Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 623: Fourth year of university begins

As for what he spoke of regarding CDO and CDS, Henry Paulson, Steve Eisman and Michael Burry had actually already started doing this at this time.

In going against what close to ninety-nine percent of people did, they would be mocked and face immense pressure. Then, they would make a colossal profit amidst wails in Wall Street.

If everything progressed normally, it was virtually impossible for Xu Tingsheng to defeat Zhou Yuandai in the next three to five years, eliminating this threat.

The difference in their assets and strength was too great.

If the Xu family was in the midst of becoming an elephant, Zhou Yuandai was akin to an ancient, colossal beast like Godzilla.

“She wants to control everything of mine,” While there were many things that Xu Tingsheng still could not be certain of, this was already incomparably evident as Zhou Yuandai had intervened even in his marriage, even threatening to hurt Xiang Ning.

While freedom was valuable to Xu Tingsheng, Xiang Ning was worth even more, her value surpassing his life…meanwhile, Zhou Yuandai seemed to want to strip them both from him.

When her subordinates had soundlessly kidnapped Dongdong and hung him upside down before she had sent that picture to Xu Tingsheng, hinting that she could easily do the same to Xiang Ning if he did not listen to her…Xu Tingsheng had actually already had the motive to nail her onto a stake.

Also, Zhou Yuandai had said this to Xu Tingsheng before: You don’t have much time remaining.

In what little time remained, this was the sole chance to completely bring Zhou Yuandai down. It was not him who would gamble against her…Xu Tingsheng was not qualified enough. What he wanted was to lure Zhou Yuandai to advance to the point of gambling against the entire crisis.

No one could fully wage a war with this crisis. Even ten Bill Gates wouldn’t be enough. Zhou Yuandai…should not be enough too. Xu Tingsheng had made the bold assumption that her hidden wealth actually surpassed that of Bill Gates by a lot.

Still, in this upcoming crisis…

General Motors would go bankrupt.

WorldCom would go bankrupt.

Washington Mutual whose total worth surpassed 300 billion USD would go bankrupt.

Lehman Brothers, possessing 150 years of history as the fourth largest investment firm in America, its total worth surpassing 600 billion USD, would go bankrupt.

AIG, an international insurance and finance organisation that was ranked top ten in the world, its total worth surpassing a trillion USD, would virtually go bankrupt.

That year, Wall Street would be a mega graveyard…it was sufficient to bury anything.

Topics changed one after another at the wine table. The five chatted, going from tipsy to sober to tipsy again, drinking until it was very late. In the midst of it, Xu Tingsheng even got up again and went to the kitchen to cook a few more dishes…

What he had said earlier was very soon overlooked, like how many would simply boast at the wine table.

Even Xu Tingsheng himself felt like it was more like boasting.

Firstly, he actually had no confidence in luring Zhou Yuandai to fall for it completely. It was impossible for the other party not to be guarded against him at all, simply doing what he said. Also, for Xu Tingsheng to enable this scheme, he would have to be personally involved deep in it, even staking his all on it.

Secondly, Xu Tingsheng had actually yet to make up his mind. If it did not have to reach that point, he was resolute in not wanting to see it happen.

In his previous life, in America alone, that economic crisis had caused countless enterprises to go bankrupt, several million people becoming unemployed, becoming bankrupt, losing their homes, even losing their lives…the damage it caused the world was even more inestimable. Also, its destructive effects were long-term and in all aspects.

This time, if Xu Tingsheng deliberately schemed to entrap Zhou Yuandai, escalating the crisis by blowing up her immense wealth…it would very likely lead to a true, massive slaughter.

“Never did my blade claim a life, yet countless people died because of me.”


The next day, Old Jin and Little Jinshan were going to return to Bingzhou.

Having received the care and protection of the Jin family for a period of time, Fang Ruli and her mother hurried over to send them off.

Before getting into the car, Little Jinshan turned and said to Fang Ruli, “Hey, stinky fish, be happier now that you’re home. You should study properly too. Don’t pull a long face all day. Everything will come to pass…”

“Right,” Fang Ruli nodded, looking a bit reluctant to part.

“Also,” Little Jinshan said, “Take it easy at your new school. An ordinary school is also a place to learn! Look at Little Aunt Xiang Ning. My Uncle Xu is so rich, but she still wears so ordinary clothes while studying at an ordinary school…isn’t she still so remarkable all the same?!”

This brat was not bad at sounding wise. Still, the last part was clearly bootlicking.

Deeply agreeing with the statement, Miss Xiang was just about to praise him when Little Jinshan switched his style.

“If anyone bullies you, give me a call…I’ll bring people over and level your school,” He said.

Fang Ruli said, “Huh, like I’d be bullied by anyone.”

“Right. You’re so feisty.”

“I’m clearly brave.”

“That’s fine too. I won’t have to mobilise a crowd,” Little Jinshan said, “Still, there’s something I have to emphasise. Fang Ruli, you’d better not get into an early relationship…you’re still young, understand?”

“Huh, like I’d enter an early relationship. Don’t think everyone is like you and that…someone or other, sick pervert,” Fang Ruli said.

“I’m relieved then,” Little Jinshan cheerily looked left and right before going closer and whispering, “We’ve agreed to wait till I’ve grown up. You can’t let your desires run wild!”

Fang Ruli was a bit embarrassed as she stiffened her neck, asking, “Who, who said I’d wait for you? I never said that.”

Little Jinshan spread his hands apart, “That doesn’t matter. It’s only a matter of time anyway. It really is fine as long as you don’t let your desires run wild and be unfaithful.”

“Right,” Not waiting for Fang Ruli to answer, Little Jinshan switched to a very solemn expression and continued, “These few years are puberty for you, you know? So, eat and exercise more…”

“Huh?” Fang Ruli was a bit puzzled.

Little Jinshan secretly shot a glance towards Xiang Ning who was standing not far away before raising his chest and saying to Fang Ruli, “You’ve got to develop well! Don’t eventually end up like Little Aunt Xiang Ning…if that happens, what am I supposed to do in the future?”

Fang Ruli was hitting Little Jinshan. Xiang Ning went over to mediate, asking what the matter was…then, it became the two of them beating Little Jinshan up together.


Old Jin and Little Jinshan returned to Yanzhou. Fang Ruli and Xiang Ning began classes. Fu Cheng got an internship opportunity at a company in Shenghai and would head over once this semester started…anyway, the fourth year of university for Xu Tingsheng, Fu Cheng and Huang Yaming began.

It would have been Tan Yao’s fourth year as well.

The start of the semester was not a happy one. Zhang Ninglang and Lu Xu learnt of Tan Yao’s passing. As a sorrowful atmosphere hung over Room 602, the bedsheet incident unfolded in the school.

Soon, those who had set their minds on being civil servants aside, the remaining students all began working towards finding jobs. Autonomous internships in the fourth year were mostly geared towards finding jobs. The school empathised with everyone too as virtually all those applying for leave got the green light.

There were fewer and fewer who could properly attend all the lessons. Xu Tingsheng was one of them. Everyday, he attended lessons, ate, returned to his dormitory and went to the library…he sought to properly cherish this final, warm stretch as much as possible.

It was the last lesson for that afternoon. Two Chinese classes and a Secretary class had a big lecture together. Less than half of everyone attended. Xu Tingsheng sat in the third last row. Apart from raising his head and glancing at the professor every now and then to show that he was listening, he spent most of the time deep in thought about the topic of his graduation thesis.

A hubbub arose.

The old professor said, “This student, it’s okay if you’re late…still, you should at least say a word to me, right, rather than sneakily edging in. You even used the front door…do you think that I am already old and blind to this extent?”

“This student, are you from this class? It doesn’t seem so!”

The students were laughing.

Curious, Xu Tingsheng raised his head, “The heck.”

In a white blouse, a skirt and sports shoes, carrying a pink backpack…Miss Xiang stood at the entrance of the classroom. Her youthful air aside, she had clearly intentionally put on makeup.

“What’s this? Doesn’t she have to attend lessons?” Xu Tingsheng wondered what he should do.

At the front of the classroom.

Smiling a bit shyly, Xiang Ning who was standing at the entrance bowed to the professor before saying, “Hi, prof. I’m not from this school. I’m here…to look for that person.”

She pointed at Xu Tingsheng.

The professor naturally knew Xu Tingsheng.

“You’re looking for him? So, you intend to…” The old professor smiled meaningfully.

Xiang Ning shook her head, “No, it’s not a date. It’s because…right, it’s because he always says that your lessons are exceptionally good. He also often tells me what you said before. So, I especially wanted to come and listen to it once…can I? Professor.”

“Well, if it’s like this…ahem,” Lessons in universities were never so rigid in the first place as sitting in on classes one was not taking was a common occurrence and something to be happy about. Having had a little beauty express her respect for him so directly in front of so many people…it was not easy for the old professor to hide his happiness and pride.

“Go on in,” Feigning calmness, the professor looked down at his book and ‘casually’ waved his hand.

“Thank you, prof,” Her head lowered, Miss Xiang walked over to sit down beside Xu Tingsheng, deliberately taking out her pen and notebook and placing them on the table before propping up her chin with her hands and listening intently.

Even the professor’s voice became clearer.

“Why did you suddenly come to my school? Don’t you have lessons to attend?” Xu Tingsheng could only pretend to be listening earnestly to lessons as he asked without shifting his gaze.

“The two lessons after lunch are both not main lessons. I took leave from the teacher,” Xiang Ning said, “Isn’t it just once? You’re in your fourth year already, but have you ever had your girlfriend accompanying you to lessons and to the cafeteria? I heard Lu Min say that it’s very pitiful, not being in a relationship in university. So…I’m here to help you remedy your regret!”

Actually, she still wanted to say, “You’ve even found an excuse and dodged the engagement. Wouldn’t I be an idiot if I didn’t perform well, work hard? Not only must I perform well, Lu Min also said that I have to assert my ownership, letting all potential vixens dissipate into nothing.”

What Xu Tingsheng was thinking was: To be honest, this Uncle actually had it in my previous life, and not just once too. Still, seeing how you’re all nicely dressed up, your motive is surely not so simple, right…don’t I understand you well enough, Miss Xiang.

There was something very adorable about Xiang Ning, which was that while she was always full of herself about how remarkably guileful she was, the fact was that she could generally be seen through easily.

Many people attending the lesson snuck ‘inadvertent’ glances at Xiang Ning non-stop. After all, this was Yanzhou University, and that guy beside her was Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng! They all thought that if Yanzhou University held a school anniversary, he could directly be a VIP and successful alumni while still being a student.

Xiang Ning had actually come to Yanzhou University before, just not as openly as now and much less overtly as Xu Tingsheng’s girlfriend. So, this was a major piece of news.

Xu Tingsheng could already more or less foresee the imminent atmosphere after class.

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