Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 502

Chapter 502: The old hand He Yutan

As this was not an actual company meeting, the emcee Hu Chen adjusted the mood after the hot-bloodedness and high spirits at its commencement. He concisely summarised what Xingchen had done over the past year and what its target for the coming year was.

He did not speak much, not listing statistics or exaggerating anything as he simply expressed everything as they were.

Xingchen had done pretty well in the first year since its establishment, powerfully rising to prominence. It was hoped that they could do better for the next year, for which there were basically two goals: Staunchly, unwaveringly standing strong and expanding their territory.

As soon these two goals were mentioned, those of Xingchen amongst the audience were naturally led to think of the battle between Xingchen and Tencent which had still yet to reach a conclusion even now.

Faced with that destructive competition as both sides had virtually thrown out all semblance of civility, it had not been easy for Xingchen at all. Still, they had soldiered on…

Xingchen was tough and brave.

Xingchen was also stifled, its future even seeming a bit bleak. After all, all the enterprises that had clashed head-on with Tencent or tried to challenge it before thus far had met bad ends.

Furious voices resounded amongst the audience as well as bits and pieces of discussion containing considerable unease.

Seeing this, Hu Chen gazed at Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng nodded and took over the microphone.

“I know what you’re discussing, what you’re all worried about.”

Xu Tingsheng cut to the chase and said to his employees and the distinguished guests in a heavy tone, “Regarding this problem, I would like to say three things to everyone here today. Firstly, an interesting piece of information. To date, Tencent has attempted to poach a total of seventeen of Xingchen’s programmers and management personnel, more than ten percent of our numbers. Even our esteemed Boss He is counted amongst them. I feel very happy about this, because it shows that you are very valuable, very desirable assets…”

Xu Tingsheng intentionally eased the atmosphere a little.

Amidst the ensuing laughter, He Yutan appreciatively got up and cupped his hands smilingly.

“Sigh…who asked me to be second fiddle?! See, they just won’t try to poach Hu Chen. Why’s that? Because he’s the main. I also have no way of knowing if Little Ma would give up his seat for me if I really went over,” He Yutan jokingly feigned an aggrieved tone.

“Actually, the main reason I didn’t go is that I’m afraid Little Ma would bear a grudge, hating me for going around and criticising him and suing him. He might cheat me over and then take revenge…Boss Xu and Boss Hu, these black-hearted fellas, both left the task of offending others to this shameless old man.”

“There’s no way around it now. These old bones of mine can only stay to sink or swim together with Xingchen’s vessel, all paths of retreat abandoned…”

While that earlier part could simply be thought of as a joke, this last sentence of Old He’s could actually be considered a proclamation of his stance, an expression of his determination.

While He Yutan who was in his fifties was not all that old, he was unquestionably an old man in terms of experience and seniority in the internet industry within the country.

He was part of that first batch of people who had pioneered the internet markets in the nineties. In the many years of his career, he had been in many internet enterprises which had once been or were even now still greatly renowned. He knew many people and could get many things done as many people had to give him face.

Some people within the industry slandered him in private, sometimes calling him Old Slickhead or even Old Scoundrel.

Yet, this Old Scoundrel had gone around and around and ultimately entered an unexpectedly effective partnership with Hu Chen who was more than ten years younger than him and had a relatively cultured air about him. He also seemed to have a pretty high opinion of Xu Tingsheng.

In contrast to how he would simply leave for other pastures at the slightest whim in the past, Old He had painstakingly invested his time and effort to the utmost ever since Xingchen had been established.

Asking for favours, cursing and cussing…Old Scoundrel had been leaping about doing just about anything for Xingchen. In choosing the 2005’s top ten newsworthy figures for internet enterprises, Xu Tingsheng and Hu Chen had not entered the media’s list. It was only Old He who had been selected as he represented Xingchen Technologies.

On the category of reason for nomination, another old hand of the industry, albeit one who had already retired to the backlines, had personally penned: People often say that amongst us old fellas, regardless of result, it’s only Old He who’s never tried to take an enterprise to the peak before. As on old friend, I can tell that he is serious this time. Be more mindful, everyone. An old hand’s blade is still very sharp.” 

And he was right, really. Only those truly within the industry and close to the pinnacle knew how irreplaceable and essential He Yutan’s accumulated experience, knowledge and connections were for the newly arisen Xingchen.

At his words, the laughter at the scene escalated. Still, it was all positive and admiring. Any slightly deviant, angered or worried feelings from earlier had since begun to slowly revert.

This was the advantage of having an old hand by their side.

“All ended in failure,” Xu Tingsheng struck while the iron was hot, declaring these four words when the laughter had still yet to subside.

“They attempted to poach seventeen people. Of these seventeen attempts, all ended in failure,” Xu Tingsheng explained and emphasised.

Everyone burst into applause as cheers resounded. The guests who had been invited to witness the gathering realised with a start that while there had been a hint of chaos and disunity earlier, all that remained at this moment was that rousing vigour of battling against a common enemy.

After today, others might still try to poach those of Xingchen. Some might even succeed. After all, such a thing was really too common in the internet industry. Still, it was probable that no one would be able to bring themselves to even entertain the thought of possibly joining Tencent.

Xu Tingsheng nodded and indicated for them to be silent before he continued, “The second thing. Xingchen will be stronger. Weixin will not die. The domain of instant communication-it definitely will see our flag stamped within.”

While his tone was not rousing, it was reliable and utterly sure, evoking confidence in others.

Those of Xingchen in the audience silently clenched their fists as they gazed at Xu Tingsheng.

This was probably also the first time the invitees were witnessing Xu Tingsheng in his entirety, this young man who had soared to great heights over the past few years. They also felt rather emotional now, thinking to themselves that it was really ‘no wonder’…

“The third thing. Strong as strong may be, we’ll breathe and we’ll live. Don’t forget, tonight’s our celebration banquet. Please enjoy yourselves!” Xu Tingsheng concluded as he smiled brilliantly.

Then, he waved and returned to his seat.

After the applause was a stretch of relaxed, smiling faces.

The proceedings continued.

The first programme was a catwalk.

Old Jin had originally wanted this to take place after the employees had had some to drink and were rolling in high spirits. Still, Hu Chen and He Yutan had immediately rejected this proposal.

This was the annual gathering of a legitimate celebrity internet enterprise. It’s okay if you go in playing the rich guy. Still, it’ll be no minor matter if some dude acts inappropriately when drunk and causes a scandal.

While there was still a distance between the performance up on stage and an underwear show, it was already not that far from it. As Old Jin was the one organising the annual gathering, Xu Tingsheng’s tolerance level was already very high at this point in time. He decided to just sit back and ‘enjoy’ it.

Beneath the beguiling music played by the DJ, there came the elegant poise and strutting.

Some only had eyes for the faces and beautiful features.

Some only had eyes for the breasts.

As for those with a leg fetish like Xu Tingsheng, there were only the legs, all those long legs…

“Wah, this one’s big, this one’s good for children…”

“Well, that one isn’t bad too, right? Round, white, protruding…”

Men of different backgrounds and ages admired the bodies of women differently. The two old hands, Old Jin and He Yutan, sat together and unabashedly murmured to each other, pointing here and there every so often.

They were quite obviously looking at the same region.

“Pay attention to your image, sirs,” Xu Tingsheng felt like he had to remind them.

During the catwalk, two of Xingchen’s employees were traversing the crowd while distributing number plates. Everyone from Xingchen would get one of these for the upcoming lucky draw.

As the models left the stage, He Yutan’s Assistant Niu walked over to Xu Tingsheng and said, “Little Lady Boss is here.”

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