Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 584: Chaos in Binzhou

He Chunhua was this half.

It was very difficult to imagine that such a tall, elegant nineteen-year-old ‘woman’ who was fashionable and likeable might have an old-fashioned name like He Chunhua (Spring Flower). Also, it had been deliberately changed. He Twenty-seven had helped ‘her’ to change it.

“In the past, in a village, I had three women all named Chunhua. So…you can be Chunhua too. That way, it’ll be easier for you to remember that you’re a woman.”

When he had said this, ‘she’ had been sixteen, just having become a woman.

At this moment, in a pavilion by a lake, He Chunhua was dressed in opera clothes, resembling a woman in terms of looks and expressions even more than some women did.

The icy full moon on the island’s horizon, seeing that jade hare, seeing that jade hare and rising east again. Its icy contours departing the shore, lustre exceptionally evident. The bright moon in the sky, resembling Chang’e departing the moon palace, oh so like Chang’e departing the moon palace. Behold, Chang’e descending to the nine realms…

In front of He Twenty-seven, He Chunhua was daintily singing the passage known as <>. It was actually known better as <>.

He Chunhua had put in hard work in this area. Her current skills were such that even if an expert came, a word of praise would surely be had. Still, it was actually lacking as compared to He Twenty-seven in the past.

Sitting on a chair, He Twenty-seven was unconsciously performing the same graceful movements with his hands as he lightly sang along from time to time…

Most of the time, he was unwilling to show this appearance in front of others. Thus, there were few who dared to interrupt him in this state.

Someone directly entered the pavilion.

He Twenty-seven frowned.

“Jin Twenty-four has left,” That person said.

He Twenty-seven’s brows relaxed as he asked, “How many people did he bring? Which group of people?”

“More than forty people, basically all of them his elite troops. His base is just an empty shell now,” His subordinate answered.

His index finger between his brows, He Twenty-seven rubbed it lightly for a bit before he said, “Make sure our people keep a close watch on them. Tell them to see Jin Twenty-four get on the plane with their own eyes before reporting to me.”

“Understood,” His subordinate said and took his leave.

He Twenty-seven inhaled deeply, the corners of his lips slowly arching upwards.

Everything had been going ever so smoothly for him over this period of time.

First, Xu Tingsheng had been imprisoned. Next, Tan Yao had died. Yet afterwards, Huang Yaming had left, bringing with him three of Jin Twenty-four’s people. Especially prominent in his considerations was that assassin who was said to be like a shadow and was incomparably hard to deal with.

Even the heavens were fulfilling He Twenty-seven’s scheme. It would really be a travesty not to implement it.

Just yesterday, that crucial chess piece that he had planted in Yanzhou, Ding Miao, had finally succumbed to the urge to act just as he had expected. How could there be a better chance?

Now, in Yanzhou, rumours were already beginning to spread unceasingly within a certain proximity that Ding Miao had evidence that Xu Tingsheng had schemed to kill Ding Sen and was looking to avenge his brother…with how things were now, let alone Ding Miao, everyone would be looking to bring Xu Tingsheng down. The Ling and Xiao families along with all those powers which had conflicts of interest with Xu Tingsheng-how would they not capitalise on this chance to team up and nail him dead together?!

He Twenty-seven actually hoped that Ding Miao could be more direct and forceful in terms of means, best skinning Xu Tingsheng alive…there was no good reason for it. He Twenty-seven just really hated this person, perhaps akin to how demons hate the sunlight.

Still, in terms of the end results, just about any method would be good so long as Ding Miao could lure Jin Twenty-four and his elite subordinates away and delay them back in Yanzhou.

“How rare, this…that even you, Jin Twenty-four are being so loyal and sentimental for once,” He Twenty-four raised his head and closed his eyes, seemingly muttering to himself, “In that case, why not join him on a trip to the Yellow Springs together.”

He opened his eyes. He Chunhua had already stopped singing long ago as she was standing cautiously by the side.

“Come here,” He Twenty-seven waved her over.

He Chunhua came over in little dainty steps.


He Twenty-seven got up, flipping her opera attire to reveal the bare skin beneath…

After venting his excitement and fervour.

He Twenty-seven calmed down and went back to sit, “Help me with some makeup.”

“Which one do you want, Sir?” He Chunhua asked.

He Twenty-seven thought about it and said, “That final bit of <>, the makeup for Madame Bai.”

“Okay,” He Chunhua nodded, trying to ingratiate herself with him as she said, “I heard…Third Sir Jiang likes this act the most.”

Bam! He Twenty-seven slapped her. He could do it, but he wouldn’t allow others to say it.

He Chunhua looked down, not daring to clutch her face or utter a sound as she silently helped He Twenty-seven put on his makeup.

“Get someone to invite Jiang Three. Invite him to come at 7pm. As for the remainder, eleven, eight, twenty, along with twenty-nine, ask them to come at…eleven,” He Twenty-seven now instructed his subordinates off by the side.


He Twenty-seven actually still acted the part of a woman from time to time these past few years. In front of the one ranked third amongst the Binzhou Thirty, for example. He was sixty and weighed around 100 kilograms, having been his godfather’s best bud…Third Sir Jiang.

If not for him, He Twenty-seven’s position that year would not have been secure.

Halfway through the selected section of <>, a subordinate panted as he rushed in to report, “It’s confirmed. Jin Twenty-four has got on the plane.”

He Twenty-seven stopped and moved gracefully to Jiang Third’s side, saying, “Third Sir, with a chance like this, if we don’t topple Twenty-four in one go, we simply won’t have any standing in Binzhou in the future.”

Jiang Three said, “If we startle the snake but fail to kill it, the repercussions will be endless. As soon as we act against Twenty-four, it can only be one or the other who survives…that bastard’s not easy to provoke. Are you really confident?”

He Twenty-seven said, “Jin Twenty-four places great importance on that Xu Tingsheng. He’ll definitely save him. Still, in Yanzhou, Jianhai Province, he has no power in the government. Thus, there’ll only be two ways to save him-killing off the Ding family’s three witnesses or directly threatening the Ding family.”

Jiang Three looked up.

He Twenty-seven struck while the iron was hot, “Yanzhou is not Binzhou. It’s too far away. The Ding family is a local snakehead. Having been there for decades, they have good connections with both criminals and the government, especially the latter…this matter is connected to Ding Sen’s death. Even if Ding Miao eventually wants to step back, his parents will definitely not be willing. Therefore, there will surely be a conflict between the two sides. Though the Ding family may not be able to bury Twenty-four in Yanzhou, they’ll definitely be able to drag things out in a battle of attrition for some time.”

“Go on.”

“Twenty-four’s base is an empty shell right now. So long as we act, he will lose his base and be trapped between two sides. Also, he’ll very likely place his hopes on Xu Tingsheng in the end, resorting to illegal means to combat the Ding family to the end…under these circumstances, even retreating properly intact will be difficult. Even if he manages a tragic win, he will lack strength to retaliate against us.”

“How can you know he will not immediately kill his way back to Binzhou when it happens?”

He Twenty-seven smiled, “Probably because he feels it’s more dangerous there, his son, praised so and marvelled at by all…he didn’t bring him along.”

Jiang Three smiled .The Binzhou Thirty all knew of the devilish wonder that was Little Jinshan, understanding his place in Jin Twenty-four’s heart too. Usually, no one dared to set their sights on him, because no one had the confidence to take down Jin Twenty-four in a single go…yet, it was different this time.

“How about it, third sir?” He Twenty-seven asked.

“Who else will be moving with us?” Jiang Three asked.

“Eleven, eight, twenty, twenty-nine.”

Jiang Three pondered for a while, “When shall we act?”

He Twenty-seven said, “Whenever Twenty-four acts in Yanzhou, that’s when we’ll act.”

Jiang Three closed his eyes…he opened them, “I’ll take fifty percent. Split the rest amongst yourselves.”

He Twenty-seven shot him a look, pouted, flung her arm, stomped her foot…’her’ prowess was unrivalled as even He Chunhua who was watching had to admit her vast inferiority.

“Alright, alright, I’ll give you ten percent more after everything’s done,” Jiang Three held her from behind and coaxed her.

Chaos, was coming to Binzhou.

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