Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 556: You block them, I’ll run

Then, thinking about how she just happened to be fourteen too, Fang Ruli had been alerted to the seriousness of the matter: Right, the pervert definitely finds that that one is already too old and wants to switch to a new one. Meanwhile, I…

“Let’s go. Your brother asked me to come pick you up,” Xu Tingsheng said in a low tone.

Truthfully speaking, Fang Ruli naturally did not wish to go off with Xu Tingsheng at all. Still, if she did not do so, would that person lying on the ground let her off? She had no other choice. The young girl cautiously maintained her distance, walking diagonally in front of Xu Tingsheng as they exited the school gate.

“My car is parked over there,” Seeing how she was walking towards the roadside, Xu Tingsheng reminded her.

“Like I’d ride in your car,” Fang Ruli turned away from him.

“How will you get back then?”

“I have money. I’ll take a taxi.”

“…Fine. You do that then,” Having no way to clear his name right now, Xu Tingsheng thought that he might as well let Fang Ruli take a taxi while he and Du Jiang followed behind.

Noises resounded from behind them as a group of guys yelled, “Yes, it’s that guy. Right, stop him! Don’t let him get away. This old man’s gonna kill him dead.”

Xu Tingsheng turned and saw that gang of boys from earlier pursuing them.

“Yikes, I forgot about that,” Having forgotten that these were not the typical delinquents usually seen in school but a bunch of rich princlings, Xu Tingsheng had not even assumed that they might have the courage to come looking for revenge earlier.

A swarm of people got out from six to seven cars, coming to bear down on Xu Tingsheng.

Those who could be chauffeurs for that bunch of rich princelings were all stout and sturdy men if not professional bodyguards. If he was surrounded by the seven big men at once, Xu Tingsheng would be in a very precarious situation.

The remaining cars nearby stayed where they were, the kids and drivers thinking to witness this spectacle.

Xu Tingsheng pulled Fang Ruli behind him.

Du Jiang got out of the car and walked over to stand in front of Xu Tingsheng.

The tall boy rushed over with his entourage in tow, gesticulating furiously at Xu Tingsheng and Du Jiang, “Get them, till they are handicapped and disabled…your mother, daring to attack me…get the both of them for me! Break their legs. I will give you ten thousand for each.”

The remaining boys did not lag behind as they all directed their chauffeurs as well.

The seven big men were raring to go. They were culpable too as their young masters had been bullied. It was hard to say what might happen to them when they got back. Now, not only could they be absolved of blame, they could even receive a monetary reward. If they did not act now, and viciously too…they would be idiots.

Having been entrusted to protect these special kids, they were naturally not stupid. They had also been instructed about how to take care of the problems of these kids in school. Normally, they would actually have reservations as they feared bringing trouble to their employers. After all, they knew that this was no ordinary school as there was risk of offending important families.

Still, these chauffeurs were actually all familiar with their peer from the Fang family responsible for chauffeuring Fang Ruli. Upon seeing that it was Fang Ruli beside Xu Tingsheng, they had felt assured at once. They all knew what situation the Fang family was in…weak target? Ha, more like punching bag. Thus, there was no need for any reservations…they should attack harder, seeing how their young masters had even suffered grievances.

They slowly advanced.

Xu Tingsheng exchanged glances with Du Jiang. He then nodded, taking a step back.

“Don’t be scared. Just hide behind me…” Xu Tingsheng turned, wanting to comfort Fang Ruli for fear that she might be overly shocked by the turn of events.

“Shh…don’t look back. Stand properly and block their view…I’ll secretly run off first.”

“…” Xu Tingsheng was astonished, “Hey…Fang Ruli, where’s your sense of loyalty?”

“Why do I need a sense of loyalty with you? You’re not a good person. You’re a…”

“Pervert. You’re right.”

“Right. Anyway, I’m not together with you. And they also didn’t say that they want to break my leg. What’s wrong with me running first?” Fang Ruli now hesitated for a bit, thinking about how Xu Tingsheng had helped her earlier and was on her side even though he was indeed a pervert.

Not willing to admit that she was actually a bit worried for this pervert, she mumbled, “Well…You shouldn’t forget to think of a way to escape yourself later. Don’t get killed. I, at most, I’ll help give a call to your family.”

“Thank you,” Xu Tingsheng smiled and said.

Then, he shifted to the side.

Fang Ruli arched her waist, her arms outstretched before her as she carefully tiptoed…readying herself for retreat. Then, she happened to look up and realised…hey, where was the back which should be shielding her from view?

And the young girl discovered that across from her, a bunch of boys and many burly men…had their eyes fixed on her.

The eyes of the big boy shone, “Right, and that girl too…don’t let her get away. Fang Ruli, you freaking dared to kick me…just you wait.”

“You…” An outraged Fang Ruli turned to look incredulously at Xu Tingsheng.

“We aren’t together anyway,” Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Now, let’s see who gets away first.”

“You? Sob…I miss my big brother…if my big brother were here, he’d definitely protect me…”

“Stop acting, Fang Ruli. How about this? At most, after I escape, I’ll help give a call to your family…I just wonder if they’ll be in time! Hey, if they come late and something has already happened to you, it’d be quite a waste…see, when this pervert here hasn’t even got to do anything yet.”

“…” Fang Ruli wanted to cry but felt like she did not know how to anymore.

Seeing how the two were still squabbling with each other, the boys across from them could not take it any longer as they shouted, “Go on! What’re you guys still waiting for?”

“There are too many of them. I may have to add more lethality to my blows,” Du Jiang told Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng nodded. Since the Fang family had already reached this sorry state, it surely had the courage to engage in such confrontations. As long as they did not really do anything to these boys, it should not really force any powerful family to step in and mess with them. Everyone feared a savage wild beast that was pushed into a corner.

Afraid that he might hinder Du Jiang, he took two more steps back.

Seeing this, Fang Ruli thought that this sick pervert was surely thinking to abandon her and his chauffeur and flee first…she knew that she could not outrun him. If she ran after him, it would actually result in her serving as an additional layer of protection for him since she would be caught first, like that last lamb running at the end of a herd that was being chased by some hungry lions.

Thinking of this, the girl embraced her imminent downfall as she retrieved her little blade used for sharpening pencils from her bag, clutching it tightly. She was trembling as she set her resolve: Fang Ruli, you be brave! You must protect your dignity even at cost of death…”

“Hey, if you do manage to escape, remember to help me tell my big brother that his Little Carp (Xiao Liyu) is dead…ask him to take revenge for me in the future.”

“So you’re called Little Carp? Alright, I’ll definitely tell your brother for you.”

“…You can run now then.”

“I think I’ll watch for a while first.”

Fang Ruli was speechless, “I really hope they catch him!”

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