Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 625: Paris Fashion Week

Du Jin who had previously made a trip home returned.

She had supposedly gone for a blind date. Still, from how she looked, it did not seem to have been successful.

This is actually pretty interesting. Generally speaking, when men go on a blind date and see a beautiful woman, they will probably never imagine no matter what that that lady could actually take down ten of them in an instant, right?

If they knew…would they still go on this date?

“You should consider settling it within the industry,” Xu Tingsheng smiled cheerily.

“I’m not looking for those in the same line. Also, this is my personal matter. Please pay less heed to it, Young Master,” Du Jin said somberly.

The conversation ended just like that.

Du Jin was always respectful but distant from Xu Tingsheng. When they were sitting together, there was basically nothing they would talk about.

Today was different, however. Xu Tingsheng had actually had something weighing on his mind for a while.

He thought about it and ventured, “Du Jin, what level are you considered as being at in your industry?”

“So-so,” Du Jin said expressionlessly.

“Didn’t you receive some special training? Your brother said that in some situations, you’re much more professional than them.”

“Yes. Still, if we are to compare it with others, it’s still so-so.”

“I see,” Xu Tingsheng hesitated for a bit and asked, “Then, for someone to be capable of kidnapping a living being away from your side without alerting you, say a human or a dog…what level would he have to be at?”

Du Jing’s expression stiffened, “Without alerting me, you say?”

Xu Tingsheng nodded.

“That would be very difficult,” Du Jin said, “There are basically three possibilities. First, this person is quite famous amongst professional bodyguards. Second, some elites from foreign mercenary troops could also do it, but not too many of them. Third would be bodyguards who are raised by some big families with histories. It’s usually very difficult to understand this sort of person.”

“Right,” Xu Tingsheng nodded, his brows knit tightly as he no longer said anything.

Of the three possibilities Du Jin had just mentioned, if he were asked which he were feared the most, the answer would be number two, the elite mercenaries.

“Dongdong?” Du Jin suddenly asked, then continued, “What you just said, together with how you suddenly asked me where Dongdong was once…so, this incident has really happened before, at the Xiang family home?”

Xu Tingsheng glanced at the tightly closed study door and nodded.

To his surprise, Du Jin suddenly got up and knelt down in front of him, saying, “Sorry, Young Master. I didn’t do my job properly. Sometimes, I am too relaxed when I am with Young Mistress. I treat myself too much like an ordinary person.”

Was this trained in Japan? It was really too formal. Xu Tingsheng hurriedly supported her up, indicating for her not to make a fuss about it.

Then, he said, “It’s okay. Don’t be nervous. Still, you can’t tell anyone about this, understand? Your brother, my Dad included…everyone.”

“Understood,” Du Jin replied very professionally before saying, “I will make sure to raise my guard in the future. Also, I’d like to ask…in emergency situations, can I resort to arms?”

She indeed had a gun!

Xu Tingsheng shook his head, “Right now, the other party still won’t resort to inflicting direct harm. Let me deal with this. You don’t have to be so nervous. I only asked you about this to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.”

Du Jin nodded as she seemed about to say something.

“What are you two talking about?” The door of the study opened as Xiang Ning emerged.

Xu Tingsheng hastily changed his expression and answered, “We were talking about movies. Are you done with your homework?”

Xiang Ning shook her head, saying, “Not yet. Big Sis You sent me a message, telling me that she got her friend to send me clothes. They’ve already arrived in Yanzhou.”


“Right, the custom-made ones, for wearing to Paris Fashion Week. You wouldn’t have forgotten, right?”

“Oh, that. No, of course I haven’t forgotten,” Xu Tingsheng said, “So, you’re really going?”

“Yeah. It just happens to fall on the eleventh. Big Sis You specially invited me. She’s even prepared clothes for me. Also, I’ve never gone overseas before. Also, I want to go…” Xiang Ning’s eyes were filled with longing.

“Alright then,” Xu Tingsheng had no way of refusing her as he replied rather helplessly.

In truth, he had always felt that You Qinglan was very strange and seemed to be after something. So, he had always been inwardly unwilling to associate too much with her.

First, You Qinglan had definitely not been an international supermodel in his previous life…so, it was virtually definite that she had been flapped out by Xu Tingsheng’s butterfly wings. In that case, where exactly did the connection between the two lie?

Next, she had gotten close time and time again, yet clearly not out of interest towards Xu Tingsheng himself…where exactly did her motive lie?

Finally, she was really paying too much attention to Xiang Ning, even more than she was concerned about Xu Tingsheng himself…this was not normal.

“What exactly does she want to do? Does she have bad intentions? It’s probably going to be revealed this time round. Let’s take a look then,” Xu Tingsheng thought that if it was some minor trouble, it was back to take care of it first when he still had the decisive battle with Zhou Yuandai to be concerned about for the future.

Soon, Du Jin accompanied Xiang Ning outside to collect the custom-made clothes and returned.

There were seven full sets of clothes.

Then, Xiang Ning received a call from You Qinglan as they first discussed some time-related matters. Next, You Qinglan began to instruct Xiang Ning on the intricacies of wearing those seven sets of clothes, including accessories, hairstyle choice as well as differing locations.

You Qinglan had even prepared Xiang Ning’s casual wear for her time in Paris. In her words: During the fashion week, even if you’re just turning a corner on the streets of Paris, you should be prepared to be photographed. Be in the state of a model at any time.

Xiang Ning was very excited. It was Paris Fashion Week! All women would probably long for it.

“Here, Big Sis You is asking for you,” Xiang Ning passed her handphone over to Xu Tingsheng.

Rather surprised, Xu Tingsheng took it.

“Don’t be so worried. The itinerary I have arranged for Xiang Ning is all not too conspicuous. Meanwhile, if you wish to protect Xiang Ning, stay low key yourself! You’re a newsworthy person,” You Qinglan said.

“Got it. Thank you,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“I’ve never had any thought of hurting Xiang Ning,” You Qinglan suddenly said frankly.

Taken aback, Xu Tingsheng said, “I hope so. Otherwise…”

“No need to go to the trouble of threatening me. I have heard before of just how ruthless Boss Xu is,” You Qinglan said sarcastically and hung up.

Xu Tingsheng was bewildered. Have I ever provoked you?!


1st October. Xu Tingsheng brought Xiang Ning out of the country.

Going overseas for the first time, the young lady was nervous and excited too. She had even specifically prepared an autograph book. When asked why, she said she had watched many movies recently and recognised many celebrities. Who knew? She might be able to run into some.

Xu Tingsheng felt so helpless…even now, Miss Xiang still had no sense of pride regarding status whatsoever!

On this trip, they would first go to America before departing for Paris on a plane on the 4th.

Xu Tingsheng had two things to do in America.

First was to record a single for Apple’s new album.

Second was to meet with Wayne Yang and go for a look around a few banks on Wall Street if possible.

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