Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 620: A woman’s gentleness

It would be their final year too.

Xu Tingsheng had troubles that others did not have. Still, unlike many fourth year university students, he did not have to face an imminent breakup, finding a job, entering society, repaying his family as well as the pressures of buying a flat, marrying a wife and having kids.

It was different for Fu Cheng. To some extent, he was still troubled by what an ordinary graduate should be troubled about.

Regarding survival ability, Fu Cheng and Xu Tingsheng together were no match for a single Huang Yaming.

Huang Yaming could easily turn that ‘bastard’ wave into business and money.

He had capitalised on it to promote Bright Brilliance, causing its name to ring throughout the entire country. In the end, not only did those who lived in Shenghai flock towards it like geese, even many out-of-towners would have Bright Brilliance as a destination when visiting Shenghai.

Some reporters camped outside the entrance of Bright Brilliance for a few days and interviewed visitors from various places who had been denied entry. They concluded: It was crazy. It was as if it was a holy land.

Huang Yaming had even capitalised on this to make a television program, doing further work in the entertainment industry. <> was destined to be a hot topic of endless contention. It was virtually destined to have high viewership ratings and earnings as well.

It was not the mere matter of some television program. Huang Yaming had utilised timing and connections to the point of perfection. It was almost as if he had been born to dominate major arenas like these. Not having had a chance in his previous life, he was like a fish in water in this life as he thrived and soared.As Xu Tingsheng was hoping that time could flow and pass gently, as Huang Yaming was at the height of glory and triumph, making great advancements.

Fu Cheng was a bit troubled.

Firstly, he was fully unwilling to enter showbiz. As soon as he placed himself in such a position, everything about him, Ms Fang and Niannian would be revealed before everyone. They would become gossip material for countless people who would appraise them however they wanted.

How hurtful would it be? Especially towards Ms Fang.

No one would be foolish enough to expect that everyone could bear goodwill…if that day came, a peaceful, happy life would become a pipe dream.

The remaining choice was to continue being stationed and singing at the bar. While Fu Cheng was willing to continue doing so, getting quite a substantial income from it too, it was better to treat this sort of thing as a supplementary job. If one treated this as their primary job, it would inevitably cause them to lack a sense of security.

He was someone with a wife and a daughter now!

Fu Cheng majored in Finance. He could be considered as the most hardworking in terms of university studies amongst them, Song Ni aside. Having a solid foundation, he was innately interested in this field as well…

Yet, he was still unable to leave Yanzhou in the short term. Ms Fang and Niannian were here, and his best friends were all here as well.

Also, Yanzhou was a small place in a sense. There weren’t many choices it could give Fu Cheng. Those better ones, if not related to Xu Tingsheng, were related to his friends or cooperative partners…

He changed his resume again, putting under the specialities column: Playing guitar and singing. He checked his bank account. Money was flowing away like water because of the renovation of his new flat. Who asked those giving him suggestions to all be rich dudes? That renovation plan had been changed again and again, the cost rising again and again.

Leaning against the back of the chair, Fu Cheng put a cigarette in his mouth. He did not light it…ever since Niannian, Fu Cheng had stopped smoking at home.

Gentle arms slid across his shoulders as Fang Yunyao hugged him from behind, asking, “What’s troubling you again?”

Holding her hand, Fu Cheng replied, “Actually, it’s really not that I intentionally want to prove something to Tingsheng and you guys. It’s just like back in twelfth grade. He and Yaming both had better results than me. I worked hard not to prove that I was not inferior to them, but simply to account for things to myself.”

Both of them understood the underlying meaning of these words.

A typical person might think that Fu Cheng’s current troubles were a little uncalled for. His best bros were Huang Yaming and Xu Tingsheng! …So long as he asked for it, his job and money for renovating the flat-which would not be easily obtained?

Fu Cheng could readily accept Ms Fang working at Hucheng, could even frankly accept Xu Tingsheng helping in Niannian’s future studies and life in the capacity of her godfather. There was no such barrier existing between them.

Still…with the vigour of his youth, as the pillar of his family, Fu Cheng wished to venture out for a look at the world, try some things. Just like he said, it was to account for things to himself.

“I’ve never thought of anything like I can’t always live under Tingsheng’s shadow,” Fu Cheng explained, “Actually, it’s long since always been this way. I’m used to it too. Still, you know, I’m different from Yaming. He’s able to independently operate and help Xu Tingsheng to expand his territory. Tingsheng needs him. As for me…if a day comes when Tingsheng needs me, I’d be willing to do anything. Still, what could the current me help him with?”

“So, I still want to venture out and try new things. That way, I’d at least be able to grow a little someday. Even if I come back again to help him out, I’d truly be able to be of help to him then.”

“I know. Just do what you want to do…our family has already far exceeded what I once longed for. So, you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself,” Fang Yunyao turned him over to face her and leaned in to kiss her little man, burying his face in her bosom.

Fang Yunyao stood while Fu Cheng sat, his face buried amidst softness. She had just finished taking a bath and was only wearing flimsy pyjamas, not having underwear on.

“The tender taste of home,” Fu Cheng cheekily joked as he moved his face.

Fang Yunyao pushed him away a little, reaching out and undoing the buttons before her chest. She pushed his face back in…she gently massaged his hair with her hands.

“Niannian’s asleep…” she said.

The temperature of the room slowly rose. The breathing of the two slowly began to grow heavier…

“Hubby, I want it,” Ms Fang was enthusiastically taking the initiative today for once.

Fu Cheng raised his head and looked into her eyes.

Fang Yunyao nodded lightly and confirmed, “Yes.”

Fu Cheng got up and carried her, throwing her onto the bed and lunging over…

Fang Yunyao shook her head, instead pushing him down beneath her. Along his ears, neck, chest…she meticulously and gently kissed him all the way.

Because of shyness and the awkwardness brought about by once being his teacher…some intimate things between men and women were generally avoided by her. Fu Cheng did not dare to mention them too.

Still, tonight was an exception.

“Is this right?” She looked up and asked.

“Yes,” Fu Cheng said, “Still, if you’re tired or feel like you’re forcing yourself…actually…”

“Don’t say anything,” Ms Fang said gently.

The winds and rains abated.

Her face pink as she rested in Fu Cheng’s embrace, with a bit of laziness and bashfulness, Fang Yunyao said, “How mighty.”

No man could hear these words and not feel full of themselves.

Fu Cheng knew that this was this woman who was seven years older than him setting aside her pride and shyness…to give him gentleness. Right when he was troubled and lacking confidence.

“Actually, you can choose to go out of Yanzhou. Xihu City or Shenghai City are both fine. They’re not far from Yanzhou anyway,” Fang Yunyao said, “You don’t have to worry about Niannian. I am here…also, your mother is willing to come, or we could just hire a babysitter.”

“Moreover, there’s still so much time ahead of us. While we’re young, go do what you want to do,” She said.

How understanding she was. Fu Cheng felt all warm and fuzzy within.

“You must come back during the weekends, though..” The woman in his embrace lowered her head a bit embarrassedly, “Also, you aren’t allowed to get too close to your female colleagues. You aren’t allowed to sing for them. You aren’t allowed to…”

“Let’s go again,” Fu Cheng said.

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