Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 600: How to make Ding Miao disappear

After a momentary bout of nervousness, Ding Miao tried hard to identify if Xu Tingsheng was simply bluffing. From his grasp of the situation, there was really no way to kill him without any repercussions.

Therefore, he was very confident that while he would be placed in a very tragic state, he would still be able to live.

Xu Tingsheng took out a new phone and showed Ding Miao a photograph.

Dense beads of sweat dripped down Ding Miao’s forehead all at once.

The person in the photograph was the guy he had previously placed by Ding Sen’s side. Ultimately, this person had played an important role in that murder as he had been in charge of manipulating Dongzi and Old Dog to erroneously knock into Ding Sen’s car. Not long ago, Ding Miao had tricked him into going to Bingzhou and asked He Twenty-seven to help get rid of him.

Hence, this man should have been dead. He Twenty-seven himself had said that he had already buried him in the mines.

“My guess is that He Twenty-seven kept this person in order to deal with or guard against you. He isn’t dead, just had a leg broken. My friends in Binzhou found him in He Twenty-seven’s territory. Right, I nearly forget to tell you. He Twenty-seven’s finished.”

Xu Tingsheng kept the phone and smiled, “This fellow is already on the way back to Yanzhou. He’s done a lot for you in the past, right. Yet, you still treated him this way in the end. Say, how much do you think he hates you?”

Ding Miao fell into a state of momentary panic. Then, looking at Xu Tingsheng, he breathed very quick but deep breaths. As expected of somebody who was praised by many, Ding Miao’s first reaction to a blow like this was still trying hard to calm his emotions and sort out his thoughts.

“Sue me back?” Ding Miao asked before looking at Dongzi, Old Dog and Tongtong in the room, calculating how he could talk his way out of it, how to get absolved of blame, even how to plead with his father who only had one son left to think of the overall situation for the sake of their Ding family.

“That’s not going to happen,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

Ding Miao was taken aback for a bit before he said, “How about you tell me your plan. I’ll see if there are any flaws in it.”

“Alright,” Xu Tingsheng momentarily paused to sort out his thoughts before saying, “It’s like this. After returning to Yanzhou, he drags around a broken leg and goes around searching like a mad dog for you everyday. While he won’t say it, the truth is that everyone can guess that you tried to silence him. After that, he heads to the Public Security Bureau and reports that you killed Ding Sen, yet is unable to produce any evidence. The police won’t arrest you, but things will grow increasingly out of hand. I think that at this point at most, your parents will definitely look for him, because I heard your stepmother has always had such a suspicion. He will tell your parents that it was you who got him to stage that car accident. Also, he didn’t know that it was Ding Sen inside initially. Afterwards, learning that I had been in conflict with Ding Sen at the time, you thought to shift the blame for this incident on me, gaining some benefits in the meantime. For insurance, you planned to silence him first. Luckily, fortune favoured him and he survived. Your matters that he knows of are definitely not limited to just this. So, even though he won’t have any evidence, he’ll definitely still have many ways to prove himself in front of your parents.”

The glow in Ding Sen’s eyes slowly began to dim.

“After the trash younger brother of a different mother snatched his older brother’s inheritance rights, he unexpectedly died a mysterious death. And so, the older brother luckily and smoothly regained the inheritance rights just like that…with such a background, do you think most people will choose to believe or disbelieve it?”


“Also, will your Mum and Dad believe it? What will they do if they do?”


“When the whole of Yanzhou is discussing this matter…while your so-called witnesses never appear. I, Xu Tingsheng, emerge from prison. Meanwhile, you, Ding Miao, just choose this time to suddenly disappear…hey, do you think your family will think that you met with an accident, or absconded out of guilt?”


“Not having sufficient evidence, the police won’t issue an arrest warrant for you. Disillusioned, unable to face reality, your parents won’t look for you too…you’ll be at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean while everybody will believe that you are surely hiding in some corner of the world, living miserably in shame.”

Finally, Xu Tingsheng exhaled slowly and said, “I’m done. So, what do you think of my plan?”

“Absconding out of guilt,” Ding Miao woodenly repeated these four words.

That was the core of Xu Tingsheng’s plan…there was no need to actually indict him. All that was needed was to create an environment in which everyone believed Ding Miao would abscond out of guilt.

Then, while he would be dead, everyone would believe that he was definitely still fleeing. No one would think that he might have died in the first place. This included the police, his family, everyone…

Ding Miao opened his mouth a few times but did not say anything. He looked at Xu Tingsheng…

“There are no flaws.”

“That’s good then. That’s all for now…I still have stuff to do.”

Xu Tingsheng got up and headed for the door.

Behind him, Ding Miao fell to his knees. His position had completely collapsed now.

“Spare me, Xu Tingsheng. I beg you, spare my life…I don’t wanna die. I’m willing to do anything you ask of me. How about this? You can wait for me to inherit my family’s assets. After I do, I can hand all of it over to you…I beg you, I want to live. Let me go just this once. I…”


That was the sound of the door shutting. Xu Tingsheng had already left the room.

Ding Miao shuddered in his entirety, collapsing headfirst to the ground.


“Bro Zhong, I’d like…” Xu Tingsheng called towards Zhong Wusheng.

Mr Xu had already returned to Xihu City the night before. Xu Tingsheng wanted to find someone to chat with, and the natural candidate here was Zhong Wusheng.

Zhong Wusheng who was standing not far away nodded, waiting for him.

“Xu Tingsheng,” Tongtong had also exited the house and was standing behind him.

Xu Tingsheng turned.

Tongtong gazed at him before mustering up her courage and moving into his embrace, hugging him tightly.

Empathising with her current state, Xu Tingsheng patted her lightly on the back, asking gently, “Are you still scared? It’s okay now. I definitely won’t let such a thing happen again. Still, you have suffered this time…sorry. Also, thank you.”

Shedding tears in his arms, Tongtong shook her head.

“Uncle Xu said that when you met him in prison and talked about what to do, the first thing you said was ‘Trust Tongtong’…is that really true?” Tongtong asked, raising her head to look at him.

“Of course it’s true,” Xu Tingsheng said.

Tongtong smiled happily for a bit before asking, “You weren’t worried?”

“I wasn’t.”

“But if they threatened me, maybe I would have…”

“You were threatened this time!”

“But a lifetime is so long. I don’t have the confidence. I can’t be absolutely certain about the future…for instance, what if I have a child, and they use my child to threaten me? Or what if…”

Xu Tingsheng understood what she meant. She was actually saying: I won’t, but there might come a day when there is something which, to me, is more important than you.

“Why are you letting your imagination run wild? Don’t tell me you want me to silence you too?” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

Unexpectedly, Tongtong looked exceptionally earnestly at him and nodded, “I know you won’t kill me. In that case, can’t you think of a way? Think of a method such that I can never threaten you…can you do that?”

Xu Tingsheng was rendered speechless.

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