Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 478: The dust settles, all is well

“Now that Ms Fang has found such a towering tree to shade her, it really is bitterness ends, sweetness begins. How fortunate. The current Xu family is something that so many can only gaze wistfully up at,” Huang Yaming told Song Ni emotionally, “I’m feeling envious to death.”

“Why are you always thinking about this stuff? It’s the same for everyone, really. Mr Xu’s generous. He won’t mistreat anyone,” Song Ni smiled and replied.

“How is it the same for everyone? Just take that bracelet, for instance. It’s got to cost a hundred thousand yuan at the very least, alright. How about you give me one too?” The current Huang Yaming actually did not lack this hundred thousand yuan, in truth, just that he liked messing around and commenting randomly especially when the atmosphere was lively like this.

Hearing this, Fang Yunyao immediately wanted to blurt out something. Mrs Xu clutched her hand and patted the back of it, calming her down.

This was followed by another box, a little smaller than the previous.

Mrs Xu opened the box and retrieved a longevity lock which she carefully hung around Niannian’s neck, “This is for my dear granddaughter, healthy, happy and blessed with longevity…”

Niannian chortled with joy, waving her arms and legs. Fang Yunyao, meanwhile, was simply unable to repress her tears any longer. Ever since she had given birth to Niannian, there had come those two years of loneliness and hardship. No one had ever doted on and treasured she and her daughter so before.

“Come, let me carry our granddaughter for a bit,” Mr Xu leaned over and extended his arms.

Everyone’s gazes congregated on Little Niannian. If this little girl was as clever as before, she would really be boundlessly blessed. This was Mr Xu, the actual towering pillar of the Xu family. His own achievements notwithstanding, even Xu Tingsheng had to humbly listen to his words.

“Ah…” Little Niannian made a sound and joyfully opened her arms, leaning towards Mr Xu.

“Eat,” Entering Mr Xu’s embrace, out came the half-eaten sweet again. The same tactic…

Mr Xu laughed happily, putting on no airs at all as he played along with Little Niannian.

“This little genius of yours is going to overturn the heavens. So much better than you, who’s just like a block of wood,” Huang Yaming told Fu Cheng.

Fu Cheng smiled radiantly, feeling very happy indeed. What his parents had not given to Fang Yunyao and Niannian, he had seen in Mr and Mrs Xu.

“Xiang Ning, you come over too,” Mrs Xu suddenly waved Xiang Ning over.

Little Xiang Ning raised her head and looked at Xu Tingsheng.

“Go on,” Xu Tingsheng said.

Mrs Xu retrieved a third box from her bag, within which was a jade necklace.

“For safety and protection, a custom-made Fuxi idol necklace. You’re blessed with great fortune. Study hard and eat more.”

Mrs Xu personally put on the necklace for her. However, she was only able to say these more common things to her. While Xiang Ning was Xu Tingsheng’s girlfriend, she was honestly still a little far off from becoming the Xu family’s daughter-in-law right now.

“Right, thank you Auntie…I’ll be sure to eat more,” Clutching her jade necklace, Little Xiang Ning joyfully went back to Xu Tingsheng’s side.

Everyone was all smiles and in high spirits, Mr and Mrs Fu being the only exceptions. While they were also smiling, they were pretty much not saying anything as their expressions were a little awkward.

Lunch was cooked by Xu Tingsheng.

Fang Yunyao scooped some rice for Mr and Mrs Xu as well as Fu Cheng’s parents and brought it over to them.

In front of Fu Cheng’s parents, she opened her mouth, but ultimately said nothing. Perhaps she did not know how to address them. The world of hurt she had suffered had all begun with a simple ‘Uncle, Auntie’.

In front of Mr and Mrs Xu, Fang Yunyao felt much more at home. “Uncle Xu, Auntie, do eat,” She said.

“You got to change your way of calling them, Ms Fang,” An enthused Huang Yaming urged.

Fang Yunyao paused awkwardly for a moment, then said, “Godfather, godmother, do eat.”

“Oh, alright!” Mrs Xu responded happily.

“Good,” Mr Xu picked up the bowl and smiled, “You can take your time to get used to it, actually. I was thinking earlier that it would be better to make this a bit more formal. So, we’re planning to host a few tables after the New Year, inviting our acquaintances and some higher-ups from Libei along with some friends from the city and province over for a meal.”

With that, he calmly started eating.

Everyone was left musing on his words.

It was especially so for Mr and Mrs Fu who nearly dropped the chopsticks they had just picked up.

What did Mr Xu mean by making it so formal? Firstly, the Xu family wanted to forcibly quell the public opinion in Libei, expressing their stance and diminishing the pressure on the Fu family. Secondly, the Xu family wanted to prove how much they valued their goddaughter, entailing support for her in the future. Thirdly, the Xu family was giving the Fu family a chance to be recipient to their support…the only question was…did they want it?

“Chief Fu, and Fu Cheng’s Mum, if you’re free then, I’ll get Tingsheng to send an invitation to your house,” Mr Xu added.

With the Xu family having gone to this extent, Mr Fu thought about it and smiled, “Okay. My unit will be on holiday during that time. I’ll definitely be free.”

The meal left everyone feeling rested and happy.

After the meal, Mr Xu sat in the living room and drank tea with Mr and Mrs Fu.

“Right, Tingsheng has a real estate project over here. I haven’t seen the actual site yet, though,” Mr Xu suddenly said, “I heard that it’s not so far away from here, just past the bridge. I’d like to have a stroll and take a look around. Chief Fu, Fu Cheng’s Mum, how about we all go together?”

Mr and Mrs Fu did not hesitate as they immediately got up and agreed.

There was some advice concerning Fu Cheng, Fang Yunyao and Niannian that would definitely be inappropriate for Xu Tingsheng and co to say to Mr and Mrs Fu. Even if Mr Xu were the one to say it, in truth, it would do no good to say it in front of the kids.

If he did so, due to their pride, Mr and Mrs Fu would naturally not be able to concede anything.

Therefore, Mr Xu purposely got Mr and Mrs Fu outside where it would be convenient for them to speak in private.

No one knew what words were said. Whatever the case, when they returned more than an hour later, Mr and Mrs Fu’s expressions had changed greatly as they looked much more comfortable and relaxed than before.

Little Niannian had spent most of the day in Mrs Xu’s arms. A clever, adorable one-year-old like her-anyone would love her.

Mr Fu, the authentic grandfather, looked on smilingly for a while. Finally, he could hold himself back no longer.

“Well…” Mr Fu trailed off, “Can I carry you for a bit?”

He extended his arms.

Yet, Niannian averted her gaze, cuddling deeper into Mrs Xu’s embrace.

Now this was really awkward. Who asked them to have treated her that way earlier? How proactive had Niannian been then? And you guys? Sorry, you hurt Little Niannian’s feelings. Before? Now? Huh!

Mr Fu laughed a little awkwardly.

Fang Yunyao walked over, taking Niannian from Mrs Xu and coaxing her softly before carrying her rather nervously over to Mr Fu. “Be good, Niannian. Grand…” She stopped short before she could finish.

“Grandpa will carry you,” Mr Fu finished for her and carried Niannian, placing her on his knee.

Niannian was indeed magnanimous, for after Mr Fu coaxed and teased her for a while, she began smiling again.

Mrs Fu was sitting beside Mr Fu, gazing over with a blazing desire in her heart. Yet, Mr Fu had already been about to carry Niannian that morning in the first place. It was she who had stopped him from doing so. Thus, she was inevitably feeling rather more awkward than he was.

After holding it in for a long time, her urge could finally no longer be repressed.

“Let me carry her too,” Mrs Fu requested of Mr Fu in a hushed tone.

Somewhat mysteriously, all the conversations in the room unexpectedly stopped simultaneously the very moment Mrs Fu said this, her voice ringing exceptionally clear amidst the silence.

“What now…isn’t it perfectly natural for a grandma to want to carry her granddaughter?!” Mrs Fu shot defensively, forgetting everything else as she snatched Little Niannian over from Mr Fu and hugged her.

It was time. Xu Tingsheng nudged Fu Cheng.

Fu Cheng walked over to his mother and asked, “Hey Mum, Niannian doesn’t have any anklet or bracelet or whatnot yet. I hear that these things are better made with silver. Is there any old silver at home?”

Fu Cheng figuratively made a pedestal for his parents to step down from.

Mrs Fu glanced at her son, feeling greatly emotional and tearing as she nodded, “Oh there is. Mum will get one made for Niannian as soon as I get back.”

At this point in time, while it had not been said overtly, things were really already crystal clear. This matter was, basically, successfully settled.

Beside her, Mr Fu looked at Fang Yunyao and asked rather awkwardly, “Oh, Ms Fang, since you’ll be going to Libei with Niannian for the New Year, come eat at our house if you’re free…after the New Year, we’ll find some time and head over to meet your parents.”

Fang Yunyao secretly wiped away her tears before turning back and smiling as she nodded, “Okay.”

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