Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 579: She’s my woman

They had first acted kind, like they would dispense charity. After being exposed, they had ripped off their masks and resorted to threats straightaway.

Fang Chen recognised most of the people here. Some were on the same tether as the Ling and Xiao families. As they were in the same circle, they had inevitably had some interactions. As for the others, she would basically see them visiting their family come every festival over the past decade and more.

They would come with gifts and smiling faces, acting gingerly as they dared not impose too much on their hosts.

She had even called some of them Uncle before.

One of them said, “Fang Chen…the first time I saw you, you were only thirteen or fourteen. You were sitting there, back straightened and playing the piano. I glanced over…haha, I dared not look for too long. Still, I thought: When this girl grows up, it’ll be so nice if I can **** her once.”

Someone who usually showed a dignified, upright image and had once been a bootlicker now shed all his pretenses. Under the influence of a little wine, triumphant as he was, his true nature as flagrantly expressed here left one feeling disgusted.

The people in the private room laughed uproariously.

They looked like a group of low-class soldiers surrounding a princess after the collapse of her country. Once lofty and unattainable, now that they could finally act on the target of their desires as they liked…it brought them a warped, evil satisfaction.

“What an imagination you had. At that time, Fang Chen was the princess of the Fang family! From what I heard, it seems that that old thing liked her the most,” Someone else chimed in.

“Yeah! We had to be so careful around her back then. I remember that even when that dog that she raised barked at me, I still had to smile! I watched you growing up, Fang Chen. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve driven to pick you up,” Yet another said.

It was very difficult to imagine that this man had once been Fang Chen’s father’s secretary for so many years. Even if his modest, courteous outward exterior had been feigned, it had been feigned to a degree where one could not help but admit his supreme skills…

How much did he possess that could be used against her father? Now, it could be used to blackmail her or pledge his allegiance to the Ling and Xiao families.

Fang Chen stood solitarily there, looking at these peoples’ frenzied, distorted expressions.

Some of these people had indeed been suppressed, even humiliated by the Fang family before. Others had sucked up to the Fang family on their own accord. Now, they were all using revenge and trampling on the Fang family to obtain pleasure in what might seem like a success, but was actually a depressing way of living.

“Sorry, I still have something on today,” Fang Chen suppressed her emotions, turning and gripping the handle of the door.

The people in the room also seemed to have no intention of forcing her to stay today.

“That’s alright,” One of them said, “We’re not in a rush. Moreover, this isn’t a good place! The day after tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, we’ll be organising a yacht trip to wherever. Maybe if we’re happy, we’ll go all the way to Qinghai, Tibet…you will come, right?”

“Go back and think about it. We’ll be waiting. Anyway, we’ll all go for a happy trip together, and no one will be any the wiser…do as you deem fit.”

Seeing Fang Chen emerge from the entrance so quickly, Tan Yao’s tense nerves finally relaxed.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Come on, let’s go home,” Fang Chen got into the car and said.

The car travelled along a public road on the hillside.

“Go that way,” Fang Chen pointed at a split in the road.

After driving for a while, Tan Yao stopped in front of a lush forest and said, “It’s a dead end.”

Fang Chen said, “Here then.“What?”

“**** me.”

Even though they had done it twice before, having been puked on by Fang Chen both times, Tan Yao still did not feel their relationship was at the stage where they could do it in a car here.

“What is it?” Tan Yao carefully paid attention to Fang Chen’s expression.

“Are you a man, Tan Yao?” Fang Chen asked as she looked at him.


“Cut it with the talking then. **** me. Haven’t you been wanting to?”

Fang Chen lunged over, her tongue boiling as she set Tan Yao’s face and neck alight.

“No, Fang Chen, there isn’t that in the car.”


“A condom.”

“No need.”

It wasn’t necessary? Following this, her head went lower and lower…this definitely wasn’t that Fang Chen who seemed like she was experiencing torture when lying in front of a man.

Tan Yao knew that something was wrong for sure.

“Fang Chen,” Tan Yao called.

Fang Yao abruptly looked up at him, her eyes furious like a lioness’s. The next moment, her fury crumbled and was replaced by tears…

“I beg you, don’t say anything.”

Tan Yao relished something he had never even thought of before and was puked all over again.

Fang Chen said, “Let’s go home.”

“Oh, okay.”

Tan Yao drove back with great difficulty in an extremely chaotic state. He wiped off the contents of Fang Chen’s stomach that stained the car before going up for a bath…Fang Chen opened the door of the bathroom.

“**** me.”

That night, along with the entirety of the next day, Tan Yao never got off the bed. Fang Chen seemed crazed as she did everything she could think of…having puked till there was nothing left to puke, she fell into a deep sleep.

Tan Yao got up early the next morning before day broke. He found her phone.


When Fang Chen got up the next morning, Tan Yao had already left. He had left a note, saying that something had cropped up at the bar that required his attention.

Fang Chen thought that this was good too. She packed up her things and went out, going downstairs and hailing a taxi.

Cao Qing called and asked if she had departed.

She said, “I’ve hailed a taxi.”

Cao Qing said, “That’s good then. We’re all waiting for you. Fang Chen, actually, towards you, these few years, I…”

Fang Chen said, “There’s no need to put on an act like this anymore.”

The group of six cars formed two rows along an empty spot of land by the national highway. Some were inside their cars. Some stood outside, smoking. None of them had brought their drivers…some had brought their mistresses.

Cao Qing had been praised for his idea of going out on a yacht. These were all people who had had many women before, and this method was evidently much more interesting than doing it in a motel, being safer too…

A small truck which was covered by a tarpaulin slowly drove over before squeezing in between the two rows of cars.

The lot of them evaded it, then surrounded it. Feeling that cursing at it should be beneath their dignity, they stopped.

Cao Qing who had the least need to care about his image amongst them went over and kicked it, asking, “Are you freaking sick in the head?”

The door opened and Tan Yao hopped out.

“The heck, you…” Cao Qing said.

“Hello, senior. I’m Tan Yao. I wonder if senior still remembers me?” Tan Yao smiled.

Cao Qing suddenly laughed, “I remember you.”

Then, he turned to the others and said, “A junior from school. Right, and a ‘prince’ there too. Oh, and it seems you like Fang Chen too, right?”

“Right. A lot,” Tan Yao was still smiling warmly.

Amidst the knowing laughter, Tan Yao lit a cigarette and puffed on it slowly.

“So, the reason you’re here today?” Cao Qing had a mocking look on his face as he felt that Tan Yao would not be capable of anything.

“She’s my woman now. I’m saying, Fang Chen is my woman.”



Tan Yao looked especially sincerely at Cao Qing before surveying the rest, “It’s true?! Don’t you believe me?”

Even his eyes were smiling.

Tan Yao turned and waved towards the incoming vehicles from the city district although he could not be sure that Fang Chen was in one of them. Everyone’s gazes fell on the direction he was waving towards in puzzlement.

“**** your mothers,” Tan Yao said.

Then, he lightly flicked the cigarette butt into a slit in the tarpaulin covering the small truck.

“What did you say, kid?”

Cao Qing said, “Your mother, you’re looking to die.”

Tan Yao smiled, “I said, **** your mothers…you dare to have intentions on even my woman.”

In the taxi that Fang Chen was on.

The driver asked, “It’s there, right? There’s a bunch of cars parked there.”

Fang Chen looked up…she saw Tan Yao there, smiling, waving at her.

She immediately whipped out her phone…


The driver slammed his foot on the brakes, cursing and spewing vulgarities.


Amidst the sounds of explosions, flames lit the sky as cars flipped in mid-air and landed again.

Seeing the flames, Fang Chen began to tremble in her entirety.

Her handphone vibrated, a notification appearing.

It was a timed reminder that read: Tan Yao likes Fang Chen. Sorry, I’m still very useless.

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