Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 485: Revenge two years later

“Xu Tingsheng, this old man will kill you dead!”

A voice resounded very close behind him. It sounded a bit tearful and very aggrieved. He thought he had heard it before, though he wasn’t that familiar with it.

At this crucial juncture, the figure of Xiang Ning’s cousin flashed by.

Zhao Yanan parried that person’s brick-wielding hand from the inside with her right arm. Pressing down upon the back of his head with a palm, she exerted force while hooking sideways with her foot.


The brick fell, the person toppled.

A takedown secured in a single move.

Xiang Ning’s cousin twisted one of the other party’s arms with an elbow robustly pressuring the back of his neck and pressing his face entirely into the ground. With a knee pressing down securely on his back, she instinctively sought out the handcuffs at the back of her waist…

She had not brought them.

“Call the police,” While keeping that person locked down, she said coldly.

“Huh?” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Call the police!” She repeated, sounding a bit impatient.

“Hold on, let me have a look at that person…I think I know him.”

Xu Tingsheng bent down, gazing at the face that was a little contorted due to Zhao Yanan pressing it down. Not recognising him on first glance, he scanned him carefully for a while.

“Huang Gui?”

Xu Tingsheng was a bit bemused. The person on the ground was actually the young master of Libei’s former top dog, the Huang family. He was the son of the tyrant Huang Tianliang, Huang Gui.

“No, it’s been two years. You’re only coming for revenge now?”

Xu Tingsheng picked the brick up from the ground and weighed it in his hand.

“And also, with just this?”

His face pressed to the ground, Huang Gui hissed. It did not resemble a lion as it was more like a cat, sounding a little wronged and pitiful.

The Huang family’s Huang Tianliang had been the Xu family’s first ever opponent in the truest sense of the word. He was a fearsome fellow whom Xu Tingsheng still rather respected even now for what could have been. Despite having possessed such a great hand at the time, Xu Tingsheng had still been well and properly suppressed by Huang Tianliang. It was only by luck and chance that he had managed to topple the Huang family in the end.

This was a man who had dealt Xu Tingsheng a massive setback and really hastened his growth. He had virtually changed Xu Tingsheng’s modus operandi in the ‘conflicts’ thereafter completely.

Truthfully speaking, it would technically be right to consider him Xu Tingsheng’s half-mentor.

Yet, unexpectedly, such a person had a son who only knew how to gallivant aside from acting arrogant and tyrannical based on his father’s power and influence from time to time, Huang Gui.

This was a problem which had once eluded and troubled Xu Tingsheng greatly.

The Huang family had ultimately collapsed mightily on a grand scale, with half of Libei’s bureaucracy and most of the Huang family’s close relatives drawn into the matter. This included Huang Tianliang’s mistress and bastard son from outside…

Yet, it happened that nothing at all happened to Huang Gui whatsoever. He had played no part in the Huang family’s illegal activities at all.

After the Huang family’s collapse, Huang Gui had had a very difficult time in Libei. Many who bore grudges with the Huang family or had been bullied by him before had made use of the chance to kick him while he was down. After being sent to the hospital twice within a short period, Huang Gui had suddenly vanished from Libei.

Xu Tingsheng had initially been wary of him after his disappearance. Yet, Huang Gui had never come for revenge. He did not seem like someone brave and decisive enough to seek revenge, honestly, his ambitions and will having long since been whittled down by decadence and time…

Xu Tingsheng was close to forgetting this person by now.

Yet now, two years later, here he was, wielding a brick.


At this point in time, the security guards and personnel of the sales building and construction site had already come over.

Huang Gui looked up and saw the crowd. He then closed his eyes rather despairingly.

Two security guards replaced Zhao Yanan in keeping Huang Gui suppressed.

Zhao Yanan got up and adjusted her clothes. Xu Tingsheng got up too.

“Bring him to my office. He’s an old friend. I’ll go up for a chat with him later,” Xu Tingsheng instructed.

“You should call the police,” Zhao Yanan tried to dissuade him.

“How long might they lock him inside for just this?” Xu Tingsheng pointed at the brick on the ground.

Zhao Yanan glanced at him and said in a heavy tone, “Meting your own punishment is illegal.”

She had clearly misunderstood Xu Tingsheng, believing that he thought calling the police was not punishment enough for Huang Gui.

“I know. I really just want to have a chat with him,” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

Zhao Yanan looked suspiciously at him.

“Relax. You just choose your flat first.”

With that, Xu Tingsheng turned and called Lin Yixian over, also getting the crowd to disperse and return to their positions. As the two security guards escorted Huang Gui into the sales building, he had a frightened, panicked look on his face…

“Take me to the police station. I wanna go to the police station!” He struggled and hollered, clearly having heard what Zhao Yanan had said.

“Let’s talk about old times first,” Xu Tingsheng smiled and replied.

After Huang Gui was taken away, Xu Tingsheng led Lin Yixian over to Zhao Yanan.

“This is…my cousin,” Xu Tingsheng told Lin Yixian, “Introduce to her the two flats that I told you about earlier. After that, help with the procedures for whichever she picks. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Alright,” Lin Yixian responded before turning and smiling towards Zhao Yanan in greeting.

“If there’s anything you wish to know, you can ask her,” Xu Tingsheng told Zhao Yanan.

Zhao Yanan nodded rather blankly. Xu Tingsheng had been too composed throughout the entire process, not getting worked up, not getting frightened or panicked. He totally did not look like someone who had just nearly gotten assaulted…though that object was admittedly a brick.

Also, he had just introduced her as his cousin…this was no ordinary level of thick skin he had.

Just what kind of a person was this, exactly?! At first, Zhao Yanan had been worried that he was some rich kid who felt bored and had decided to cheat a young girl…it was becoming harder and harder to see through him now.

Looking at the brick on the ground and Xiang Ning who was clutching her chest as she looked at him just a short distance away, Xu Tingsheng grit his teeth and said in a low tone, “Twenty percent off. Remember, don’t tell anyone.”

These words were for Lin Yixian as well as Zhao Yanan. After saying that, Xu Tingsheng felt heartburn. He had really not been going to give Zhao Yanan a discount originally. A discount here, a discount there-such generosity was not feasible however vast his family fortune was…

Now that he had said this, that meant nearly two hundred thousand gone. He would have to make this sum up to Zhicheng himself.

Zhao Yanan was a bit stunned too. While feeling flustered, she worked hard to repress her delight and prevent it from showing. Twenty percent off…the money saved amounted to a couple of years of wages for the two of them.

Therefore, despite her pride, she had no way of refusing him here.

Xu Tingsheng turned and walked towards Xiang Ning. The young girl immediately plunged into his embrace with tears in her eyes. She carefully stroked here and there, examining him. The park incident aside, this was the first time she had witnessed danger befalling Xu Tingsheng.

“Are you okay? Sob…”

As she lay sobbing in his embrace, Xu Tingsheng raised her little head, smiling. He looked into her eyes and shook his head.

“I’m okay! With your policewoman cousin here, what is there to be afraid of?! Now, please stop crying,” Xu Tingsheng said.

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