Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Half a city’s allegiance

Far away in Binzhou, having previously obtained a vast portion of Lu Zhixin’s shares, Old Jin was actually Hucheng’s largest shareholder now. Still, Xu Tingsheng had been entrusted the shares for the next five years as he would control them on his behalf.

This had also been part of the earlier agreement. This time, Old Jin himself had proposed it.

The two had once talked about the matter of trust, regarding which Old Jin had said: Rather than purely relying on loyalty and unconditionally trusting another, why not have things set distinctly, both sides holding things which place them on the same boat. This way, there is simply no need to worry about the relationship.

This was what he had said, as well as what he had done.

In truth, Old Jin had made only one request of Hucheng as their largest shareholder: Opening a private school which could reach Hucheng’s standards in the Binzhou mining district regardless of the required investment and corresponding profits.

In terms of hardware, besides their campus which could only be modified from a preexisting structure for now, everything was of the highest standard. In terms of software, outstanding teachers from Hucheng’s other campuses like Yanzhou, Shenghai and Xihu City had been transferred there of their own accord in return for wages and bonuses that were increased multifold.

This was virtually the standard of a high-end school for nobility. Yet, it only asked for basic fees from children who lived in the mining areas.

The city commended Old Jin as an outstanding individual who was passionate about education. Xu Tingsheng called to congratulate him with a bit of an intention to tease him.

Old Jin said noncommittally, “So what? I’ve even gotten a Model Worker award before, and was lauded as one of Binzhou’s top ten philanthropists…”

Listening to him reciting a whole bunch of important-sounding stuff that he had never even considered before, Xu Tingsheng rebutted, “I’ve been a county top scorer before. And you?”

Old Jin smiled, “There will be some. In the future, the mining district will also produce county, city, maybe even provincial top scorers. Do you know why is it that I’ve set up a school there?” 


“First, to let ordinary kids learn to read, do some accounts, follow manuals, speak the common tongue…these are all the simplest matters. It’s best if they don’t only know how to stay cooped up in the mines. Everything will change in the future. Even mining will definitely be different from how it is now. I don’t want them to starve to death after leaving the mines.”

“This is not a matter of a generation, but can be traced back for so many generations. They say that someone like me who came out of the mines and reached my current position is only seen once every hundred years. While it may sound like they’re praising me, that’s actually scolding the entire Binzhou mining district for being rotten like a still, dead pond.”

Xu Tingsheng pondered for a bit and said, “In the future, the people there definitely won’t remember you only as Jin Twenty-four. You’ll at least be leaving your name in history, ha…”

“All that is not important. For someone like me, it’s best to scatter my ashes after I die, not even setting a grave marker. Otherwise, enemies will come to find and curse at me all day…” Old Jin asked, “Do you know what my second goal is, what I’m looking forward to?”


“Speaking of this, it is actually because you’ve totally changed my view on scholars. I know that your background is pretty average. You are from a farming family, and you’d never really done anything extraordinary. Your personality and whatnot too…everything is just normal…and yet, look at what you have achieved.”

“Then, I wondered: Could a future Xu Tingsheng actually be hidden in a place like the mining district of Binzhou?! Appearing normal and no different from the rest, but suddenly popping up like you one day. Say, can studying really cause one to be enlightened on the ways of the world or illuminated like in Buddhism?”

Xu Tingsheng wiped his sweat, offering no answer…smart as Old Jin was, he had been misled completely by him this time.

“I’ve got to at least give that future Xu Tingsheng in the mining district a chance, right. Otherwise, I fear he’ll meet a premature end or never get a chance to see himself clearly.”

Whether it was in the present or the future, there might be very few people who were able to understand Old Jin.

The principal of Hucheng’s campus in the Binzhou mining district was Old Jin’s woman. She was the principal there not just in name but in actuality too as she was involved in management and also teaching. She was happy there, as if she was finally back to being a talented graduate from Qingbei. In her own words, this was the best present Old Jin could have given her, the greatest doting as well as gentleness.

As a talented Qingbei graduate, she was technically suited for any role. Still, in the eyes of some from the mining district, this was simply about Old Jin making his woman happy.

Others saw something different-the human heart.

In the jungle that was the Binzhou mining district, might was needed to survive. Even as one relied on their strength and methods, they were also competing for the hearts and support of others. This was only natural-the more those who submitted, the more solid one’s foundation.

Many people employed various means to win the hearts of others. Still, Old Jin’s sudden move exceeded all their expectations. Their limited circumstances made it such that they would never have thought to set up a school.

Still, they now saw that a school had caused Old Jin’s reputation to shoot up to the max. Some people half sincerely, half probingly raised the saying: Old Jin’s move had won him half a city’s allegiance.

In how a single school had won the hearts of many, two points could not be discounted.

First, all parents love their children.

Second, hope. Old Jin had given these people who had worked in mines for generations hope, hope that their descendants could one day be successful and escape this bleak fate.

Old Jin was neither pedantic nor a hypocrite. Where doing a good deed could also earn him some benefits, he would happily receive them all. He said that the next step of his plan was to build a public welfare home for seniors. If he really succeeded in doing so, perhaps…it would be more than just half a city whose hearts were won.

“Still, this matter probably has to be delayed a little. While this progression of events is surely a fortunate thing, it has actually propelled some things to start prematurely. They won’t just watch on as I grow stronger like this, achieving hegemony.


Fang Yuqing exited the sick ward.

“How did it go?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“It’s more or less been decided,” Fang Yuqing said, “My sister and I may have to go over for a time too, to settle the kids down and all.”

With Fang Yuqing having said so, Xu Tingsheng could not very well remind him that he actually had another path of retreat in Binzhou, at least for now. The Ling and Xiao families should not have any influence there. Old Jin and Huang Yaming were also there. If Fang Yuqing went over, he should soon be able to take over Huang Yaming’s position in Binzhou, that place which was darker yet filled with opportunities. There, he might transform into a dragon, thunderously returning as a powerhouse.

Would the enmity between the Fang family and the Ling and Xiao families persist into the future? That was not important. After this incident had ended, Xu Tingsheng would no longer stay involved in it. This would be the private affair of Fang Yuqing, Fang Chen, Fang Ruju and the remaining descendants of the Fang family. It would be between them and Ling Xiao, or even between the next generation consisting of their children.


“Are you going somewhere?” Xu Tingsheng quelled these thoughts and asked, pointing at the car keys in Fang Yuqing’s hand.

“My aunt asked me to go to school to pick Ruli up. Since we’ve decided to leave the country, there’s no need for her to study there anymore. She’s also worried that her daughter may be bullied in school…and it may be dangerous too,” Fang Yuqing explained.

Xu Tingsheng said, “In that case, you’d better let me and Bro Du go instead. You should avoid going outside as much as possible around this time. I’ve nothing better to do anyway, and I am also acquainted with that little girl…”

Fang Yuqing laughed, asking, “It’s not that dangerous, right?”

“Better safe than sorry.”


“What is it?”

“I’m afraid that Ruli might run upon seeing you. After last time, she secretly told my sister that you’re a pervert.”

“…In that case, I might as well spare the effort and directly kidnap her. After all…I’m already a pervert in her eyes anyway.”

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