Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 637: K.O

The girl whom Xu Tingsheng had had an agreement with in junior high was from Qingbei. His younger sister had gotten into Qingbei too. There would soon be a group of Qingbei students waiting for him…in the eyes of others, Xu Tingsheng had ‘very unfortunately’ failed to get into Qingbei.

Still, that was fine. He was Xu Tingsheng, Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng.

The fact that Yanzhou University was third-tier? It did not matter. Never had a youngster been able to rival Xu Tingsheng’s prowess during his university days…in his three years of university, he had established Hucheng, Zhicheng and Xingchen, three enterprises which had the potential to develop into empires.

Considering that he had only just started out and was only twenty-two, the heights he could reach in the future were really unimaginable.

Xu Tingsheng had never been someone who worshipped educational qualifications. Otherwise, he would not have given up on a famous university so easily when making his choice.

Therefore, very naturally, Xu Tingsheng met Qingbei University’s student reporter squad in the capacity of Xingchen Technologies’ boss who would be providing them a platform and money…

He had no intention of deliberately lowering his posture to demonstrate how similar and easy to get close to he was, not having lost his core simplicity.

In the capacity of a collaborating company, he interacted with the leader of the reporter squad, Xiao Yanxu, in a natural manner. Standing by the side, he listened to Xiao Yanxu introducing their squad members as he smiled and nodded to each one of them.

As they were of similar ages and this was no formal occasion, they did away with handshakes.

“This person behind is Wu Yuewei, who specialises in internet programming. This time, she will probably be involved a bit more with your company’s work. You can rest assured, Boss Xu. She is very outstanding.”

Xiao Yanxu praised Wu Yuewei as his gaze lingered on her. When he had introduced others earlier, as soon as he had done so, they would immediately turn and look very politely at Xu Tingsheng, introducing themselves to him.

Even though he had actually had a vague prediction earlier, as Wu Yuewei emerged from the group of people and truly appeared in front of him now, Xu Tingsheng was still rather at a loss.

Indeed, this proposal had come from her.

Having forced herself to study computers in university when she did not like it and had no prior experience with it, this girl’s thoughts had always been very simple. She merely hoped to be of help to Xu Tingsheng one day.

“Hi, senior,” Wu Yuewei was already different from back then as she could comfortably face Xu Tingsheng.

Still, there was one thing she still persisted in, which was calling him senior, not Boss Xu, not Xingchen’s big boss, not Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng or anything, but senior.

Back in eighth grade, when Wu Yuewei had been inspecting eye calisthenics across academic levels, she had discovered someone just looking at her and not doing the exercises.

“Senior, please do the exercises seriously. Otherwise, I will have to deduct marks.”

“Oh. What’s your name, junior?”


“Your name.”

“…Senior, please have a more serious attitude. Otherwise, I really will deduct marks.”

Wu Yuewei’s hairs stood on end as she was watched by this shameless fellow. She waved the inspection book at him, more to embolden herself than as a threat.

That fellow extended a hand and took the book, checking the name written on it as he said, “Oh, so you’re called Wu Yuewei. My name is Xu Tingsheng. I’m your senior…let’s get to know each other.”

Wu Yuewei had fled that day.

After returning, she had even changed the class she was in charge of inspecting with someone else from the inspection team…it was just that for some unknown reason, she had actually taken the initiative to switch it back afterwards.

Further down the road, even more things had happened.

At this moment, accompanied by students of her university, Wu Yuewei smiled brilliantly as she looked at the rather nervous Xu Tingsheng. Unconcerned about what others had done prior to this, she extended her hand.

A handshake? Xu Tingsheng could only shake hands with her in an extremely formal manner, saying, “Thank you.”

While Wu Yuewei tried hard to compose herself, her palm was sweating with just that.

Who would have thought that with the many years the two had been entangled, with the tales of two lifetimes, the first time the two ‘held hands’ would actually be like that-this was basically no different from when the leaders of countries met one another.

After their initial awkwardness, Wu Yuewei burst out laughing and asked, “Qiuyi said that she wanted to get an additional slot on the reporter squad. She wants to go too. What do you think, senior?

“Her? No way,” Xu Tingsheng shook his head, “She only just started attending university. It’s definitely not okay to take such a long leave. Also, what could she do there? Besides abusing her authority and abusing me…”

Wu Yuewei thought about it and smiled, “That’s true. In that case, I’ll tell her that there’s really no way to do that.”

Xu Tingsheng nodded and the two resumed their original positions.

With just that, even a fool could tell that there was something different between them. And so, the atmosphere began to change a little. Some of the girls in Qingbei’s reporter squad were secretly teasing Wu Yuewei, or trying to indirectly get information from her out of curiosity.

Meanwhile, the mood of the guys took a turn for the worse. Some were eavesdropping on the girls’ conversation. Some were clutching their phones, continuously sending messages.

This strange state persisted all the way till He Yutan arrived with his crew.

The first thing He Yutan did after coming was enhance everyone’s meals.

Professor Xia asked him, “Boss He, do you want to coordinate with the students on work first?”

He Yutan said, “Let’s eat first. I booked a restaurant before getting on the plane. We can chat while we eat.”

He Yutan would definitely not need to personally coordinate. Just his assistant and the other employees were completely sufficient.

He Yutan accompanied one of the two tables of experts while Xu Tingsheng accompanied the other in name. Of course, the truth was that Old He alone was enough for all of them. He was akin to a portable mood-making device.

One the other side were two tables where the employees He Yutan had brought and the student reporter team were seated. They were really eating while discussing the specifics of their work.

Wu Yuewei appeared much more lively than in Xu Tingsheng’s impressions. She was graceful as well as clear and organised whether in terms of words or actions. Also, she seemed very well-received among the students.

It was probably still this: Studying experts were a dime a dozen, but beautiful studying experts were rare. Moreover, Wu Yuewei was even such a gentle, simple and authentic girl.

Xu Tingsheng also noticed one detail. In conversing with others, Wu Yuewei called her juniors juniors, called her classmates by their names and called her male seniors-senior brothers.

Logically speaking, senior brother should be a term that was more intimate than senior. Still, to Wu Yuewei, it was senior that was the exclusive term, also carrying a special meaning.

Their efforts were finally rewarded after asking around with all they had as after being pestered a lot, Wu Yuewei’s good friend accidentally let slip, “She only calls one person senior. It’s been this way ever since junior high.”

Hearing this news, all Wu Yuewei’s seniors present who had once been joyful and elated at being called something like senior brother, Xiao Yanxu included, had their hearts broken.

After dinner, the students returned to the university.

Xu Tingsheng and co sent them to the entrance.

“Bye, senior,” Wu Yuewei said.

“Bye,” Xu Tingsheng said.

Wu Yuewei had brought her laptop over. Xiao Yanxu who was standing behind her reached out to take her bag in a natural manner.

He smiled, saying, “Let senior take this for you. The laptop’s pretty heavy.”

He feigned nonchalance and called himself senior, also acting considerate in front of Xu Tingsheng-this person who was supposedly the sole person Wu Yuewei called senior.

In order to show how close they were? Show his dominance? Probe? Perhaps it was a bit of all of those.

Many people could tell and the students here virtually all knew that Xiao Yanxu had actually had such thoughts since Wu Yuewei had entered the reporter squad in her first year of university. He usually expressed concern, affection and a desire to pursue her too. It was just that never having gotten a response from her before, he had never actually taken that step outright.

Now, he was in his fourth year and had already basically decided to stay on and study in graduate school. So, now might be the ideal time for him to openly state these intentions.

No one said anything as they all awaited Wu Yuewei’s response.

“Thank you,” Wu Yuewei thanked him while stepping back and deftly and naturally removing her hand from her bag that he was clutching.

Then, she turned and glanced at Xu Tingsheng, saying, “Right, senior, I’m still using the laptop you gave me back when I was going to start attending university.”


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