Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Engagement banquet

Tan Qingling was not foolish. She had actually been doing very well for a period of time before this. First, she had easily caused Chen Jingqi to give up with a clever, effortless method. Then, she had acted enthusiastic and obedient at Huang Yaming’s home before this Lunar New Year. There had also been those pitiful tears as she lay on a hospital bed afterwards…

It was actually fine even if a certain degree of this had an observable acting component to it.

Women would generally use three weapons against men: Feels, physical attraction and tears.

She could basically effectively utilise them all.

Virtually all her brainless actions had transpired after Huang Yaming had agreed to and started making preparations for their engagement. Feeling that she was practically assured of victory, Tan Qingling’s true character began to show through.

Her triumph had really made her overwhelmingly full of herself.

For instance. 

She had crowed to Chen Jingqi from the seat of the victor, announcing her resounding win.

She had begun to feel ‘entitled’, becoming furious and outraged over not having received sufficient care and attention in the form of monetary benefits and such.

On the surface, she seemed to be thinking for Huang Yaming’s sake, even showing some dissatisfaction towards Xu Tingsheng and having probed him too. But really-didn’t this have some inciendiary vibes to it?… 

In daring to do so, also having returned to find Huang Yaming in an incomparably natural and non-awkward manner after that past blatant betrayal, one could see how thoroughly confident she was. At the end of the day, she remained ever certain of this: Huang Yaming still loved her, loved her so hopelessly it could not be remedied. As long as she stirred up those feelings within his heart, everything would simply return to its original state with him blind.

As for all the pain she had once inflicted upon him, while it would indeed be a troublesome impediment, it actually went further in proving how she had an important place in his heart…

Having accompanied Huang Yaming through both those happy and dark times and witnessed his turmoil, Xu Tingsheng and Fu Cheng more or less acknowledged this too. It was precisely because of this that despite having a lot they wanted to say, they were unable to say it to him.


Despite having fought with Huang Yaming and called him a dumbass, Fu Cheng still came with Fang Yunyao and Niannian when the day of the engagement banquet came.

Whatever the case, this person who was getting engaged today was his bro.

While Xu Tingsheng, Song Ni and the rest had smiles on their faces, their moods were actually not all that good.

Tan Qingling’s goal was just too blatant, like how she had hinted that so long as the one Huang Yaming married was her, she could accept however he played around outside…while this might seem magnanimous, it actually only went to show that what she truly sought was not the person himself.

As for whether Huang Yaming did not know this or was fine with it and willing to accept it, only he himself could know this.

While there was usually no topic they bros could not discuss, Huang Yaming seemed reluctant to say more about this. And as Xu Tingsheng saw it, with Huang Yaming’s current wisdom and societal experience, how could he possibly not have realised that? He was actually fully aware…

It was precisely because of this that Xu Tingsheng too could only choose to remain silent.

This was just like how one knew that there was marshland up ahead, yet still chose to walk forward…it really went to show how determined they were to walk that thorny path. No matter how others tried to dissuade them of its dangers, they would simply not be able to stop them.

The engagement banquet had been organised a bit hastily and was not on that great a scale too. Still, it was definitely grand enough. Yanzhou’s best hotel, most luxurious banquet hall, a top-level planning team…

And the guests in the carpark before the hotel that was stuffed full of luxurious cars.

If not for this engagement, some of these university students who came from ordinary families in small counties would really have no way of knowing that their social circles had already attained this level at some point in time.

Two representatives flew over from Binzhou. There were people from Tianyi and the production team of <>. Most of those from the Black Horse Club, including Ye Qing and Wu Kun, had also come…Huang Yaming’s connections that Tan Qingling knew of were basically all present.

Huang Yaming had forgotten to inform some of them at first, but she had made sure to remind him and promptly remedy all those.

The only thing Xu Tingsheng found a bit fortunate was how Apple was recording music overseas and had been unable to come due to the sudden nature of the engagement.

Celebrities, wealthy people…

Xu Tingsheng did not spend much time exchanging pleasantries with the VIPs as he spent most of his time reminiscing with his ex-classmates from senior high.

Quite a few of their ex-classmates from Libei had come this time. Those who were nearby or could make it had basically all come.

Having personally witnessed the relationship between Huang Yaming and Tan Qingling as classmates for two or three years, it seemed especially significant that they be present.

If there was anything that was not so perfect, it was that three of these classmates here, having retaken the university entrance examinations with Tan Qingling, had actually personally witnessed that betrayal. They had seen even more than Huang Yaming had…

Tan Qingling had not wanted to invite them at first. Still, after all the notifying around, the whole class had come to know of this engagement. With that, Huang Yaming had said to invite them as well.

Them aside, quite a few of Huang Yaming’s classmates and friends from university had come too.

On Tan Qingling’s side, there was unexpectedly only one roommate who had come. It was the person who had previously helped her to call Huang Yaming twice. Tan Qingling had also requested that this benefactor receive a big present…Huang Yaming had said he would prepare it.

That aside, what Tan Qingling was most insistent on was that both their parents and some relatives be present.

Huang Yaming had originally wanted to refuse this. He said that since he had yet to visit Tan Qingling’s parents and relatives, it might be better if he did so during the holidays and complete all the formalities before holding an additional ceremony in Libei to make up for it.

Yet, Tan Qingling would not have it no matter what as she wept and caused another scene. Huang Yaming eventually succumbed and conceded.

Early that morning, Huang Yaming had dispatched a few cars to Libei to pick them up. They were currently on their way and would be here very soon.

Amidst some romantic piano music, Tan Qingling was filled with satisfaction as she walked around tonight in her elegant gown, smilingly exchanging pleasantries with everyone and introducing herself.

Unlike Xu Tingsheng, she mostly approached those whom she had previously not been acquainted with, be they rich or esteemed. Perhaps as she saw it, what was truly valuable was that these people knew of her identity.

As for ex-classmates and the like, while she remained enthusiastic enough, just a smile and quick exchange would actually suffice.

Most tragic were actually still those three who had retaken the university entrance examinations and been classmates with her for another year. They were basically overlooked and treated as air.

Similarly dressed in a suit, Huang Yaming approached Xu Tingsheng and tapped his shoulder, saying, “Accompany me for a cig.”

The two walked to the entrance of the hotel and lit a cigarette.

Xu Tingsheng started to speak.

“Tingsheng…don’t say anything,” Huang Yaming said, “Let’s talk when this is over.”

Xu Tingsheng had not been going to say anything too important, actually. At this point in time, it was already too late for that. It was just that Huang Yaming’s attitude gave Xu Tingsheng such a feeling:

It was as if he was treating this engagement banquet as a memorial of sorts…

For the girl he had once loved deeply, Tan Qingling.

For the him of the past who could love a person so deeply.

For he who had once experienced happiness, yet had also struggled in hell.

“I was no longer able to love another person afterwards, you know?” Huang Yaming said suddenly beneath the streetlights, “I am not unwilling, and it’s not that I never met a good girl, but I just couldn’t do it…heck, I freaking just can’t love anymore.”

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