Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 557: My girlfriend’s a hundred times more beautiful than you

This might still work in ordinary fights, but against those who had undergone training, it was like asking to die.

As they had superior numbers, if some of them maneuvered around him to target Xu Tingsheng and Fang Ruli, Du Jiang might not be able to protect them however good a fighter he was. Under these circumstances, the situation could not devolve into chaos as it had to be immediately decided from the get-go.

Therefore, Du Jiang had already told Xu Tingsheng that he would employ more lethality in order to serve the effect of intimidation. Xu Tingsheng had agreed to it.

If this was usually, faced with such a challenge, Du Jiang would have enough time to easily dodge out of the way, kicking the person aside. Still, he gave up on that method this time…

Facing his opponent’s incoming right fist, Du Jiang stepped towards the left and used his right wrist to capture the other party’s arm. Then, he violently punched his elbow with his left arm…

A firm crack resounded as the other party’s joint was bent at a virtually ninety degree angle, bone piercing into his skin and flesh.

White bone, red blood…

Shocked shrieks resounded.

The next moment, the second opponent sent a kick towards Du Jiang’s waist…it managed to solidly connect, but…it could not be retracted.

Receiving this kick, Du Jiang quickly locked the other party’s leg in place, next turning even as he raised his left knee and smashed…he sent another joint the wrong way, but it was the knee joint this time, and at a rapid speed too.

Another crack resounded as this time, a leg was broken.

This time, however, nothing else could be heard beyond the mournful wails of those two men.

The extremely violent, bloody scene was really too intimidating. The five remaining men dared not charge over anymore…but they dared not run away too. They stood in a row, shielding the young boys who were too frightened to even cry out. Their bodies trembled slightly as they looked nervously at Du Jiang, wondering what exactly they would do if he charged over.

Du Jiang did not charge over. He just stood there, turning back to glance at Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng tried hard to appear composed as he slowly walked forward to open the car door before turning and saying to Fang Ruli who was still holding that little blade, “Will you get in my car, or will you take a taxi?”

“Huh? I…”

“If you want to take a taxi, I’ll be off then.”

“…” Fang Ruli looked down as she passed Xu Tingsheng by and got into the car, not looking at him.

Xu Tingsheng went back a few paces and bent down to pick up the school bag that Fang Ruli had dropped and forgotten out of nervousness. He placed it in the car beside her.

“Why is your bag so heavy?” Xu Tingsheng casually asked.

Fang Ruli answered without looking up, “I heard that I won’t be studying here anymore. So I brought them just in case.”

“It seems like you have a passion for learning.”

“My results have always been good.”


Xu Tingsheng got into the car, separated from Fang Ruli by that school bag.

Du Jiang surveyed the surroundings before slowly opening the car door and getting into the driver’s seat. The engine revved. As the car turned right, no one dared to stop it. Having appeared to be in quite a precarious situation earlier, the trio thereby left just like that.


Xu Tingsheng said nothing at all inside the car.

Fang Ruli was also silent for a long time before she suddenly said of Du Jiang, “He’s so awesome. If not for him, you’d be dead for sure.”

Xu Tingsheng thought about that. It seemed this girl was basically unwilling to accept the fact that he had saved her and was thus fully attributing the credit to Du Jiang. He too had merely gotten saved from what she was saying.

“And so you don’t have to thank me anymore, is it? Xu Tingsheng smiled and asked.

“I…why do I have to thank you?” Fang Ruli asked in a panic.

“You have to. I saved you…otherwise, who knows what might have happened to you today.”

“…Don’t even think about it. Like, like I’d marry you in gratitude.”

“Oh? Marry me in gratitude? Right, I wouldn’t have remembered if not for the reminder. For saving your life, there is nothing you can repay me with but yourself…is it like this? And you thought of it yourself. Thank you.”

“I…like I want you to save me, you sick pervert.”

“But I’ve already saved you…”

“…Let me off right now then. Stop the car, I want to get off…let me down…”

Fang Ruli made as if to open the car door.

“Sit tight. Safety belts on,” Du Jiang spoke in a deep tone from the driver’s seat.

Xu Tingsheng hurriedly pressed down Fang Ruli and helped her to put on the safety belt.

“Don’t touch me, you sick pervert,” Fang Ruli had still not realised the gravity of their situation as she was throwing a temper and struggling to push aside Xu Tingsheng while undoing her safety belt.

As she undid her safety belt, Xu Tingsheng hurriedly clipped it for her again even as he yelled furiously, “I’ll beat you if you continue moving!”

Pervert he may be, this was the first time he was raging like this as he was usually all smiles with her…Fang Ruli was shell shocked for a bit.

At this moment, the car suddenly accelerated, shooting forward with a whoosh…

A jeep suddenly skidded in from behind, high-pitched sounds resulting from the friction of its tires with the ground.

In the car, Xu Tingsheng was caught in the posture of helping Fang Ruli clip her safety belt with his own still undone. Caught by the acceleration, he was slammed heavily against the back of the chair as he fell at Fang Ruli’s feet.

Fang Ruli understood a little now. She turned back and looked, seeing two SUVs also there accelerating in chasing them along with that skidding Jeep.

“I…sorry. Are you okay?” The young girl asked fearfully.

Then, she extended a hand to pull Xu Tingsheng up.

As the car continued maneuvering about and changing speed, swaying wildly, Xu Tingsheng asked as he looked at that proffered hand, “Aren’t you afraid of me being a pervert anymore?”


Xu Tingsheng waved her hand away, unsteadily sitting up with the support of the hand rest before putting on his seatbelt.

“Stop deluding yourself. I wouldn’t like you even if I were a pervert. My girlfriend’s a hundred times more beautiful than you.”


The car made an abrupt turn, stopping whatever Fang Ruli had been about to say.

Xu Tingsheng looked and saw that there were two cars up ahead which were evidently also aiming for them.

“They’re just aiming to force us to stop. They’re not aiming for our lives. They were probably called by those kids and chauffeurs from earlier…they’re not the Fang family’s enemies,” Du Jiang explained as he drove, “Still, more and more of them are coming. I’m not an expert in driving…it’d probably be quite troublesome if they manage to force us to stop.”

Xu Tingsheng acknowledged this as he waited for him to continue. Beside him, Fang Ruli was pale as a sheet…she did not want to end up in the hands of those disgusting fellows again. What if they really did something to her like that pervert said? They would not have any reservations facing the current Fang family.

“The two of you, find a chance to get off the car at that crossing up ahead. Head back first. I’ll take those guys for a ride…”


Xu Tingsheng readily accepted this. He knew full well that if the car was really forced to stop and fell into an encirclement, he and Fang Ruli would only serve as a burden for Du Jiang. If only Du Jiang himself was surrounded, he fully possessed the ability to easily ‘kill’ his way out and escape.

“Take off your safety belt. Grab on to me later,” Xu Tingsheng said.

Fang Ruli dared not add on any more trouble as she hurriedly nodded.

The car pulled to a drastic stop after another abrupt turn. Xu Tingsheng immediately leapt out of the car, pulling Fang Ruli along. The car instantly zoomed off once more…it was fortunate that it was no longer that decrepit Volkswagen.

Three cars sped past the bend and shot after it in hot pursuit…Xu Tingsheng hurriedly hugged Fang Ruli who was still in a daze and turned.

“What’re you doing…”

“Don’t make a sound.”

Only when the cars were far away did Xu Tingsheng let go. He seized the initiative, patting down his clothes with a disdainful expression on his face…as if he had hugged a stinky pig.

Fang Ruli felt embarrassed, vexed and aggrieved…she had clearly been hugged by the pervert. Yet, not only could she not rebuke him, she had actually even been disdained.

“What do we do now?” She asked in a huff, her expression cold.

“Didn’t you want to take a taxi? Flag one then! You have money anyway,” Xu Tingsheng said.


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