Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 612: Coincidental gifts

Now, he had completely roused the excitement of the Xiang family’s relatives.

In their eyes, Xiang Ning’s happy future together with Xu Tingsheng could be foreseen.

Of course, it was only projected.

They had never experienced these weddings to a wealthy family before. Still, they had seen it a lot in HK TVB dramas and movies. They knew that when girls from ordinary families married into these wealthy families, there generally also seemed to be pre-marriage agreements or the like.

For example, they would only be treated as a meritorious general after birthing a son, being awarded a luxurious mansion, some stores, shares or whatnot by their husband or in-laws.

Anyway, from their impressions which came from dramas and movies, girls from ordinary families marrying into wealthy families were basically akin to finding a pretty good job with great prospects.

Earlier, just before Xu Tingsheng had arrived, these relatives had still been discussing the matter, expressing their opinions based on their impressions from dramas. Some had been worried about strife and conflict within wealthy families and how young masters tended to be playboys.

Then, this seventeen-year-old girl before them who was only getting engaged and was still far from giving birth or whatnot…suddenly, she had assets amounting to several hundred million.

Also, this would very likely increase in the future.

How much would that be? There were too many people who knew of Weibo and Xingchen Technologies.

How did this feel? It basically feels the same as when an ordinary relative of yours, a young girl in her teens, suddenly becomes an important shareholder of a renowned internet company, her assets amounting to several hundred million.

It was really too inconceivable.

Yet, the person in question wholly lacked this self-awareness. It basically seemed that while Miss Xiang had never had a specific understanding of figures and still did not know what schools for nobility and extravagant living were, she had always felt she was very rich.

This was because she knew that Xu Tingsheng was very rich. While she did not know exactly how much he possessed, she knew that it was a lot. As for whether he gave it to her or not, it made no difference. Of course, Xu Tingsheng himself almost never gave her money.

In her eyes, the two of them were one and the same.

Mr and Mrs Xiang walked towards Xu Tingsheng, rather uneasy looks on their faces as they even looked a little wronged.

They actually did not really know how they should view this matter.

“Uncle, Auntie,” Xu Tingsheng said before they could say anything, “My Mum said that our custom is that bride prices cannot be refused. That sort of thing won’t bode too well.”

After intercepting their objection, Xu Tingsheng hurriedly added consolingly, “Anyway, there’s no distinction between what’s mine and what’s Little Ning’s. It’s no different from switching from the left hand to the right.”

“Yeah, yeah!” Miss Xiang chimed in from the side.

Mr Xiang smiled helplessly.

Mrs Xiang shook her head and shot Xiang Ning a glare, saying, “Not sensible at all.”

She then shot Xu Tingsheng a glare, blaming him, “It’s all because you always let her have her way. Look, how has she become now?”

Mrs Xiang was serious.

Xu Tingsheng and Xiang Ning exchanged looks, not daring to answer. Still, they were actually very happy inside.

In speaking to Xu Tingsheng this way, Mrs Xiang was actually showing that she already truly treated Xu Tingsheng like family, like her son-in-law now.

They had a meal with the Xiang family’s relatives who were excited beyond themselves.

Still, this sort of joy and overflowing enthusiasm did not infect Xu Tingsheng, who simply tried to act appropriately as was expected of him as much as possible.

After the meal, Xu Tingsheng had to hurry back to Libei. He got into his car, preparing to leave.

Xiang Ning made the excuse that she wanted to buy something and got into his car to have him drop her off there.

Looking at their daughter, Mr and Mrs Xiang could only helplessly exchange looks. Every now and then, they too would suddenly realise just how inconceivable a thing it was that they had done.

This sort of feeling was brought on by Xiang Ning’s age and Xu Tingsheng’s status.

Still, thinking back on the entire process, all that had transpired over this time, they also felt like it was only natural as this was precisely the way it should be. They decided not to blindly worry for no reason. Thinking back on all that she had done before out of pointless worry, Mrs Xiang still felt guilty even now.

As for the gossiping of some relatives, Mrs Xiang had found that what Mr Xiang had said before was right. You cannot stop people’s mouths from running. Whatever you do, they can still go on and on about it…still, you can intimidate them to the point where they will no longer dare to do it.

Xu Tingsheng drove while Xiang Ning sat in the co-driver’s seat.

For once, she was not as lively as usual and was not freely chattering away.

She turned to look out of the window, her long hair falling past her shoulders, hiding the side of her face and the words she was murmuring aloud, “Ah, what to do, it’s strange. Ah, Little Xiang Ning, how embarrassing…”

As she looked down, her long hair descended, hiding her face as only her fingers that she was fiddling with could be seen.

To be precise, she was feeling bashful.

What a rare sight this was, seeing the shameless Miss Xiang looking bashful.

“Xu Tingsheng,” She finally said.


“Are you nervous?”

“A little.”

“Me too. It feels so strange,” She said, “Actually, I’ve prepared engagement gifts for you too. Wanna see?”

“Gifts?”“Yes. I bought them with my own money.”

“Where did the money come from?”

“I helped my Mum and Dad to carry plates in their store. I got paid too, even if it wasn’t a lot,” She said.

Xiang Ning moved her bag in front of her.

Xu Tingsheng parked by the roadside.

“Here, open it yourself,” She passed over a gift box that was wrapped in coloured wrapping paper in a butterfly knot. It was very befitting of the style of a young girl.

Xu Tingsheng carefully unwrapped it and opened the box.

There was a belt and a wallet.

He was stunned silly on the spot.

In Xu Tingsheng’s previous life, in the three years after they had separated, items Xu Tingsheng had always used even as he toiled and struggled all over the place were a wallet and a belt that Xiang Ning had given to him during the peak of their relationship.

What a coincidence. This time…

“What is it? You don’t like them?” Xiang Ning asked.

“I do,” A dazed Xu Tingsheng said.

“Right. Ha, my taste is much better than yours, right?”


“My gifts also have more sincerity than yours, right? I had Nannan and the others accompany me in picking them for so long.”


“Will you use them then? They’re not branded.”

Xu Tingsheng changed his wallet right there and then. Then, as he was in the process of removing his belt to change it, Miss Xiang said, “Hey, Xu Tingsheng, you…dirty ruffian.”

“We’re in the car. It should be okay, right?”

After saying so, Xu Tingsheng thought of a phrase: ‘rocking the car’.

“So you even know this?” Xu Tingsheng shot her a meaningful look.

“Who, who knows what?” Miss Xiang denied it vehemently, “I’m not a ruffian like you!”

So, she knew.

Xiang Ning got off the car by the roadside, near a bus stop.

Xu Tingsheng stepped on the accelerator. He watched as she waved from outside the window before vanishing.

Xu Tingsheng stopped the car. He ran back and pulled her into his embrace, hugging her.

This was the bus stop, where there was a steady stream of people and traffic. An embarrassed Miss Xiang struggled for a bit. Unable to break free, she buried her face in the embrace of the dirty ruffian, letting him hug her as he wanted.

“Dirty ruffian…” Shy and nervous, she bit Uncle lightly on the chest, saying, “Alright, be good. In the future…you can hug anywhere.”

As Xu Tingsheng relaxed his grip, Xiang Ning’s expression was a bit strange as she looked at him.

She extended a hand and stroked his face, saying, “Don’t be too nervous, okay?”

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