Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 504: Family-style performances

Xingchen’s employees were quite young on average. There were quite a few who had either just graduated or returned from overseas.

Just as it was better to get famous early, it was actually better to get rich early too. What one could enjoy from striking it rich in their old age was assuredly inferior to being wealthy in their youth.

There would be a difference in mobility that dictated how much one could enjoy themselves.

A sixteen-year-old top scholar and a sixty-year-old top scholar-which would you rather be?

Now, with the route to becoming a millionaire placed right before their eyes, virtually within reach…who wouldn’t be crazed?

That everyone was in high spirits was an understatement.

From the row behind Xu Tingsheng, the guy in charge of human resources passed him his phone. Scrolling through it, Xu Tingsheng saw an entire column of inquiries on Xingchen’s vocations as well as plans.

Some people here had clearly just broadcasted the news. Within the same industry, news travelled very quickly.

All under the heavens live for gain, strive towards gain. Greed stirs up human hearts. More and more people began to be interested in Xingchen. A good number of these were even elites and generals of well-known internet enterprises.

For most young people with talents and dreams, there wasn’t actually much room to rise up in the ranks in a large enterprise with a complete organisational structure. They were overloaded in terms of bosses and higher echelons already.

In such enterprises, those who did work but did not have a certain degree of connections were mostly in the lower echelons. However well they performed, it was generally very difficult for them to be recognised and noticed…it was very difficult for them to climb up the corporate ladder.

It was virtually impossible for them to reach the higher echelons.

Comparatively speaking, an up-and-coming enterprise with great prospects and limitless potential that also lacked a complete organisational structure would undoubtedly give them much more space to show off their skills. It would be more likely for them to be recognised and entrusted with greater responsibilities, rising up the ranks and perhaps even shooting up to the peak in one go.

Xingchen was such an enterprise, being ranked first amongst the new enterprises of 2005 that were most worth paying attention to and investing in. It was a future empire which had finished establishing its foundation and already drawn its blueprint.

Also, from the way Xingchen was doing things and how it was facing Tencent head-on, it could be seen that this future empire had a lot of ambition.

Also, from tonight’s situation, this legendary young boss seemed very willing to share and was not going to forget about those who helped him…

Those with insight were all cognisant of the fact that in the seemingly uneven clash between Xingchen and Tencent, the underdog Xingchen had actually already won half the battle as Xingchen Weibo had already won.

As for the other half, the domain of instant communication, this was not Xingchen’s territory in the first place. If Weixin lost, it would not be that condemning for them. If Weixin did not die, it would be a small victory for them, which would actually equate to a huge victory.

Counting through their fingers all the many enterprises that had collapsed to Tencent over the years…everyone suddenly realised that it was only Xingchen who had managed to push them so far and still not fall apart.

What did this entail?

This entailed that there was virtually no better choice to place their bets on than Xingchen as many people saw an opportunity here. Wealth and fortune lay right before their very eyes. A chance to build an empire together and share their dividends lay right before their very eyes.

Even as Xu Tingsheng was scrolling through the texts, new ones were constantly pouring in.

With the mailbox of their HR Head already overflowing to this extent, one could only imagine how the mailboxes of Hu Chen and He Yutan would be flooded with similar inquiries or even direct job applications.

“Finally no more having to go everywhere showing how desirous we are of talent. No more of carrying money and plastering a smile while asking headhunter companies for help. No more inviting people to meals and getting eaten dry with just a mere ‘I’ll think about it’ to show for it…”

The HR Head retrieved his phone and smiled happily. He closed his eyes and leaned back against his chair, swaying his head slightly as he looked leisurely and triumphant.

In the past, for the newly started Xingchen, the Xingchen that people did not think stood a chance, it had really been very difficult for them to poach true elites over.

Everything now had come at an opportune moment when Xingchen was indeed in need of expansion.

Xu Tingsheng thought about it and reminded him, “Don’t rush things. If we don’t really need them, don’t get a whole building over at once…slower is better. As for their conditions, don’t provide the fullest at the start. Rather than giving them a box of gold once, it’s better to give them a tree of gold they’ll have to climb up on their own before coming down when enough.”

He was applying what he had just recently learnt from Hu Chen and He Yutan on the spot.

“You can rest assured, Boss Xu. I understand. Also, all of those true, prized talents will be decided by Boss Hu and Boss He,” The HR Head replied.

Xu Tingsheng nodded.


The stage performances continued.

Almost ninety percent of the company’s hundred plus employees were male. Also, ninety-five percent of them were from science and engineering as programmers, habitual shut-ins and dullards were a dime a dozen. No one could really expect too much for their programmes.

Frequently forgetting their lines in skits, leading to everyone laughing more than they would if they had said it correctly.

Dancing to the point of moving the same hand and leg, two guys colliding with each other and collapsing onto the ground. That was very interesting too…

The hacker, Comrade Little Zheng, sang <>. He mightily sang his lungs out until he was like “Oh, that’s the Ti…be…tan…the hell, wait, gasp, I need oxygen…”

He promptly sat down on the ground with a thud, shaking his head.

“I need oxygen, I need oxygen…the heck, I can’t do this. My vision’s fading. High atmospheric pressure, high atmospheric pressure…”

The audience was slapping the tables to the point of rolling on the floor laughing. His bunch of close friends all yelled that their stomachs hurt.

“You sing about a plateau and you get high atmospheric pressure. Won’t you be seasick if you sing about the sea?”

“If the sea can take me away…woah, I really did feel a bit dizzy there…”

“Do you need an ambulance? Hahaha…”Xiang Ning was chuckling away non-stop by Xu Tingsheng’s ear.

“Having fun?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

Xiang Ning frantically nodded, laughing uncontrollably as she flopped against Xu Tingsheng’s shoulder, “This is, this so much more fun than our school’s top ten singers, parties or whatnot.”

“That’s good then. I actually really like it too,” Xu Tingsheng said.

As Xu Tingsheng saw it, this was just how an annual gathering should feel like. It did not need to be all that grand, all that professional. It should be a casual and friendly event where everyone enjoyed themselves whether while performing or watching. It should be like being with family, not having to be too restrained in paying attention to such things.

Such an atmosphere could better draw people closer together.

The task of professional performances was mostly handled by the model agency Old Jin had invited. Hot dancing, chair dancing, squat dancing, various sexy dances of all types as those guys who seldom went out of their houses had blood shooting to their heads…

Sadly, Xu Tingsheng who was sitting beside Xiang Ning could only feign righteousness and avert his head, not watching it.

As for Xiang Ning herself, she was watching them in relish.

“You’re not watching, Xu Tingsheng?” The little girl deliberately asked.

“I don’t really like these things,” Xu Tingsheng said solemnly.


“Of course it’s true.”

“Wa, but that one has such long legs, and those, they’re so big…”


The most enthusiastic applause and cheers were given for the collective dance of Xingchen’s twenty ladies. Even the robust Assistant Niu participated. While their performance might be somewhat inferior to that of the professional models, their looks and figures not being that outstanding too…

Still, these were their comrades on the battlefield, that dash of red against the backdrop of green. They were the sisters who still smiled when the inexperienced guys of Xingchen were bullied…

In Xingchen’s most dire, crucial and painstaking times, they had battled alongside the men with their all as well. Without the time to put on makeup, without the time for beautiful hairstyle, even lacking the time to go shopping for clothes outside, they had not treated themselves like women.

A casual grab and a twist was the hairstyle they were most often seen in at the office, with ease of working at the computer being the utmost priority.

That night, they had dressed up in earnest for once, displaying their womanly charms…

“So XX’s were actually that big?! How did I not notice before?”

“I couldn’t tell normally, but XXX is so sexy.”

“So XX is rather beautiful too when she puts on contacts and dresses up. I’ve decided, I’m making her mine. Have you noticed? She smiles at me sometimes, and very nicely too. There were even a few times when she threw me clear seductive looks…”

“Rubbish! She’s clearly more interested in me! When we worked through the night together…this can also be considered spending the night together and sleeping together, okay?”

“Huh! She just received an outstanding employee award, fifty million shares. A future millionaire, ya know? …You guys, you should really concentrate on working hard first.”

The private murmurings aside, there were also loud yells.

“Brilliant, Auntie Niu!”

“Auntie’s hardened steel has achieved the higher realm of suppleness.”

“Auntie Niu, I love you…”


“Whoever dares to call me Auntie, I’ll flip you over my shoulder later!” Assistant Niu grit her teeth, danced her way out of the group and declared into the microphone at the side of the stage.

From the audience, many males shouted in unison, “I’m so scared, auntie!”

The performance by Xingchen’s pretty ladies drew to a close.

Next was the second prize-giving ceremony. The prizes here were for Xingchen’s middle and higher echelons, including Hu Chen, He Yutan and Shao Yanshan. It naturally fell to Old Jin and Xu Tingsheng as the two bosses to distribute the prizes.

The first three were all given over a million shares, with not much of an individual difference between them. This entailed that when Xingchen Games’s value surpassed ten billion and successfully got listed in the future, the three of them would thereby be actual billionaires.

Could the value of Xingchen Games surpass ten billion? No one of Xingchen present would doubt this at all.

The remaining middle echelon employees were given shares amounting from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands based on their positions, work performance and contribution.

Even a portion of the invitees here could not help but feel a fiery passion at that.

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