Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 607: The path to the peak 2

Xu Tingsheng stared wide-eyed at Fang Yuqing as if to say, “Such a bigshot?”

Fang Yuqing shook his head to indicate that he had not known too as he too was surprised.

It was not just him as Fang Chen and even Fang Ruju were similarly stunned. This might be sufficient in exhibiting how the Fang family had actually become very far removed from the people on top these past years.

In wishing to reclaim their former relationship and getting him to take care of their descendants, just being pitiful and tragic wasn’t enough for the Fang family. They also needed the possibility and chance to be thought highly of. After all, the Ling and Xiao families were also involved.

Old man Fang had used the end of his life and his funeral to add a final, heavy emotional chip to the gambling table, awaiting the revealing of cards.

If this did not succeed, the Fang family’s defeat would be completely set in stone. Even if it could survive, it would never have a chance of making a strong resurgence.

And now, he had come. This meant that not only would the remainder of the Fang family be able to live on in peace, they also had a big tree to lean on for support and a road to walk…they might even have a chance to be as successful as they were in the past.

As footsteps resounded from the door, Xu Tingsheng hurriedly stepped back a little, a solemn expression on his face.

A major figure whom Xu Tingsheng had seen on television countless times in lives both present and past appeared in the flesh, entering the mourning hall with around a dozen followers.

First, he glanced at the Ling and Xiao families by the doorway. Next, he glanced at the trio of the Fang family’s third generation.

He did not speak, walking slowly before the portrait of old man Fang. He stared at it for a long time before sighing lightly and bowing to send him off.

“He was an old comrade from the revolution, someone with outstanding contributions towards the party, the country and the people. The required extent is still necessary,” He said.

Two people stepped forward from his entourage, unfurling a military flag and covering old man Fang’s coffin with it.

So that had been prepared from the start.

At this moment, those present, those privately keeping an eye on and those sneaking a look from far away could all already understand that the old relationship between the Fang family and this person had been picked up again and reestablished.

According to the level and scale of things, old man Fang’s funeral was still not to the extent where it would require this sort of person to personally attend. Thus, in him being here and doing these things, it mostly represented the personal relationship between them.

The trio of the Fang family exchanged looks, suppressing the pain and hatred in their hearts as much as possible…it was just that they were simply unable to suppress their tears which they had held back for a long time.

The old man walked before those of the Fang family.

“You are?”

“Hello, Grandpa. I’m Fang Ruju.”

The old man nodded, “Hello. I understand a little about your situation. Not bad, very like your Grandpa that year. Have your wounds recovered?”

Fang Ruju nodded, “Yes.”

“That’s good then,” The old man said, “Handle the procedures in a few days and go to Yanjing. You’re still young. There’re many opportunities ahead. Go at it slowly.”

Hearing this, Xu Tingsheng secretly ‘wowed’ in his heart. He had to pump his fist for the Fang family here. Without question, bar any unexpected circumstances, Fang Ruju would hereupon be walking a broad, smooth path. Also, just as the old man had said, he was still young.

The old man’s gaze turned to Fang Yuqing.

Fang Yuqing hurriedly stepped forward and introduced himself, “Grandpa, I’m Fang Yuqing.”

“Oh. You’re a businessman?”


“That’s also good. Do it well then. The precondition is that you don’t do anything aberrant, much less illegal,” The old man pondered for a bit and said, “Oh, if you really meet with any difficulties, you can contact my secretary.”

Fang Yuqing hurriedly said, “Yes. Thank you, Grandpa.”

The final one was Fang Chen.

“Grandpa, I am Fang Chen. I used to work at Yanzhou University,” A tearful Fang Chen stepped forward.

The old man looked at her, “Not bad. Old Fang’s grandchildren are all pretty good. For a girl, working in education should be pretty good. What plans do you have for the future? Return to your original workplace, or…”

The pie had come again. Xu Tingsheng was rather moved as he waited for the usually ‘shameless’ Fang Chen to demand something outrageous from him.

Still, she didn’t. Fang Chen was already no longer that Fang Chen from before.

“I…” She hesitated, “I still haven’t decided yet.”

The old man looked a bit surprised but soon recovered as he said, “That’s fine too. In that case, you can contact me again later on when you have sorted out your thoughts.”

“Yes. Thank you, Grandpa.”

He was taking care of them while also compensating them…with these simple, short, conversations, the resurgence of the Fang family had begun.

The old man glanced at Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng was rather nervous. As he was contemplating if he should introduce himself first, the old man had already smilingly turned around.

The trio from the Fang family followed after him to see him off.

Xu Tingsheng thought about it and followed as well. Since the armoured policemen from earlier had not investigated him or cleared him out of the area, it showed that the people on top knew about him and had tacitly granted that he could be here.

The old man stopped before those of the Ling and Xiao families.

“It’s been over twenty years. Today, everything should have been resolved,” He said.

Old men Ling and Xiao nodded rather despondently in reply.

“The two of you are also getting on in years. You shouldn’t be burdened with so many things,” The old man’s intentions were very clear here as he meant that whatever net, whatever power and authority should all be released now.`

“How about this? You also shouldn’t be staying at home. Choose a nursing home to spend your remaining years, meet your old war buddies or whatnot. It’ll be more lively that way.”Old men Ling and Xiao looked up at him with pleading expressions on their faces. They were both clear what this entailed.

Still, there was no response.

It had been settled with that.

The old man gazed at Ling Xiao as he frowned for a while, “I heard that you were doing pretty well overseas before. Since you have such capabilities…you should return overseas. In the future…it’s okay to fulfil your filial duties, but stay out of the affairs of the older generation.”

While his tone was still genial, this might actually be the harshest thing he had said today. Obviously, the old man could not be any clearer on all that had occurred before this.

Towards Ling Xiao’s actions, especially her vicious, ruthless murder scheme…he was very dissatisfied.

“Yes, I, I’ll leave in a few days,” Ling Xiao lowered her head and agreed, not daring to speak excessively.

At this point, things seemed to be already more or less settled. After paying a heavy price, the Fang family had finally secured a reversal. The first result in the enmity between the Fang family and the Ling and Xiao families had thus been decided too.

From the looks of it, it seemed like the Fang family was more tragic and had suffered more hurt. Yet, from a long term perspective, it was obvious to all who would be on the sky and who would be on the earth in the future.

Therefore, in this battle in which there were no winners, the Fang family could be said to have ultimately won to some degree.

Xu Tingsheng exhaled, relaxing completely. It was finally over.

“You’re that Xu Tingsheng, right?” The old man suddenly turned towards him and asked.

What about me now? Caught off guard, Xu Tingsheng nodded dazedly in response.

“Youngling, not knowing the height of the heavens and the depths of the earth after a bit of results, messing around blindly. You dare to stick your nose in anything?!” Having been very genial before, the old man scolded in a severe tone at this moment as his aura had everyone shivering a bit.

So, what Xu Tingsheng had thought earlier was wrong. How had the words directed towards Ling Xiao been harsh? The harshest were for him. Also, the degree of harshness had increased by not just a little bit.

More tragically, he did not know how to respond.

The old man said he had been messing around blindly, daring to stick his nose in anything? Xu Tingsheng was clear on the fact that whether it was the two upheavals before and after Chen Jianxing’s death or other things…there were actually several aspects he had not adequately considered.

While he could hide from many people that he had secretly participated in and directed these matters, he definitely had no way of pulling the wool over the eyes of this old man and all the national organisations behind him.

The trio of the Fang family moved.

Xu Tingsheng found that they had the intention of speaking up for him. He hurriedly grabbed one of them and stopped the other two with his gaze.

The old man glanced at him. He did not say anything else as he left.

One of his followers lagged behind, walking over to Xu Tingsheng and saying in a hushed tone, “You don’t know, but for some things…if others look at and consider it from another perspective, they may just have a different attitude. As for you, you would have gone beyond the point of no return.”

These words definitely weren’t the personal opinion of this follower. He was only in charge of conveying it. They were that person’s attitude and warning, just that it was not convenient for him to say it directly.

A sweat breaking on his back, Xu Tingsheng said, “Sorry, I…thank you.”

“Take note in the future. Still, don’t be too afraid. He said that while you are rash, looking at it overall, you can still be considered as having some talent. You are loyal as a person too,” The follower continued, switching his tone.

“Thank you,” Xu Tingsheng heaved a sigh of relief.

“Your father is called Xu Jianliang? Just started a partnership with Zhongliang Corporation?”

“Yes.”“He admires this incident greatly.”

“Thank you.”

“He also said that since this is so…of the investment banks under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, pick one of them and be an external consultant to it. As for whether you do any work, it’s up to you yourself.”

It was like an umbrella that had suddenly come on a rainy day. Xu Tingsheng was taken aback. This was…he had docked at a harbour? In the future, he would also be considered as having people on top? And from the very peak too…

This was not as simple as sustaining a slap and being rewarded with a sweet. This pie was super great. It meant that as long as Xu Tingsheng did not wrack his brains in finding ways to court death, he would have the foundation and security to strengthen himself in peace from now on.

If people wanted to act against him, they would now have to carefully consider it first. Also, they could virtually only go at it through legitimate business competition.

This was something he had always lacked.

“Don’t blank out. It’s rare to see him thinking so highly of a youngster…you should grasp it well,” The follower said in his personal capacity now as he patted Xu Tingsheng’s shoulder, “We can also be friends on a personal basis. I’m surnamed Zhao.”

He extended his hand.

Xu Tingsheng shook his hand, “Hello, Bro Zhao.”

“Right. If there’s anything you’re not clear on, you can ask me. Also, regarding the investment firm, someone will contact you soon,” The employee surnamed Zhao took out a name card and passed it to Xu Tingsheng, specifically pointing towards a name on top.

Xu Tingsheng understood that he was secretly hinting at which investment firm he should choose.

The two exchanged looks and nodded.

“Yanzhou’s entire bureaucracy is basically about to be reconstructed. Get your father and the Ye family to drop their charges. It’s already more or less there. No one will make things difficult for you again.”

These words indicated that a conclusion had already been reached on some things.

The employee surnamed Zhao left behind a name card each for Fang Chen, Fang Yuqing and Fang Ruju.

“For the time being, if there’s anything, you can contact me first,” He said.

At this moment, that person had already gotten in the car outside.

Some higher-ups from Jianhai Province who had accompanied him were still here.

Secretary Zhao turned and conveyed some instructions to them.

“First, regarding the second generation of the Fang family, we only seek one thing. Deal with it lawfully according to the evidence, and avoid being affected by any other factors whatsoever. Give reasonable sentences.”

“Second, regarding the traffic accident of the whistleblower to Yanzhou’s bureaucracy, it has to be gotten to the bottom of as soon as possible. Report it and deal with it. No obscuration of the truth is allowed whatsoever. You definitely cannot be lenient towards that arrogant, decadent bunch.”

At this point, no further words were necessary.

Everything had finally been settled.


The assembly of cars left.

Old man Fang’s mourning hall grew incomparably lively.

Some people quickly arrived, kneeling, crying ever so realistically.

Someone people were still waiting in line, filled with righteous indignation in their words.

Some people were still getting ready.

More people were in the midst of hurrying over.

Towards these people, whatever they might be feeling inside, the trio of the Fang family still had to suppress it and deal with them politely. Whether it was sincere or hypocritical, if the Fang family were to be a tall tree in the future, it still needed all these side branches around it.

After watching from the side for a while, a rather bored Xu Tingsheng walked outside, exchanging enthusiastic greetings with bosses and officials he might or might not know in the meantime.

With much difficulty, he found a quiet place and lit a cigarette.

“Xu Tingsheng.”

Hearing someone calling him, Xu Tingsheng turned.

Ling Xiao walked over from not far away.

“I’ll be leaving soon,” She said.

“Yeah,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

“For some things, I’m saying like that between our family and the Fang family, there actually isn’t any right or wrong. There’s only win or lose,” Ling Xiao said, “Still, I owe you an apology. Sorry. There are some things that I really regret.”

Xu Tingsheng did not answer her. There were some things such as Tan Yao’s death which undeniably were related to her, even though she might not have intentionally caused them.

Looking at him, Ling Xiao hesitated for a while before asking, “Can you, can you…”


“Can you call me Ling Xiaoqing? I want to live differently in the future. I think that I’ll switch to this name when I’m there.”

Xu Tingsheng raised his head and looked at her.

“Can you?”

Xu Tingsheng shook his head.

A pained look flashed through Ling Xiao’s eyes, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Right,” She said, “Well…I’m leaving. I hope that we’ll have the chance to meet again in the future.”

Ling Xiao left. Xu Tingsheng glanced at her back figure. It was actually rather thin.

While she might be detestable, more of it was dictated by fate. A girl who bore hope, bore hatred on her shoulders, even having to sacrifice marriage, love and freedom because of this…she was actually very pitiful too.


Puffing on his cigarette, thinking back on the entire process, Xu Tingsheng had to admit that he had actually turned out to be the one who benefited the most from it all.

Firstly, he had received in this process something that he had always most lacked, a true harbour in the sense of the term or rather a sense of security in terms of politics.

Whether it was the assistance of that old man who had just left, the student of the Fang family who was temporarily stationed in Jiannan, or Fang Ruju who had great future prospects…all of them could let him tread onto a whole new level, his encounters and identity thereafter different from in the past.

While he had no wish to be involved in politics, this was actually very important to Xu Tingsheng. He did not wish to eventually become like certain people whom he had seen in his previous life.

And so.

Thereafter, there would no longer be people like Ling Xiao who could lock him up for a few days through their connections and just any random reason.

Thereafter, like Libei’s previous Huang family, sinister methods like that of Ding Miao a few days back could virtually never appear before him again. He had already completely broken free of that level, that level where people could employ vicious means, schemes, plotting and the like…

If someone truly wished to make a move against him, it would have to be another level of massive waves that soared to the heavens.

Secondly, following a series of incidents caused by the Fang family’s affairs, Xu Tingsheng had somehow obtained a profitable swathe of land through Huang Yaming and Old Jin in the Binzhou mining district. He had also obtained a more mature and vicious Huang Yaming, possessing power that could not really see the light of day.

To put it simply, Xu Tingsheng now truly had sufficient backing in terms of both legitimate and underworld power.

At the same time, having weathered this storm, Zhicheng Real Estate would also reach a whole new level, one where under most circumstances, societal and governmental power would not really dare to make things difficult for it.

This was because Zhicheng had a background, had influence, even had a ‘very frightening’ reputation-of course, this was just to some people in the bureaucracy. The ultra massive quake in Yanzhou’s bureaucracy had given them sufficient warning of what could happen to them.

How important was this to a real estate company in this era? Everyone was well aware.

Why had Wanke dared to say in the future that it was upright in its actions, never having dabbled in bribery? Don’t forget that it started out as a national enterprise, with the central juggernaut Huarun behind it.

Thereafter, Xu Tingsheng who had always lacked money could be said to have three super bill-printing machines:

The Binzhou mine district. Coal was currently in its golden era.

Zhicheng Real Estate. The era was exactly right, and it would only become better and better in the decade to come.

Xingchen Games. One simply had to ask Tencent to know this.

He finally had sufficient capital to do many things, including some things that he had not dared to imagine before.


Yet, looking back on it, Xu Tingsheng did not feel any happiness or joy whatsoever. If there was anything, it was only the relaxed feeling of finally being able to put it behind him.

In this process.

Some had died.

Some had left.

Some had dulled.

Some had separated.

Some…might never be able to walk out of its shadow.

Xu Tingsheng’s life ascended the path to the peak. Yet, he was already beginning to fear this kind of ascent. Perhaps when people endlessly pursue and obtain some things, they will always inadvertently lose some other things.

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