Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 548: Mother White Cloud

He recalled how he had taken a few two-way trips in his previous life to see that girl. Those times, he had been so excited that all this was at the back of his mind.

His handphone vibrated.

It was Hu Shengming calling.

“The Wenzhou opera people just left. I specially hired a bus to send them back,” Hu Shengming said, “We were really blessed by lady luck. A few dumb hooligans blocked the path. I covered my face to hide it from them and personally went to the frontlines where I successfully bled.”

He sounded so triumphant about having gotten injured. Even today, however dismal the state of the Fang family, most of those from the Black Horse Club still had absolute confidence in Xu Tingsheng unlike those of the outside world. They would virtually abide by his every word.

This might be because they had personally bore witness to more than others, like those three pieces of paper and the entire process through which Xu Tingsheng had secured Ning Garden’s land. Of course, Xu Tingsheng had also never let them get involved in the Fang family’s matter whatsoever.

“Those of the troupe are all but lauding me as a hero. We agreed to have more co-operations in the future. We’ll help to promote for them if there’s the chance. They want to find time and thank you in person. That beauty seems to bear some goodwill towards us too…speaking of which, she’s definitely a fatale-tier kind of woman. Exceeding the level that most men can digest.”

“That’s good then. Keep in touch more if you have the chance. It won’t cost much, anway. Remember not to do anything inappropriate, though,” Xu Tingsheng reminded.

“Relax, Tingsheng. You and Yuqing just focus on your stuff. I can’t help much with the Fang family’s matter, but as for the rest, just tell me what you need,” Hu Shengming smiled.

“Thank you for your hard work, Bro Hu,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Wah, this ‘bro’ is so fulfilling…bye now, I’m going off to brag,” Hu Shengming said.

Hanging up, Xu Tingsheng felt rather emotional. Most of those from the Black Horse Club were unable to participate in this matter. While some of their families might have some capabilities, they themselves lacked influence in their families. It was already very good that they could continue associating and working together.

Wu Kun had similarly called two days earlier and said, “Sorry, Tingsheng. I already can’t help out much at the level that you guys are at. Still, remember that if it’s anything that cannot see the light of day, let me do it. I don’t wish for you to touch that stuff.”

The second call.

Huang Yaming said that he had seen the girl from Qingbei whom he had agreed to have a baby with.

“How is she?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Pretty good. An ultra beauty thirty metres away, her features distinct and beautiful. Only after going near did I realise why her features were so distinct…her face is a bit big. You can’t fully see it up close. Still, sister-in-law said this is an auspicious look which brings luck. I can still accept it.”

“Isn’t that great then.”

“It would be pretty good. There’s just one little problem. I have a bit of difficulty accepting it.”


“Never mind.”

“Is it that bad?”

“Not exactly…her name is Song Dandan.”


“She walked over and said ‘Hi, I’m Song Dandan’. I…”

“You what?”

“I stood up and said, ‘Hi, I’m Zhao Benshan’. Is the second season out yet?”

“…It’s actually not that bad. It’s a pretty good name.”

“Yeah, it’s just that I can’t close my eyes or it’ll be Mother White Cloud giving birth to one for me.”




“I want to stay here for a while. There may be a ‘washing of hands’ here soon. I want to see if I have a chance. This right now is really a profitable business. Of the Binzhou Thirty…there’s still no one surnamed Huang.”

“Keep an eye out for your own safety.”

“Got it. Also, I want to say that if you’ve got any rough work over there, tell me and I’ll send someone to do it. I don’t want you getting your hands dirty. It’s okay if I alone take this path…”

“Rest assured, I got it.”


After hanging up, Xu Tingsheng narrowed his eyes in focus for a bit.

After hanging up, Huang Yaming told Old Jin who was sitting nearby, “I want to off He Twenty-seven.”

If an outsider wanted to squeeze into the Binzhou Thirty, getting rid of one of them yet still being accepted, the target least likely to evoke mass outrage should be He Twenty-seven. Although these people themselves were akin to wolves, they too did not desire to associate with him.

Still, Old Jin could not help him to do this without any rhyme or reason. Everyone knew Jin Twenty-seven. He had risen too fast, his reputation too resounding…if he did so, everyone would feel uneasy and insecure.

Xu Tingsheng made the third call.

He used Ling Xiao, over at the Ling and Xiao families, as the point of breakthrough.

“Ling Xiaoqing, I’m Xu Tingsheng.”

“…I’m not Ling Xiaoqing. Are you going to come over now?”

“No, I’m not in Yanzhou.”

“You’re intentionally telling me this? For what purpose?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to say that the Fang family’s second generation is completely done for while the old man is also more or less gone. Is there any possibility of your family letting those kids of the third generation off? The two old men had good reputations as officials and are also getting on in years…There’s no need to go to that extent.”

“I know. Still, just think about it. They’ve prepared for this for more than twenty years. At an age where others have halls full of descendants, they have never heard a single ‘Grandpa’ before.”


“Actually, my Dad could have given birth to another son at the time, you know? Still, he didn’t. He wanted to think about my three brothers everyday. He was afraid that he would have reservations like that, that his feelings towards the incident would slowly grow milder…”

“But the Fang family’s third generation is unrelated to politics.”

“So what? From what I’ve learnt in the two years after coming back to China, as long as someone wants it to be so, there is nothing here that can be unrelated to politics. Moreover, my two fathers might not care so much anymore.”

Not able to come to an agreement, the two soon hung up. Though Ling Xiao’s attitude was cold and resolute, she had actually still revealed a lot. She might truly be an elite, but her capabilities were not in the area of politics and scheming. Also, she was ultimately a woman.


There was no direct bus from Yanzhou to Libei.

In between changing buses in Jiannan City, Xu Tingsheng went to see Fang Ruju. He also saw that major figure who was temporarily a dragon trapped in shallow waters. When Xu Tingsheng passed the flask to him, he only said one thing as he held it, “So the old man still has so much confidence in me.”

From start to end, the topic never reached Xu Tingsheng or the Fang family’s current situation. This person also did not ask about the old man’s current physical condition. Maybe like the old man had said, this give and receive was all that was needed for communication to be executed between them.

As for things regarding Xu Tingsheng, this flask said it all.

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