Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 555

Chapter 555: He’s a pervert

At fourteen years of age, Fang Ruli was studying at a private junior high in Xihu City.

This school was such that one could pick out any random one of their students, and they would either be rich or have an exalted status. Du Jiang stopped the car outside the French-style gate of the school which showed off its class. Xu Tingsheng rolled down the car window, waiting until Fang Ruli came down after receiving a notification from her family.

When the afternoon bell signalling the end of class rang, the area around Xu Tingsheng had at some point in time become filled with various luxury cars. It seemed like these well-to-do families had higher standards as quite a few brought their kids back home for lunch.

Fang Ruli was not tall. While having a bit of baby fat in her cheeks, she was on the thin side. As compared to the fourteen-year-old Xiang Ning, the main difference was her long hair. She was wearing a white blouse along with a checkered skirt as she exited the school gate along with everyone else. Her school bag seemed very heavy as she was gritting her teeth while pulling down on the straps.

Xu Tingsheng could sense the rejection from the distance between she and her classmates. It seemed that whether it was because of warnings from their parents or the childrens’ inherent nature, Fang Ruli whose family faced a major tribulation was already an outlier at the school.

It was no wonder that Fang Yuqing had said that his aunt was worried about the little girl being treated badly in school. They were too familiar with the ecosystem in this social strata in which even young children were not spared. 

It was Fang Yuqing who had called Fang Ruli and asked her to go home. He had not told her that Xu Tingsheng was the one coming to pick her up. Standing at the school gate, Fang Ruli stood on tiptoe, gazing around for a time. Still, she could not catch a glimpse of Fang Yuqing’s car.

Xu Tingsheng got off the car and waved at her.

Fang Ruli turned and saw him.

She opened her mouth wide, wide-eyed in astonishment…and she clutched her heart, her face turning deathly pale.

She turned and fled.

“Am I really so scary? So much…like a pervert?!” A helpless Xu Tingsheng gave chase, calling out to her.

Still, the young girl ignored him as she had already returned to the school premises. If Xu Tingsheng did not push past the guards and rush in, it would be more difficult to find her after she had run further away and hidden herself in some building or classroom.

Seeing her vanishing around a bend, Xu Tingsheng thought ‘oh man’.

Then, Fang Ruli’s figure unexpectedly popped up again from around that corner.

“What happened? She didn’t go to call a teacher, right?” Xu Tingsheng soon discovered that something was wrong as he saw a hand grabbing Fang Ruli’s long hair.

Then, a boy whose figure was almost on par with a senior high student appeared in his field of vision, leading a band of around four or five other boys.

“Let go of me…” Fang Ruli grabbed her hair with a hand and put up a fierce struggle.

The boy pushed her towards the side as the group ended up at the corner of two walls behind some shrubbery.

“Hurhurhur, not so mighty now, huh?” The big boy said, “We couldn’t touch you before because your family was big and powerful. Now…you see? Even the teacher who cared most about you before clearly saw just now, but walked around and totally ignored you…”

Fang Ruli did not reply as she continued clenching her teeth and struggling, yelling, “Let go of me! Don’t touch my hair!”

“Is this hair? …It’s a tail. Have you forgotten? Back then, everyone said that your tail was nearly pointing towards the skies. How proud you were back then. Now, this little tail of yours has fallen flat. That’s so sad…I’ll lend you a hand.”

While saying so, he made use of his height and tugged upwards on Fang Ruli’s hair.

“Let go of me…” Fang Ruli wanted to resist, but could not even turn because of the grip on her hair.

At this moment, perhaps because it hurt or perhaps because she was this helpless, the young girl who had always stubbornly grit her teeth and not bowed down submissively finally started crying, “Sob, my big brother will never let you go. He definitely won’t forgive you people…sob…”

Fang Ruli and and Fang Ruju had more than a decade between them. Fang Ruju was a stubborn guy who dared to go against his entire family’s wishes and enter the police force. However, he virtually doted on this little sister of his in a full, completely unprincipled manner.

As an example, when Fang Ruli had made a scene about wanting to play with his gun, Fang Ruju had even taken off his clip and presented it to her. There were countless times that this vice-leader of the Vice squad had intimidated hooligans and would-be rich suitors for her, wearing his police uniform in the meantime.

To Fang Ruli, her brother Fang Ruju was her superman, protector and male maid too.

At this moment, how she wished that her brother could suddenly appear, be by her side.

It looked like the intimidation effect served by Fang Ruju still existed as the young boys all looked rather hesitant. However the Fang family was like, Fang Ruju was still the same person…someone who was very scary and would go mad if anyone bullied his sister.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone. I heard that that brother of hers has already been shot to death,” Another boy said, “Right, I heard it from my uncle. Her brother was shot to death.”

The spirits of the boys instantly rose.

“We can do whatever we want then. There are many people here. Now, where shall I touch…”

As the tall boy reached out to put a hand around her waist, Fang Ruli struggled despite the pain. While her family had hidden from her the fact that her brother had been shot, she had still found out about it after some time. She had never seen her brother since then.

“Big brother…sob…big brother…”


A voice resounded in response as a hand held her shoulder and adjusted her out of the boy’s grasp. Fang Ruli rested on the crook of that arm which, though not as strong as her brother’s, gave her a sense of security all the same at this moment.

Fang Ruli looked up.

Xu Tingsheng was suppressing the wrist of the boy who had just pulled Fang Ruli’s hair. He flipped it over now to force the boy into a kneeling position even as he supported her with his other arm and smiled warmly at her.

“Don’t be scared. Everything’s fine.”

Not waiting for her to respond, Xu Tingsheng delivered a forceful kick to the leg of that boy who released a muffled groan, subjugated. Seeing this, the remaining little boys all froze up in shock.

“How about a few from you as well?” Xu Tingsheng gave him another kick and asked Fang Ruli.

Looking at Xu Tingsheng, Fang Ruli suddenly…grit her teeth and rushed forward. Xu Tingsheng wanted to say that she couldn’t kick there…but it was already too late as that kick landed solidly between the boy’s legs.

There was already no need to lock down his wrist. That boy lay down on the ground, howling in pain as he was shrivelled up like a shrimp.

Fang Ruli stopped and was taken aback for a moment before she looked at Xu Tingsheng quite helplessly with a bewildered look on her face.

Xu Tingsheng smiled rather suggestively, saying exaggeratedly, “Awesome. Well done.”

‘Perverts’ should never smile like this. As soon as they did…it was very perverted. Seeing that smile of his, Fang Ruli instantly felt a chill run up her spine to the top of her head…

Out of the tiger’s cave, and into the wolves’ den?

“You, who are you? Busybody, you dare to touch me? Do you know…” The boy on the ground recovered somewhat, writhing as he asked.

“Me? I’m a rich second gen,” Xu Tingsheng was certainly not so foolish as to actually report his name in order to look cool, potentially provoking a family with a powerful background.

“Rich second gen?” Quite a few of the boys here were actually rich second gens, but never had they introduced themselves as such, nor seen anyone do so before. 

Not having wiped off her tears and snot, Fang Ruli did so now while sobbing, “No, you guys, let me tell you, he is…a pervert. Are you afraid? Do you still dare to provoke me? What doesn’t a pervert dare to do? Killing without blinking, raping, robbing, drinking, gambling in associating wantonly with all kinds, peeking at girls bathing, and…”

Xu Tingsheng, “…”

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