Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 509: A huge ‘???’ is approaching

For things like toasting wine, where there was a first, there would be one after another coming.

The most outstanding employee, Li Mo, was pressed by public pressure to lead the charge.

Being toasted by a meritorious general, Xu Tingsheng had no valid reason to refuse him.

Following that, the wine came non-stop.

The female employees who had toiled for a year came in droves, raising their full wineglasses with shy looks in their eyes as they walked over with lowered heads and small steps. Anybody would find it nigh impossible to have the heart to refuse them like this…

As a prime target, Xu Tingsheng drank quite a lot. It was the same for Old Jin, Hu Chen and He Yutan. Just as it was difficult for two fists to fend off four hands, one could not help but succumb to the incessant infusions of wine however great their alcohol capacity was.

When men were drunk, they usually did two things: Brag and talk about women. And these two things themselves were actually often linked together.

And so, He Yutan and Hu Chen started talking all about their romantic exploits in their youth, a good seventy percent or eighty percent of it being narrated to all. It was hard to say if they had exaggerated in doing so. Still, however one might exaggerate, no one would be able to hold a candle to Old Jin’s ‘words of wisdom’.

Old Jin said, “That woman of mine, the one who studied in a famous university and has a nice reading voice, told me something before. She said that all those years of mine are actually not strange at all. Even a prestigious old professor of our country’s academia thought the same as me when he was young.”

“That old man wrote in his diary when he was studying in university ‘I have no other dreams for this life. All I hope for is to have a few more women’. This diary was released to the public word for word in the future. Therefore, men are actually mostly like this. It’s only that some manage it, while others don’t.”

Everyone present naturally knew of which old man Old Jin was talking about. That was really an undisputed heavyweight kind of figure.

“I actually admire that old man a lot. It’s really no wonder that he can be such a lofty figure,” Old Jin said with some admiration, “Do you guys know why?”


“Just think about it. That’s a diary, something private. He could totally have altered it or simply erased it. With him also being such a prestigious figure, he should logically all the more have hidden it, right?”

“But the guy just didn’t do so. He dared to frankly admit to his other side as a man just like that, openly revealing everything. This magnanimity, this honesty, it’s so much better than those guys who have actually done everything and yet always go around acting righteous and holier-than-thou, scolding here and there. If anybody’s authentic, it’s him.”

“Makes sense…come, a toast to the old man.”



It would be fine if it was just their employees, but they were getting themselves to drink too. Xu Tingsheng was rendered speechless.

In the meantime, Xiang Ning was accosted by the employees to chat at every table. There was nothing much Xu Tingsheng could do about that.

When the gathering ended and he went to get her, seeing how her little face was rather red, he stroked it and asked, “Did you drink?”

“…I drank a little bit of red wine,” Little Xiang Ning said timidly.

Xu Tingsheng scanned the surroundings. Everybody was toppling over and helping to support one another. There was no way to find the culprit now. And when even he himself was a bit unsteady in his footsteps, there was no way he could righteously rebuke Xiang Ning here.

As Uncle and Miss Xiang supported each other with their arms about their shoulders like bros while leaving the scene, this actually did feel a little special somewhat.

The company had arranged a few drivers and cars. When Xu Tingsheng reached the parking lot, he could not help but squat down and vomit in the shubbery for a bit. As he returned, he happened to meet Old Jin and co who, with a few of the models who had performed earlier, seemed to be in a hurry to go to the next place to party.

After first escorting Xiang Ning to the car, Xu Tingsheng asked about how the drunk employees would be sent back and was assured that everything was in order. Then, he could finally get on the car himself and return to the hotel with a peace of mind.


Xiang Ning was chattering away to Xu Tingsheng throughout this entire journey. Besides talking about Xingchen’s employees, she also mentioned interacting with the friendly You Qinglan. Apparently, the latter was going to teach her how to dress or something along that line.

Xu Tingsheng’s head was spinning so much that he basically wasn’t listening properly.

Not daring to let Xiang Ning sleep in the same room as him at night, he got Assistant Liang over to stay with her.

Xiang Ning had a tour of Xingchen’s headquarters the next day. She stayed there the entire day and played several games of Crazyracing Kartrider.

The following day, she was sent back to Yanzhou to resume her studies.

Xu Tingsheng stayed on for a few days longer, on one hand to observe the data and operations for Crazyracing Kartrider and on the other to prepare for the release of yet another of Xingchen Weibo’s online games.

<> was doing very well and growing at an astonishing rate. Their daily income from selling the equipment also caused Xu Tingsheng and the entire Xingchen to feel like the storm had ceased and the long-awaited morning dew had come. It had been a heavy thunderstorm too.

Weibo’s upcoming online game was <> which had been greatly renowned in his previous life. Logically speaking, when <> still maintained a certain level of popularity and interest in <> had yet to wane, it was actually unnecessary for Xingchen to release a new game so quickly. In fact, some might say that they should not be releasing a new game now since this would sort of mean creating competition for themselves.

Still, Xu Tingsheng had his own thoughts and considerations. He intended to sell the overseas copyright while expanding the reach of Xingchen’s influence…in the meantime, he might just be able to bait out one or two investment opportunities too.

Xingchen’s version of <> had a co-op feature. Besides a basic single-player mode, players could choose to team up with their friends.

A yard being attacked by zombies could be changed with this co-op option to a neighbourhood being simultaneously attacked by zombies. Next, the players would collectively defend against their foes while assisting one another.

For this purpose, they implemented a new team level system so that good friends would battle together over the long term.

The second change to the game was something Xu Tingsheng had felt slightly unhappy about in his previous life.

When playing this game in the past, the system would always notify: A huge wave of zombies (一大波僵尸)is approaching. Yet…where was that ‘huge-bosomed zombie’? Never seen them.

Therefore, this change-that Xu Tingsheng was adamant about however much his employees shook their hearts and said ‘this boss is so perverted’-was that every boss would be a single huge-breasted pretty female zombie.

As a company of integrity, Xingchen had to be true to their word. If they said that ‘一大波僵尸’ was fast approaching…then yes, a huge-bosomed zombie would definitely be there, just that it would not be so easy to deal with.

On the day that <> was released to the public, it immediately went viral.

This was a game which had also been a nationwide sensation in his previous life. It had a style and enjoyment that had previously been virtually non-existent in local games. With Xingchen possessing a larger user base and a better, more effective platform, it was soon discussed throughout the entire internet as a standard Xingchen miracle.

‘A huge-bosomed zombie is fast approaching’ became the most trending topic on Weibo.

Xu Tingsheng set off on his journey home.

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