Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 505: How did these butterfly’s wings flap?

“Before you stand a bunch of millionaires, billionaires even,” He said.

Applause resounded as the venue was filled with fiery gazes and passionate hearts.

“Also, I’m sure everyone saw earlier the four BMWs parked outside. Three of them are for Hu Chen, He Yutan and Shao Yanshan.”

Old Jin handed the trio their car keys and continued, “Some of you may feel that the three of them aren’t lacking such a BMW, whereas quite a few people here don’t have cars. From the standpoint of necessity, it would mean much more to give you cars. Indeed, I know that Boss He drives a Bentley. Having gotten this BMW, it’s very probable that he can only give it to his friends or relatives…”

“Still, I need you all to understand one thing. The wealth they possess is their own business. Whatever they have, we will still give them what they deserve. We will also not give you anything just because you need it.”

“Wealth and rewards have never been related to necessity. They are related only to worth.”

“For those who contribute and show us your worth, we will give you what you deserve. If you have no contributions, though, and no worth, please don’t ask me for a half piece of bread even if you are on the verge of starving to death. I wouldn’t give it to you.”

“This is the greatest principle regarding wealth and money. You may think it isn’t fair, but it’s actually the fairest.”

While these words were a little blatant and overly frank, they could not be refuted whatsoever. Old Jin was also far more suited than Xu Tingsheng to say them. Therefore, he took on this task on his own initiative.

“I believe everyone knows that I’m not so cultured. A good phrase to describe me would be the nouveau riche. I’m both flamboyant and prodigal. So, I’ll promise to everyone here-as long as you are outstanding enough, I’ll definitely be nouveau riche enough.”

Old Jin was well suited to being a bandit chief by nature. He was always able to induce the greatest motivation and rile the highest passions with the most blatant, direct and material things and words…

People like these were actually all freaking geniuses.

The entire venue erupted in ear-splitting cheers, fists pumped in the air…

Their yearning towards wealth need not be concealed…this was actually the greatest sincerity for a human being.

“Boss Jin, what car will I get if I get the best employee award next year?”

“There are more than twenty cars in my garage. I seldom drive, take your pick.”


“Yup, just don’t choose Boss Xu’s garage. He only has a decrepit Volkswagen.”

“Huh? Ha…”

As if to prove that his were not empty words, Old Jin produced the fourth set of car keys.

“Xingchen’s most outstanding employee of the year 2005, Li Mo. Team leader for Xingchen Weibo, team leader for Xingchen Games who helped develop Weibo’s Happy Farm and Three Kingdoms Kill…Li Mo, please come up on stage,” Hu Chen helped to narrate from the side.

Li Mo, a bespectacled guy with messy hair who was a bit on the chubby side, went on stage with a shy smile on his face.

This was a person who didn’t speak much and was much more devoted to programming than management. His single-minded devotion was almost to the point of neglecting everything else.

Hu Chen and He Yutan had wanted to promote him a few times, but he had refused each time, only wanting to stay on the programming team.

A headhunting company had approached him some time back, offering him an annual salary that was three times what Xingchen was paying him now. Though he had hesitated, with an ongoing project on hand, his professionalism and sense of responsibility had kept him here.

He already had no intention of leaving now, even though he did not know what exactly the reward waiting for him was.

So, a BMW?

Li Mo felt very satisfied and very happy. Sometimes, being recognised and valued actually meant a lot too.

Xu Tingsheng personally placed the BMW car keys in Li Mo’s hands.

“Thank you, Boss Xu,” Li Mo said rather shyly.

“It should be me who’s thanking you. It should be Xingchen that’s thanking you,” Xu Tingsheng said sincerely.

During the handshake, Li Mo’s hands were even trembling a little with how agitated he was.

Being rather less adept in social situations, Li Mo bowed deeply towards the audience after collecting the keys as he was about to walk off the stage.

He Yutan held him back, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

“What’s the rush? It isn’t over yet,” Old Jin smiled, “There’s also…”

A model ascended the stage, handing over a share authorisation document.

Holding it, Old Jin smiled, “The car is only to round it up. I hereby announce that over the next three years, Li Mo will gradually receive a total of 460000 Xingchen Games shares. Of course, there could possibly be more.”

There was no applause this time, no cheers…everyone fell silent.

They were all stunned silly.

What had just happened?

The most outstanding employee, a programmer, had been awarded an amount of shares that surpassed most of the company’s higher and middle echelons. It was inferior only to that of Hu Chen, He Yutan and Shao Yanshan. Xingchen valued its programmers greatly. That they looked only at contributions and not qualifications was not empty talk.

His wealth was thus destined to be in the tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions. That those with worth in Xingchen would be rewarded with wealth was also not empty talk.

Everyone was shocked.

Everyone would thereby be motivated.


Only when the two bosses and the remaining higher echelons led the applause did thunderous applause instantaneously break out amongst the audience. Li Mo bowed deeply again, inhaling deeply as he secretly rubbed his eyes.

The microphone was brought to his mouth, “Any thoughts?”

“I, I belong to Xingchen,” Li Mo said.

A simple sentence, a socially inept programmer. It evoked the greatest resonance…because he was one of their number, ordinary, yet not so ordinary too.

“All of us belong to Xingchen! Faraway where our expedition seeks, Xingchen, Dahai(Starry Expanse, Vast Blue)! We all belong to Xingchen, united, striving, drinking wine, eating meat…”

Another heated wave of enthusiasm came and went.

Li Mo had learnt his lesson this time as he stayed on the stage, looking a bit awkward as he inquired with his gaze, “I can go back now, right?”

Old Jin shook his head.

“There’s more.”

“There’s more?” The audience was already about to blow up as this was really too stimulating.

“This one isn’t a material reward. A lady backstage said earlier that she would like to give you a hug,” Old Jin smiled roguishly, blinking towards Li Mo.


“Who is it?”

“A model, I guess?”

“If it was just those models from just now, it wouldn’t be this momentous a thing, alright?”

“Who could it be then?”

“Let us now welcome an important distinguished guest we had originally still wanted to hide for a while,” Old Jin looked at the prompt card and found that he did not know this person as there was English on top too.

He passed both the microphone and the prompt card to Hu Chen.

Hu Chen glanced at it and said, “Let us put our hands together to welcome China’s first model ever to enter the ranking of the world’s top ten supermodels. She is an international model who first took to the stage in an underwear show for Victoria’s Secret, You Qinglan.”

With that, the svelte renowned model who was nearly 1.8m tall walked in gracefully with a sweet smile on her face.


Applause, yells, whistling.

Going by the reactions of the audience, this person was indeed very famous.

But Xu Tingsheng truly did not know who she was. Of the Chinese models who had entered the international stage that he had heard of in his previous life, she had not been there at all?!

Also, from her features, she should be considered a classic Oriental beauty from an Eastern perspective which was wholly different from the other Chinese models well known internationally in his previous life. Logically speaking, she should not fit the Western perspective of beauty…how was she an international model here?!

“The butterfly effect? But this person should not be related to me in any way!”

Xu Tingsheng felt a bit of a cold sweat coming on. Where had this previously non-existent world renowned model sprung up from? From a logical standpoint, it was very likely for this to be related to the only ‘changed variable’ in this world, Xu Tingsheng…

“But if that really is the case, how did these butterfly’s wings flap all the way over to her?”

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