Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 608: Preparations for engagemen

These summer holidays were like the passing of a tempestuous storm. When the clouds had finally cleared up and they could stop and breathe, there was already not much time remaining.

Ning Garden’s first phase flats were smoothly handed over. Zhicheng proved itself to all with its speed and quality. Soon after, the second phase condominium units and villas capitalised on this and simultaneously went on sale. Despite their higher prices, they were still terrifyingly popular.

A kindergarten and nursing home were being built over at Binzhou. When these were finished, along with a Hucheng training institute from earlier which was already completed, Old Jin and Huang Yaming would more or less have truly won the hearts of everybody at the mine district.

A massive sum of money was coming in from Ning Garden, with a large sum also having been accumulated in Binzhou due to the previous incident. Also, they were still digging money from the ground everyday. Old Jin and Huang Yaming asked Xu Tingsheng how to use it.

Xu Tingsheng checked the relevant information and replied: Take that money and fight for the rights of two games with Tencent no matter the cost.

One of these two games was called <> while the other was called <>.

Xingchen Games would soon shed the situation where it only relied on a few leisure games to sustain itself, being too limited overall.

With a background, with funds, everything started becoming smooth.

Fang Chen took everyone by surprise in that she did not choose to return to Yanzhou University or make use of the chance to go to some other department. She instead went to America, which was where Ling Xiao had been effectively exiled.

In Fang Chen’s own words, this enmity ultimately had to fall to her. She would never be able to live with it if she didn’t do something.

There weren’t many who saw her off, and even fewer who thought that she might have much of a chance against Ling Xiao.

Xu Tingsheng was upfront with her, saying, “Right now, you are not Ling Xiao’s opponent even if she’s no longer supported by her background.”

Fang Chen said, “That might have been true before. Still, after she rendered two people who loved me dead with her own hands…I think I’m qualified enough. Relax, I won’t be hasty. I’ll go at it slowly.”

After Chen Jianxing’s affair had been satisfactorily resolved, Fang Chen left with that final bit of contention.

Xu Tingsheng passed his days in a very leisurely manner. From time to time, he would take a look at the renovation condition of his new house. Most of his time, he would hole up at home, behaving just like a university student should during the summer holidays: Sleeping and waking up late, not eating breakfast, looking for people to hang out with…

One morning, he woke up, walked into the living room in his pyjamas and found that Miss Xiang was already up.

Wearing flower-patterned pyjamas, she was leaning against the sofa on the balcony. There was warm sunlight above her head and a book in her hand.

Her slender fingers looked very nice. Every time she flipped a page, the sunlight would help her to illuminate it.

This scene was great. If what she was holding hadn’t been summer holiday homework, it would probably have been even better. Anyway, Xu Tingsheng stood there just like that, looking at her in a foolish manner.

Xiang Ning turned and saw him.

“What’re you looking at?!” Miss Xiang asked.

“A pleasant sight,” Xu Tingsheng said very fawningly.

“Won’t you get tired of it in the future then?” She asked, “It’ll be like this in the future. After you take me as your wife, you’ll see me when you get up every morning. Wah…how embarrassing.”

Xu Tingsheng said, “Still, what you said is what I want to happen! How is it embarrassing?”

Xiang Ning averted her gaze, looking at the distant sky instead of him as she asked, “Then, why haven’t you…”

Xu Tingsheng understood what she was hinting at.

So, she really wasn’t playing around when she said she wanted to get engaged.

Over the next two days, Xu Tingsheng went to see Mr Xiang, Mrs Xiang and Xiang Ning’s grandmother, shamelessly trying to broach this matter to them. He finally confirmed that they were absolutely serious about it.

As this was no minor matter, Xu Tingsheng sent Miss Xiang home and himself returned to Libei to discuss it with his parents.


Xu Tingsheng reached home and raised the matter.

His younger sister, Xu Qiuyi, had just left for Yanjing.

Mr Xu had no opinion.

Seemingly seeing her plan to have grandchildren take a huge leap forward, Mrs Xu was incomparably moved as she immediately called the Xiang family to discuss the details.

Different places had different customs, and there was much that had to be communicated. Still, the greatest matter which had to be communicated on was still that the Xiang family wished for something simple, like their two families just meeting and having a meal together, while Mrs Xu firmly believed that they should make this a grand affair.

In her words: This is Libei, and my son is getting engaged. Shouldn’t it be a monumental affair?

Xu Tingsheng expressed, “Mum, you’ve swelled. You’re no longer that hardworking, thrifty mother of mine.”

Mrs Xu exclaimed, “Scram! I even play 5 yuan in mahjong games now. Can I be the same as in the past? …Anyway, I’ll be fully in charge of this. Don’t get involved. Just stay at home and have fun for a few days.”

Having nothing to do over this period of time, Xu Tingsheng went back to see Old Zhou and the others from time to time, met up with his classmates from time to time.

Promoted by his mother, news that he was getting engaged had already begun to spread in Libei.

Once in a while, Xu Tingsheng would worry about receiving a call from his younger sister or Wu Yuewei. Of course, or from some others too. Still, they never came. He was able to heave a sigh of relief with that. One day, he ran into an unexpected person while returning home from Libei Senior High.

That person just rolled down her car window, saying, “Xu Tingsheng.”

Xu Tingsheng discovered that it was Zhou Yuandai. She might be the person whom he least wanted to see now.

Still, he stopped and greeted, “Hi, Miss Zhou. What a coincidence. You came back for a look around?”

Zhou Yuandai said, “Yes and no. I have no real feelings for this place. I primarily came to find you.”

“You’re looking for me? Is anything the matter?” Xu Tingsheng asked, “If it is about that question from last time, please stop joking with me, Miss Zhou. How would I know the answer to that sort of question? You’d do better looking for a few economists to analyse it.”

“That can be set aside for now,” Zhou Yuandai said.


“I heard that you’re getting engaged?”

“…Ah, yes.”

Xu Tingsheng wondered why she even wanted to interfere in this sort of matter. This woman was getting increasingly difficult to understand in her words and actions.

Xu Tingsheng did not wish to provoke her, having always had an inexplicable fear towards this woman in his heart…even though he had reached a whole new level in terms of background and capabilities now, this sort of fear had still not diminished in the least.

Looking at him, Zhou Yuandai curled her lips, “I’m opposed to it.”

Xu Tingsheng very much wanted to ask: Your mother, is there something wrong with your head?

Zhou Yuandai continued, “Playing around is fine. Marriage is a no-no.”

“Miss Zhou, it doesn’t seem very appropriate for you to say this, right? What do you mean by it?” Xu Tingsheng’s tone had started to become rather hostile.

“Only you and I are the same kind of person. I didn’t give you time to wilfully do as you like,” Zhou Yuandai left after saying this.

The feeling she gave Xu Tingsheng was as if anything and everything was under her control.

After her car had left, Zhong Wusheng appeared in front of Xu Tingsheng, looking extremely nervous.

“What is it, Bro Zhong?” Xu Tingsheng tried hard to forget about that phrase ‘same kind of person’ that was unceasingly reverberating within his mind, sending himself positive vibes.

“I wanted to come over earlier…” Zhong Wusheng said.


“I couldn’t. I didn’t dare to try. Just as she was speaking to you, I could sense that there were more than ten people standing by in various areas in the vicinity. Who is this person? Why was she looking for you?”

Xu Tingsheng’s heart plummeted to rock bottom all at once.

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