.

“You guys…why did you come back?” Chatting casually in the room as they awaited Mr and Mrs Fu’s reply, Fu Cheng’s trio was interrupted as the door suddenly opened and a bunch of women entered.

Then, Fu Cheng stared dazedly as he looked at the post-makeover Fang Yunyao.

“And we haven’t even asked how you lot came in…anyway, move aside!” Ye Qing said.

Fu Cheng only barely managed to secretly stuff the camera back in the drawer before he was shooed away from beside the computer.

“I…” Fang Yunyao looked rather helplessly at Fu Cheng, saying softly, “Stop looking! There’re so many people here…there’ll be all the time you want  for you to look in the future…”

Her feelings had changed greatly over the course of that morning as she was virtually decided on going to Yanzhou with Fu Cheng together with Niannian.

Sensing what this meant, Fu Cheng nodded excitedly, smiling foolishly.

A rather bashful Fang Yunyao smiled too and explained, “Apple wants to see Niannian. She’s having rehearsals for the New Years’ Gala, but she’s really looking forward to this. So we came back first, to have a video call with her.”

Fu Cheng nodded, “Oh.”

Fang Yunyao logged onto Weixin and added Apple.

As the call connected, the popular new superstar yelped in excitement with a packet of food in her hands. Everyone present who recognised Apple, Little Xiang Ning included, said hi to her through the screen. Apple too waved enthusiastically even as she was also holding a pair of chopsticks.

After exchanging a few words with Fang Yunyao, Apple finally got to set eyes on Little Niannian as she was carried over and placed on Fang Yunyao’s knee, coming to face the screen camera.

Little Niannian felt very curious as she reached out from her mother’s knee to grab the camera while looking on in bemusement at that ‘strange fella’ on the screen who whooped and yelped, laughed and cried… 

As Niannian bestowed her with a smile, Apple was over the moon.

“Niannian, Niannian…call godmum, call godmum…” Apple shamelessly egged her on through the screen.

Niannian turned to look at her mother. On seeing her smile and nod, she turned back, reciting unconsciously, “Mummy, mummy…”

“She called me? Niannian did! Ah…Niannian likes me!”

While Niannian had clearly just said Mummy, Apple leapt up, packet of food in hand and all.

“Be good, Niannian. Godmother will definitely come to see you very soon…”


Over on this end, everyone did not know what to think as they saw this. Over on the other end, Li Juan and the various other personnel present could not help but smile wryly too, shaking their heads in the background… 


It was the QQ message notification.

The chat window that Fu Cheng had not been in time to close turned a deep blue and flickered.

Fang Yunyao instinctively clicked on it. The chat window popped up…

It was already too late to prevent it.

Mr and Mrs Fu had somehow chosen the worst of times to respond.

As Mr Fu’s font was pretty big, everyone at the back was able to distinguish it too, much less Fang Yunyao who was viewing it directly. She dragged down the bar at the side and saw Niannian’s photos and what Fu Cheng had said…and then there was Mr Fu’s response…

There was a lot that Mr Fu had said, but the crux of it was in the last few sentences.

“We can accept the child. Bring her back. We’ll say the two of us adopted her. Since she’s our granddaughter, we’ll definitely take good care of her.”

“But as for that woman, it’s really no good.”

Another new message popped up, “Fu Cheng, it’s Mum. Listen to me when I say it’s really for your own good that I can’t agree to it. You’re still young. Really, don’t be silly. As for Niannian, Mum likes her a lot too. Bring her back, won’t you…”

Everyone fell silent.

The oblivious Apple was still asking, “What is it? What is it?”

The uncomprehending Little Niannian turned to look at her mother, reaching out to shake her arm.

Fang Yunyao seemed to have lost her soul all of a sudden as she froze like a statue. Then, she shot to her feet, carrying Niannian and hugging her tight. Leaving her seat, Ms Fang tightly embraced Niannian with one hand while frantically packing up her things with the other…

“It’s not like that, Ms Fang! Let me explain…” A nervous Fu Cheng moved to intercept her.

“It’s just what Fu Cheng’s parents think, Ms Fang…”

“Right, you should trust Fu Cheng.”

“Calm down, Ms Fang…”

Everyone exclaimed in succession.

They now took a few steps forward.

Seemingly feeling threatened, Fang Yunyao shrunk back and retreated to the corner of the room with her child in her arms. She now broke down…she had run away and avoided things for two years. It was only that morning that she had finally slowly mustered up her courage. And it all collapsed at this one instant…

Her hurt from facing Mr and Mrs Fu alone two years ago was still there. And now…even her mother had just left her side as she was all alone…

Tears trickled down her face.

Ms Fang embraced Niannian tightly, shrinking back helplessly in the corner of the room.

“Please don’t snatch Niannian away, okay?”

“I can’t do without Niannian…”

“I don’t want anything anymore.”

“You can go too,” She told Fu Cheng.

“Please don’t snatch Niannian away, okay? I beg of you…”

“Wa”‘ Niannian burst into tears.

The piteous cries of mother and daughter shattered everyone’s hearts.


Fu Cheng’s heart ached as he stared blankly at it all.

Behind him, the QQ message notification beeps were still sounding. Mr and Mrs Fu were still typing in the chat window.

Fu Cheng looked at Fang Yunyao and Niannian. He looked at Xu Tingsheng and Huang Yaming. He looked at every face, and then he turned back, looking at Fang Yunyao and Niannian again. He raised his hand and gave himself a resounding slap on the face…

Then, he whipped out his phone.

The call quickly connected.

“As you guys wish. In the future, if the day comes when you really need me, I’ll return to do my filial duties. If the day comes when you’re truly willing to accept our family, I’ll also welcome you. Other than that, I think that there’s nothing else for us to talk about for the time being. Mum, Dad, it’s been two years. Aren’t you done already? Why can’t you just give us a chance?”

Ignoring all the hollering on the other end of the phone, Fu Cheng decisively hung up.

“Trust me, dear. I definitely won’t let you and Niannian suffer anymore in the least. Let’s go home,” Fu Cheng crouched down and said.

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