Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 538: Ling Xiao

When things were severe enough that all seemed lost, it was best not to find someone with experience to try to alleviate the situation. Something that could be remedied with experience, after all, would virtually never reach that state where all seemed lost in the first place.

“Having an entity like the Fang family to practise and gain experience with is a once in a lifetime chance for sure,” Old Man Fang smiled, “The Fang family’s Fang Yuqing-this name will definitely resound more resplendently than mine in the future. What do you think?”

The old man had an optimism that should actually not be seen on those about to die. While it was said that people had a period of renewed, vigorous vitality before their deaths, it was rare for these to last so long. The old man had been in good cheer these past few days as he could even survive without using all those breathing mechanisms for the time being.

He seemed confident that some things the Fang family had presently lost would all be seen on Fang Yuqing in the future, perhaps even surpassing that.

Hence, some advantages which could not be passed to Fang Yuqing at the moment were first given to Xu Tingsheng. That person in Jiannan right now, and that person who might come to his funeral-both of these were ‘gifts’ for him.

Of course, this entire situation itself was a ‘gift’, to grind the jade and temper the sword as Xu Tingsheng was spurred onward.

Xu Tingsheng gave no reply. One’s own path was sometimes forged by they themselves. Yet, sometimes, they would be pushed forth…by people and events, time and tide.

“Right, what about that flask you were talking about?” When leaving the sick ward at the end, Xu Tingsheng spoke casually, “I’ll be going back to my hometown the day after tomorrow for some important matters. As I’ll be passing by Jiannan, I can go visit cousin and bring that item over.”

“At a time like this…what’s so important?”

“My little sister’s university entrance examinations.”

“Oh, that’s really important then. I’ll get Yuqing to deliver it to you later.”

After he left, the old man was full of himself. Since Xu Tingsheng had ultimately taken the initiative to ask for the flask, it meant that he had decided to accept the Fang family’s final goodwill.

Since he had requested it, it meant that he was ready to return the favour.


Xu Tingsheng had an examination the next day. It was the first subject required at the end of his third year of university, Philology.

After photocopying several important points and notes from Lil’ Bro and doing some hardcore memorisation for an entire night, he felt after the examination that he should be able to pass.

At 9.30am, Xu Tingsheng and Tan Yao exited the examination area together.

With how much of an uproar the Fang family’s matter had caused, Tan Yao had found out about it too. Under these circumstances, it no longer mattered if Fang Chen proposed a breakup. It was only that Tan Yao’s optimism and blind faith in Xu Tingsheng left even the latter himself somewhat unable to believe it. As he saw it, since Xu Tingsheng was already participating in this matter, Fang Chen and the Fang family would definitely be safe.

As the two exited Block 12, they found quite a few people crowded by the steps at the entrance.

At the bottom of the steps was a Maserati.

While it was a good car and a rare find in the campus, it was more of the woman inside the car that people were looking at. Wearing a white blouse and sunglasses, her hands were clutching the steering wheel as she gazed upwards.

She looked like Yu Feihong, just that the gentleness was replaced by coldness. A woman like this was usually more eye-catching for guys in universities than their female peers.

Amidst much discussion and unconscious swallowing of saliva, Xu Tingsheng and Tan Yao descended the steps.

As the two moved to walk around the car, the Maserati moved forward a few paces, blocking their path. As they headed further forward, the Maserati moved again, continuing to block them. Whistles and cheers began to resound amongst the people on the stairs behind them.

“You know her?” Confirming that he did not know the other party, Xu Tingsheng turned and asked Tan Yao.

“I shouldn’t have done it with her before,” Tan Yao lowered his voice and replied.

“Hello, my name is Ling Xiao,” The woman introduced herself in a formal tone, though her voice was admittedly nice to listen to.

“Lingxiao…treasured pavilion?” Tan Yao joked.

“Nothing that special. Just the surnames of two families put together,” The woman said, “You are Xu Tingsheng?”

“Yes,” Xu Tingsheng answered.

“I’m looking for you,” Said the woman called Ling Xiao.

Xu Tingsheng got into that car amidst startled exclamations. This was his first time sitting in a Maserati. He had never had high standards with regard to this area. The woman said nothing, only accelerating non-stop after they had left the vicinity of the academy city…

“You’re not scared?” This was the first thing she asked Xu Tingsheng after slowing down.

“I’m not. Because I know that you have a good grasp of things,” Xu Tingsheng replied.


“Because you should treasure your life more than mine. The Ling and Xiao families, together…they only have you remaining.”

The woman’s expression changed for the first time as she looked interestedly at Xu Tingsheng in the co-driver’s seat.

“You’re twenty-two?” She asked.

“Right. Twenty-two,” Xu Tingsheng answered.

“I’m twenty-nine. You’re right. The Ling and Xiao families together only have me remaining. I basically can’t remember how those brothers of mine looked at all. I was still very young at the time. Still, I remember how my Mum and Dad and Uncle Xiao looked after that.”

Xu Tingsheng did not know how to reply to that as he fished for a cigarette and asked if he could smoke it.

The woman nodded.

Xu Tingsheng lit one up before passing the lighter and box of cigarettes over, asking, “Do you smoke?”

The woman shook her head, “I used to, but no longer.”

“Being able to quit is a good thing.”

“It’s not that,” The woman said, “I quit smoking in order to give birth to a child. I’m twenty-nine this year. I promised my family and the Xiao family to start giving birth when I’m thirty. I think I will start when this incident is over. I need to give birth to quite a few.”

Xu Tingsheng was rendered lost for words again.

“Your relation to the Fang family is actually far lesser than the outside world believes,” The woman got to the point, “I think you should understand that there is no clear standpoint of standing on the side of justice in this matter. It is a moral grey area, but it must be settled.”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Can I take this as advice to surrender?”

The woman gave a rare smile, “To be precise, yes. I do not wish for you to participate in this matter.”

“I think that I should actually be inconsequential.”

“That’s how it seems. Still, I don’t want to underestimate someone whose every move is right. I can’t understand how it is that someone can succeed so easily. Our understanding of you is far deeper than you can imagine.”


“Don’t misunderstand. In saying I, I am referring to Lazard Bank. I started working at Lazard at the age of twenty. We have been analysing you ever since over two years ago while hoping fervently to invest in you. Right, we have been rejected by Xingchen Technologies before. Lazard-have you heard of it?”

“Of course,” Xu Tingsheng said.

There was actually a book on his reading list known as <>, introducing the history and glories of Lazard Investment Bank.

“Mysterious, powerful, successful, with a long history as well as massive power,” Xu Tingsheng demonstrated his understanding of Lazard.

“That’s right. So, we were very surprised at being rejected.”

“I don’t seem to remember this. Does Lazard invest in Chinese companies too?” Xu Tingsheng asked rather interestedly.

“There is nowhere money can’t go.”

“…That’s true.”

“Our strength in Yanzhou is actually not as high as you think. Still, many people are now willing to stand on our side and help us, because we offered them a piece of pie…Zhicheng’s Ning Garden, that land. How much does it cost? A few hundred million? Billions? Say, so much money. How many lifetimes would they have to enact corruption for that?”

The woman smiled as she continued, “I’ve already persuaded my families. We won’t touch that piece of land so long as you withdraw from this incident.”

Xu Tingsheng had not expected that she might go to a show hand so openly, without trying to hide anything.

“I think that I would actually be happy to chat about Lazard with you. Or some other aspects, other business matters,” Xu Tingsheng answered after a short silence.

His refusal caused the woman to fall silent for a while.

It was a long time before she said, “In the future, I’ll just be a woman in charge of giving birth.”

“In that case, should I get down now then?” Seeing that negotiation talks had broken down, Xu Tingsheng asked.

“No need,” The woman drove onto the highway before saying, “Let’s go watch a game of chess.”


“Xihu City’s First Hospital. It’s currently 2 v 1. Adding on the two of us…that’s 3 v 2.”

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