Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 562: At the critical momen

When everything points towards a certain direction, when something is incomparably smooth and by extension simple, yet has seemingly great effects…the matter is generally not reliable.

What ultimately led Xu Tingsheng to make a decision was the fact that there was too great a discrepancy between what he knew about Ling Xiao and her true self…in that case, that weak and soft-looking Ling Xiaoqing with her apparent vulnerability-what exactly could she be quietly working towards behind the scenes?

While she seemed to have been following Xu Tingsheng’s predictions all along, if one thought about it carefully, they would realise that all these predictions had actually been influenced by her before she simply showed him what he wanted to see.

While he could not understand what exactly her intent was, Xu Tingsheng could be sure of at least one thing: Doing what the enemy wanted him to do was definitely a mistake.

The Fang family had been planning their overseas departure for quite some time as Xu Tingsheng himself had participated in virtually the entire process as well. Witnessing this drastic turnaround in Xu Tingsheng’s attitude and the urgency in his voice at this moment, Fang Yuqing felt a little bemused.

Clutching his phone, he asked, “What is it? Has something gone wrong?”

Unable to immediately give a precise, certain answer right now, Xu Tingsheng could only say, “I feel that something’s not right here. Get everyone to get off, and we can analyse it then. If there isn’t anything, it makes no difference even if you go a few days later. I feel that leaving could be dangerous.”

“Alright,” Without asking anything further, simply because the other party was Xu Tingsheng, Fang Yuqing responded decisively.

“I’ll be waiting for you guys outside the airport then,” Xu Tingsheng hung up.

Next, similarly urgently, Fang Yuqing got up and turned to face the direct and branch members of the Fang family’s third generation, narrating Xu Tingsheng’s stance.

Fang Chen immediately got up, beginning to retrieve their luggage from the rack above. Fang Yuqing received them one by one. Then, he turned to discover that everyone else had not budged an inch. Still sitting where they were, they simply looked at him and Fang Chen.

“What is it? Get off the plane. A little later and it’ll be too late,” Fang Yuqing said.

Looking at him, Fang Zhong smiled, “You believe it just because Xu Tingsheng said it. How do you know that he hasn’t suddenly decided to sell us out? You can’t not know that he’s so close with that daughter of the Ling family, right? …Maybe as soon as we leave the airport, we won’t be able to go anywhere anymore.”

His words frightened many people.

“He won’t,” Fang Yuqing said resolutely.

“How do you know he won’t? Just based on a feeling?! I say, you’d best think of another reason, a reason that going to America would be less safe than staying in China. Otherwise, why would we possibly get off the plane with you?” Fang Ying questioned.

To her, America was like the only light amidst an ocean of darkness and fear. The moment she sat on the plane, her heart had been filled with the joy and relief of liberation from danger.

“I…we can just get off first today. Afterwards, we’ll see, and if there’s really no problem, there’s no difference even if we go a few days later,” Unable to find a very good reason, Fang Yuqing said somewhat compromisingly.

“Nope. I don’t know if we’ll still be able to go in a few days, but I know that right now, at least, we’re already on the plane. Truthfully speaking, Fang Ying and I definitely won’t be getting off,” Fang Zhong said, “If the two of you want to get off, do as you please. As for the others, let them choose for themselves if they are willing to leave with the two of us or stay with you two.”


“Be respectful, Yuqing. You should call me older cousin. Don’t forget, I am the oldest of the Fang family’s third generation. With things as they are, my words count.”

With the doors of the plane soon to close and Fang Zhong’s attitude seemingly irreversible, Fang Yuqing and Fang Chen exchanged glances before the latter stepped forward and said, “We’ll listen to older cousin’s words then. Everyone, would you rather go to America or get off the plane with us?”

With that, Fang Yuqing’s gaze swept across the remaining descendants of the Fang family on the plane with anxiety and anticipation.

Yet, he was answered by only silence.

Over this period of time, Fang Zhong and Fang Ying had been closer with these kids of the Fang family. They had continually described to them their ‘wonderful’ lives in America as they worked hard to establish their positions as the leaders of the Fang family’s third generation after arriving in America. Their intentions therein were obvious.

“Trust me. Get off the plane with me, okay? We need to get off! Time’s running out!” Too worried and anxious, even Fang Yuqing’s voice had changed as it carried a pleading tone.

What greeted him was still silence.

Indeed, just Xu Tingsheng’s words alone were sorely insufficient to combat the relief of these people from finally escaping and no longer having to live in constant fear, along with the anticipation and joy of being able to have a free and wonderful life in the near future.

“Big brother Yuqing, I’ll get off the plane with you,” A small hand was raised.

“Good. Come over here, Ruli,” Fang Yuqing happily extended a hand.

“Yeah,” Sitting at a window seat, Fang Ruli stood up, preparing to walk over.

Unexpectedly, Fang Zhong and Fang Ying who were sitting on the two seats beside her suddenly stood up and blocked her, not letting her come out.

“Fang Zhong, what’s the meaning of this?” Fang Yuqing was frantic.

“Nothing…still, since the two of you aren’t going, there’s no reason to leave the family’s money in your hands, right? Do you want the rest of us to go hungry over there? How’s this. Hand me the two cards that Ruli’s mother gave to you two and tell me the password. Do it, and I’ll let Ruli out.”

“You…” Seeing that for the sake of that money, Fang Zhong was actually shameless to the point of holding Ruli, the youngest of the third generation of the Fang family’s direct line, hostage, the enraged Fang Yuqing was prepared to resort to physical force.

“Yuqing,” Fang Chen grabbed him, “How about this, older cousin…I’ll keep the money for now. I’ll go to America with you guys. The two of you both need to study. If I go, at least there’ll be another person to take care of everyone. As for the remainder, we can discuss it over there. How about that? For now, just let Yuqing take Ruli off the plane.”

Fang Zhong slowly shook his head, “No. Give me the money. You get off the plane too.”


“Sir, Miss, the plane doors are about to close. Is anything the matter?” An air stewardess who had heard part of their conversation came over to remind them.

Fang Chen hesitated for a moment, then said, “Yuqing, give him what he wants.”

“Ruli, come over to big sister.”

“In that case…older cousin, remember to keep an eye out for your safety and take good care of everyone over there. Also, we must stay in touch.”

Having gotten what he wanted, Fang Zhong smiled and said, “Alright.”

Having gotten their hands on the two cards, whatever became of the Fang family in China, regardless of the fates of the rest of the Fang family, the brother and sister were assured at the very least of smoothly remaining in America till graduation, getting their green cards and then living pretty decent lives.

“All fly away in the face of danger…there’s nothing I can do about it. Can only hope that their luck’s good,” Looking out of the window, Fang Zhong murmured to himself.

“Brother, let me keep one of those two cards,” Fang Ying leaned over and said in a hushed tone.

Fang Zhong turned to look at his younger sister, “You? You’ve always been clumsy. If you randomly lose the card somewhere, what would we do then? No, let your brother keep it. Should you require money, just ask Brother for it. Relax, we’re siblings by blood after all…”

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