Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 508: Illusion of being manipulated by Fuxi bones

Old Jin looked at him for a while before replying, “For a night? I haven’t asked.”

Xu Tingsheng sighed and said, “What I mean is that it must have cost a lot to get her to appear at our event, right?”

“Oh,” Old Jin thought about it, “I think it was free.”


“Right. I don’t even know who she is, so how would I pay so much to get her here? It’s just that after I agreed on terms with that model agency, they told me themselves that they had a famed one who could come here as a special guest for free. Since it would spice things up and is free anyway, I naturally said yes.”


Things seemed to have turned even stranger somewhat.

Could she have set her sights on me? Grandly descending to make a move on me? Xu Tingsheng deluded himself for a bit. Yet, he then recalled the way she had looked at him and the hint of amusement in her eyes then. Those had not been the eyes of an admirer.

Now, the service personnel had already moved the lucky draw box to the stage. The box was transparent and contained half a box’s worth of number plates.

Perhaps to emphasise their fairness and transparency, they make sure to shake that box real hard several times as everyone could see the number plates rolling about through that plastic.

Quite a few people released low exclamations as they saw the exact same numbers as theirs appear.

You Qinglan was not participating in any performances. The original plan had been for her to draw the final, special price as the VIP guest. Still, because of that earlier interlude, she had appeared on stage prematurely.

Hu Chen approached her, asking if she could be in charge of the entire lucky draw process.

You Qinglan happily nodded.

It would obviously be much fairer for an outsider to handle this segment.

A service personnel delivered an eye mask which You Qinglan wore.

She then smiled in the trademark classic way, saying, “Good luck, everyone.”

She fished around for number plates from the transparent box. The lucky draw began.

Lucky draws generally began with someone grabbing a huge handful of numbers. People would exclaim when they saw their numbers being grabbed and exclaim again followed by a long sigh when they saw their numbers next being dropped.

Generally speaking, people had two conflicting mentalities in lucky draws like these. Firstly, they would hope that they would win something. Secondly, they would hope that it did not come so early. The best prizes were always saved for the last, and having their numbers picked later rather than earlier was definitely best if they were assured of getting a prize.

One group after another went up on stage to receive their prizes.

At a time like this, people came to appreciate the notable difference between gold bars and shares. Of the same small gold bar and shares that were both worth three thousand yuan right now, the former was flashy while the latter was more practical. Yet, from a long-term perspective, the latter possessed just so much more inherent value in terms of potential.

The preparatory squad for the annual gathering appeared to have been well aware of this. Thus, for the prizes they had prepared, small gold bars that were worth 3500 yuan corresponded to only a few hundred shares.

Whatever the case, though, virtually everyone present was all smiles whether on or off the stage. Where there was much to be looked forward to, the difference between 600 and 800 shares, even the difference between 3000 and 5000 shares didn’t seem that very significant. Instead, what everyone truly looked forward to most was who would win those huge prizes at the end.

The price of gold was still around 150 yuan per gram in the year 2006. A gold bar that was worth 200000 was still rather substantial. Meanwhile, that special prize, 50000 shares also attracted the passionate gazes of all.

The number plates were still in the box. They were still harbouring anticipation.

Those who had already attained prizes just hoped that the people who drew the top prizes would be one of their company’s big bosses: Hu Chen, He Yutan, Xu Tingsheng or Old Jin.

When bosses drew the top prizes at their annual gatherings, it was common practice in many enterprises to have them donate it out. Here in Xingchen, so long as any of these few scored any top prize, they would then be able to yell righteously as much as they wanted, “Donate it! Donate it!”

Whether they would split it evenly, redo the lucky draw or leave it for future perks, everybody would benefit.

Sadly for them, their hopes were dashed.

Hu Chen, He Yutan and Xu Tingsheng all drew but a few thousand shares. Without needing much urging from anyone, they immediately announced that it would be incorporated into the million shares for the upcoming year. Old Jin drew a ten thousand yuan gold bar which he also donated to pay for the upcoming coffee money in the office.

As the lucky draw continued, Xu Tingsheng began to panic a little. Xiang Ning had still yet to get a prize.

He felt an illusion of being manipulated by the powerful fate of Fuxi bones!

“Fuxi bones, first grade under the heavens-so you’re indeed at work again? …If only I’d known, I’d have persuaded Miss Xiang to go buy lottery in my previous life.”

How awkward would it be if Xiang Ning scored it! Although the number plates were randomly drawn, his countrymen had a strong spirit of doubting. Would they feel that there was some problem?

After hesitating for a while, Xu Tingsheng decided against talking to Xiang Ning about this.

Seeing how happy, filled with anticipation and nervous she was, so very engrossed and invested, Xu Tingsheng really had no way of requesting: can you donate it if you clinch it? Performing such an action would be appallingly dampening for her.

Xiang Ning should be the one to decide about her own luck. In this post-rebirth life where he possessed such a foundation, Xu Tingsheng would definitely not make things difficult for her if he could help it.

If she really did land that prize and it made her happy, what could be more important than that?

After a middle echelon employee and an ordinary employee had walked away with large gold bars amounting 200000 yuan, there were already not many number plates left inside the box.

Hu Chen announced, “And now for the special prize.”

Everyone held their breaths.

You Qinglan repeatedly swept her hand about the box’s interior, not getting to it immediately…

As she was intentionally dragging it out, the audience were all on tenterhooks yet dared not utter a sound.

Finally, she grabbed a number plate…

Coincidentally, the number plate was facing the outside.

The audience sighed mournfully.

Xu Tingsheng glanced at it and closed his eyes helplessly.

No 137.

“Who’s number 137?” Hu Chen asked.

Miss Xiang stood up and waved the number plate in her hand.

“Little lady boss?”

“Little lady boss!”


There were startled exclamations. Then, to Xu Tingsheng’s surprise, applause broke out throughout the entire venue.

It was though this final prize falling to their Little Lady Boss was a result everyone was happy to see and could most readily accept.

Xingchen’s love for the Little Lady Boss seemed to be real indeed. Also, rather than seeing the grand prize acquired by some colleague of theirs, evoking envy or jealousy, it seemed that the prize falling to Little Xiang Ning who was family to everyone in Xingchen was actually the best result.

“Please come on stage to receive your prize…” Being a higher echelon, it was not proper for Hu Chen to call Xiang Ning Little Lady Boss in front of everyone like this as he simply did not use a form of address here.

As Xiang Ning looked at Xu Tingsheng, he smiled, saying, “Go on, don’t be scared.”


Xiang Ning’s ascent to the stage was accompanied by applause throughout.

No one raised any objections whatsoever.

With the fifty thousand shares document in hand, You Qinglan leaned in and exchanged some words with Xiang Ning. Then, Xiang Ning took the initiative to get a microphone from Hu Chen before turning to face the audience.

While she looked a little nervous, her smile was bright as she was still composed and graceful overall.

“Hi, everyone. I’m Xiang Ning,” One hand holding the microphone, the delicate Little Lady Boss smiled brightly and waved with her other hand.

Everyone of Xingchen, whether on stage or amongst the audience, responded enthusiastically.

“Hi, Little Lady Boss!”

“Little Lady Boss, you’re so pretty.”


Xu Tingsheng felt completely helpless.

“I finally get to see everyone,” Xiang Ning said from the bottom of her heart.

Having been invited by those of Xingchen several times before, she had long since come to accept and agree with the notion that she was a part of Xingchen too.

Therefore, Miss Xiang had actually mentioned coming to Shenghai a couple of times before. Still, Xu Tingsheng had never made the relevant arrangements.

Only now had this long-intended trip had finally come to fruition.

What Miss Xiang who held the shares next said left Xu Tingsheng feeling very reassured and happy. This also left everyone else feeling astonished, pleasantly surprised, a bit awkward and rather embarrassed all at once.

“Hey, why aren’t you guys yelling donate it?” Xiang Ning asked earnestly.

“Huh? Well…” The audience was lost for words.

Xiang Ning was the youngest person present here. As for her status…there didn’t seem to be a way to quantify it. The hundred plus members of the audience all thought to themselves: How could we possibly ask that of you? Logically speaking, we should be the ones doting on you, right?

Indeed, Xiang Ning was still that same Xiang Ning. While she might seem childlike, her pure, kind and benevolent side aside, she was intelligent as she could intuitively understand many things without having to be told.

Xu Tingsheng had not said anything regarding the handling of this special prize. She herself, however, had thought of it.

“That’s right,” Xiang Ning continued, “Just now, Uncle Jin, Uncle He, Uncle Hu, and that guy…”

“That guy? Which guy?” The audience yelled.

“That, it’s that Xu Tingsheng…” Xiang Ning sounded rather bashful as it was rather adorable.

Even whistling came out now.

Xiang Ning earnestly composed herself and said, “When they got their prizes, you all yelled donate it and they did. You’re not doing the same with mine, but I want to donate it too…my prize beats all of theirs by far.”

Now, Xiang Ning stopped and looked left and right, seemingly wanting to ask Hu Chen and company how she should donate it.

Not receiving an answer, she thought about it herself and reopened her mouth, saying, “I’ll donate it to be split up amongst everyone. Yes, that’s right.”

With that, she stuffed the microphone and shares document in Hu Chen’s hand and put her two hands behind her back, using her body language to express her firm attitude on the matter: Little Lady Boss is generous. If she says that she’ll donate, that’s what she’s gonna do.

There was good-intentioned laughter. Then, what was to be done here? Everyone was at a loss.

Hu Chen was the first to collect himself as he smiled and raised that microphone, saying, “Since Little Lady Boss says donate, donate it she will. I’ll split it up evenly for everyone later. Everyone is entitled.”

Having already called her Little Lady Boss anyway, he added, “Little Lady Boss is our family. No need to feel shy, everyone.”

Xiang Ning leaned in to the microphone and said, “That’s right.”

By that, she meant: Right, we’re family.

The audience mightily erupted in cheers, applause…

“Long live Little Lady Boss!”

“Long live Xingchen!”

“Ningju Xingchen(Ning gathers the stars)!”

“Ningju Xingchen(Agglomerating the stars)!”


Split between over a hundred people, everybody would actually only receive a few hundred of these fifty thousand shares. Still, everyone here seemed as moved, thrilled and over the moon as if they had received Li Mo’s four hundred thousand plus shares…

“Indeed more well received than me!” Xu Tingsheng exclaimed slightly dispiritedly.

Xiang Ning smiled and waved before descending the stage as Hu Chen announced the start of the feast.

“Hah, my heart actually aches that teeniest bit. Is that worth a lot?” Secretly leaning against Xu Tingsheng’s shoulder, Miss Xiang finally regained her money-grubber look as she asked rather mournfully in a low tone.

Xu Tingsheng consoled her for a bit before asking, “Right, will you come here again next year?”

“Yes, I’m coming,” Xiang Ning nodded determinedly as both her eyes shone.

“Well, can I discuss something with you then?”

“What is it?”

“Can you, can you not participate in the lucky draw?”

“Huh? Why? …I can donate it out if I win it. No, I want to take part…”

“…Okay then,” Xu Tingsheng immediately conceded.

Yet, he was thinking to himself: It’s right to donate it if you win it, but in the off chance that in the next year and the following year too…you’re always scoring the top prizes, however can that be explained?

While he did not believe in fate from face-reading and whatnot all that much, Xu Tingsheng still sometimes felt that he really could not help but accept its awe-inspiring validity. With that, there would inevitably be some worry that such a situation might really come to be.

“Hey, it’s not like I’ll definitely win anyway. Don’t worry! I just wanna play, alright?” As if knowing what Xu Tingsheng was worrying about yet unable to comprehend why this was so, Miss Xiang acted cute and said.

Xu Tingsheng nodded numbly. He had no way of telling Xiang Ning that while he would be very willing to believe that this was a coincidence, Uncle really felt now like he was under the illusion of being completely led around by the nose by the powerful fate of Fuxi bones.

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