Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 507: Don’t ask why

‘Nouveau riche’ had been used as a derogatory term for so long. Actually, though, only when one had truly experienced it would they know how truly refreshing this phrase actually was.

If one has never lived unbridled and madly in life before, they should really not shamelessly claim to have cultivated their personalities and seen through it all. Of those who truly live in grand mansions, lording above all yet no longer thinking much of these worldly things, how many of them would not have dictated the winds and the rains, waved gold like soil, held a significant authority or traversed the line between life and death before…

Xu Tingsheng himself still valued those worldly things and deeds, just not as much as the average person. After all, he was probably the sole person in this world who had truly experienced death before, at which point everything was reduced to insignificance.

At tonight’s annual gathering, with the distribution of Xingchen Games’ shares and Old Jin’s expenses, the total cost was approximately around ten million.

Of course, the shares were actually not dispensed all at once. The two minor changes that Hu Chen and He Yutan had made made it such that the motivation evoked by these shares would last for longer and be more effective.

While ten million really might not seem like much to some major enterprises, it really felt a little like waving gold around like soil to Xu Tingsheng and Xingchen who had only started making a profit not so long ago.

“If I had this ten million in my previous life, I should have planned out our mundane little days in peace very well, right? I wonder if I really would have felt satisfied with that.”

He glanced at Miss Xiang who was staring angrily at him from the audience, still unsure of how he had offended her.

Xu Tingsheng felt sweet inside as he smiled and thought to himself: Those were the mundane little days that I once wanted to give you. Things have come to be different in this life. Which kind of me, which kind of life would you prefer, I wonder?”

A light push on the arm by Assistant Liang beside him broke him out of his reverie.

“What is it?”

“Boss Hu,” Assistant Liang pointed towards the centre of the stage.

As Xu Tingsheng gazed over, he saw Hu Chen saying into the microphone, “Before the lucky draw officially begins, I’ve thought of something. Our performances this evening seem to have mostly been treats for our male compatriots…that’s no good. We need to even things out a little.”

He appeared to have been planning it from the start as he easily drew everyone’s attention before he smiled and continued, “Fortunately, we also have quite a handsome-looking young man…if Boss Xu does not perform at Xingchen’s first annual gathering, that just won’t do, right? Don’t you agree, everyone?”


While Xingchen only had twenty female employees, their momentum had reached the extent of shocking the heavens and shaking the earth. Even Assistant Liang and Assistant Niu who were standing not far away from Xu Tingsheng had their hands cupped around their mouths in yelling out loud like your typical fangirl.

Xu Tingheng was visibly astonished.

He had previously felt a bit resentful in private at how his employees were not excited at seeing him when he was in the company for an extended period for once. They had looked so normal and calm. Only now did he learn that there were actually some people at least who had acted neutral as best they could due to feeling overly excited in truth.

In fact, it was precisely because of Xu Tingsheng’s youth and the legends surrounding him that these ladies of Xingchen who seldom got to see him had been restraining themselves greatly. However interested and excited they might feel, they dared not proactively approach him to better get acquainted with him or let it show too much.

With the girls finally making use of this chance to release their passion and that gang of cheering dudes too, Xu Tingsheng could not refuse them, especially in such a setting.

“I remember seeing that a colleague brought a guitar here?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Here!” One of the audience members raised their guitar.

“Let me borrow it.”

Xu Tingsheng received the guitar and tested and tuned it slightly. By now, a high stool and a microphone stand had already been set up on the stage.

“Boss Xu can actually play the guitar too?”

“Wah, an artistic young rich handsome guy…my little heart can’t stand it.”


Amidst the amazement and comments, Xu Tingsheng sat down, raised the guitar into position and smiled, “I didn’t prepare anything, but a song comes to mind. It so happens that our company is called Xingchen. And so I’ll sing <>.”

“It’s a song by Rebirth.”

‘Wah, I really like this song! I play it over and over in a loop everyday.”

“Shh, be quiet. Listen to Boss Xu sing.”

The opening sequence resounded.

In most annual gatherings, the employees would ‘listen respectfully’ when their higher-ups sang, not having too many expectations of them. In more extreme cases, using ‘tolerated’ wouldn’t be an exaggeration too.

Upon learning that Xu Tingsheng could play the guitar, everyone had unconsciously raised their expectations of him a little now. But still not too high, of course.

Gazing at a certain person amongst the audience, he opened his mouth, and began to sing, “The brightest star in the night sky, can you clearly hear, of that person gazing upwards, the solitude and sighing of his heart…”

Xiang Ning smiled brilliantly, waving her hands energetically by her cheeks.

Yet, she was actually the sole person present who was in the know as to Xu Tingsheng’s identity as a member of Rebirth, having heard him sing this song before. Thus, in contrast to her, everyone was momentarily taken aback before they slowly put to words the extreme astonishment in their hearts.


“It’s just like it!”

“The original version?”


More and more people were actually already aware of Xu Tingsheng’s identity as a member of Rebirth now, and there were yet more who had guessed it. There were already too many clues that had gradually been exposed.

Regarding this, he adopted a ‘think whatever you want’ kind of attitude…you have the freedom to guess whatever. I just won’t be admitting it straight out, anyhow.

Therefore, he sang freely, making no effort to conceal his voice at this time and place.

A portion of those who were familiar with the original version were immediately shaken by it as the thought flashed through their minds: Is it just very similar? Or is it the original version? Could Xingchen’s boss be the other member of Rebirth? If the famed young general of the business world is also from the mysterious Rebirth…wouldn’t it be a bit too legendary to make sense?!

Whatever the case, as the singing was great and evoked the greatest vibes, the incomparably excited crowd quickly calmed down and began to immerse themselves in it.

“Every time I can’t find meaning in living, every time I’m lost amidst the night, the brightest star in the night sky, please guide me to draw closer to you…”

Xu Tingsheng sang this song to Xiang Ning in an official setting or the second time, singing to she who always guided his path and way back, the brightest star in the night sky that enabled the reborn him to never be lost.

He sang earnestly, with his emotions.

The audience were all captivated by it too.

As the song concluded, Xu Tingsheng got up and gave a bow. In the meantime, he secretly pucked his lips and sent Miss Xiang a flying kiss from the stage. Miss Xiang looked left and right, and seeing that no one was paying attention to her, happily sent one right back at him.

Only now did the applause resound, unabating.

As for any suspicions they might have, they simply had no way of asking. He was their boss!

Amidst the applause, You Qinglan who was standing off to the side a distance away quietly pressed a button on her phone, terminating the connection. Then, she texted: Heard that? But..really, why torture yourself so.

Seeing that no reply was forthcoming after a while, she feared that she had been too severe.

“Say, if this were to be leaked, wouldn’t it be the greatest gossip of the year?” She texted again.

This time, there was finally a response: Don’t play around. Remember to think of a way to take that girl’s measurements. Don’t ask why.

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