Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 644: GG 2

As the excavation work progressed, an image stone appeared, burial jade ornaments appeared, the most convincing evidence from Xu Tingsheng’s previous life, the stone tablet with the words ‘Emperor Weiwu’ carved on it appeared…

With that, there were finally some decent items for the artifact storage room that had already been erected previously. A group of special security guards had begun to guard it and the entrance of the mausoleum itself at full vigilance.

The local government made use of this opportunity to secure political achievements and score points in front of the general public. They launched an operation and captured fourteen ‘tomb raiders’…Xu Tingsheng recalled that the number had been close to forty in his previous life.

At the same time, as per the request of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the archaeological team held the first press conference since the start of the excavation work.

Yan Zhengyu introduced the relevant situation of the excavation work in detail at the press conference, including current progress, discoveries and the verification of the mausoleum’s owner. He was also interviewed by the media.

This was his comeback battle. Still, the wave of opposition was unexpectedly great.

The doubt of the netizens could be ignored for now. This was mostly them venting because their desires had not been properly satisfied. What was truly critical and difficult to deal with came from academia, history specifically.

In Xu Tingsheng’s previous life, there had also been many doubtful voices by historians. Meanwhile, the way the archaeological team had dealt with it was actually pretty shameless. They had either ignored it fully or answered with the blanket statement: doubt from non-professionals in archaeology lacks professionalism. Outsiders masquerading as experts, turning an academic problem into something of entertainment value.

This logic first strictly distinguished between the professions of history and archaeology, even split them. Then, the meaning was basically…you don’t understand, but I can’t be bothered to explain it to you.

Xu Tingsheng suggested this to Yan Zhengyu, feeling that they might actually be able to use it to get through this. Still, Yan Zhengyu refused. The old man was very determined to face them head on.

The archaeological team also had their own forces with scholars supporting them in opposition to the doubters. The process of the debate was vigorous.

At one point, some doubters brought up Yan Zhengyu’s words and actions during that period of time along with some of his so-called prominent works. They claimed that as someone who had betrayed the spirit of academia in the first place, he was not worthy of their trust.

This was already at the level of a personal attack. To be honest, it was straying from debating the matter at hand. Still…the general public most loved to hear and believe in such things. Also, it was easy for them to collectively gain momentum.

With the online atmosphere being like this, Yan Zhengyu was in a very tough position. The archaeological team also required stronger evidence in order to carry out their counterattack.

The excavation rate began to increase, the number of workers rising too. There was less and less that Xu Tingsheng could do. While he had a permit to go in, he virtually never entered the underground palace because he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Besides that, there was also something he had no way of telling anybody, which was-he himself actually didn’t know if this was Cao Cao’s mausoleum or not too. In other words, as one of those interested in this topic in his previous life, while Xu Tingsheng was not a doubter, he was not a firm supporter as well.

Thus, Xu Tingsheng felt a bit on tenterhooks.

He adopted a new work pattern. He would usually get up in the morning, having morning meetings with Xingchen’s relevant departments via video. Then, he would rest for the remainder of the morning and only go to the site after lunch. Also, he would only loiter around the surroundings lest any situations occurred that needed his help to coordinate. At the same time, he paid attention to the progress of the excavation work.


Not being allowed to enter the artifact storage room, feeling extremely bored, Xu Tingsheng sat on a slope, playing with the fake warring states copper mirror Yan Zhengyu had given him under the sunlight.

Clutching that mirror, using it to reflect the rays of the setting sun in every direction, Xu Tingsheng suddenly turned childish and acted like a child playing a reflecting demon game, reflecting sunlight even as he chanted, “Demon, reveal your form…demon, where can you run?”

The light suddenly shone on the face of an approaching girl. Xu Tingsheng grew awkward at once.

Wu Yuewei momentarily raised her arm to block the rays from shining on her eyes before looking at Xu Tingsheng who was being mischievous for once, asking, “What have you shone, senior? What is my original form as a demon?”

Xu Tingsheng smiled awkwardly and said, “You’re not a demon.”

“Maybe I was one in my previous life, and I did many bad things too.”

“You weren’t a demon in your previous life. You were as good as you are now.”

“Oh?” Wu Yuewei raised her camera and took a picture of Xu Tingsheng, using the contours of the slope and the village behind him as the background.

Then, she smiled and continued, “Have you seen my previous life, senior? Did we know each other then?”

“We did. I was your senior then too,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Then, did I also like you in my previous life?”

Xu Tingsheng did not answer, and Wu Yuewei walked closer, saying, “I’m returning to Yanjing tomorrow, changing shifts with another member…based on the rate of excavation, I probably won’t be coming over again…”


“This period of time was just like senior high,” Wu Yuewei looked at the distant setting sun, “Us in the same place, meeting from time to time, speaking, mostly doing our own things. Still, I quite like this period of time even as it’s like this. It hasn’t felt as tiring as it later became.”

“I got what you were trying to say that day, senior. Time can’t be held back, right? Time passes and scenes change, what a frustrating phrase. Still, one has to accept it at the end of the day.”

“I’ve decided. I want to be a research student, want to go overseas…so, the next time we meet may be at senior’s and Xiang Ning’s wedding,” Wu Yuewei said, “Will you walk with me today, senior?”

Xu Tingsheng nodded and said, “Alright.”

The two walked towards the slope in the distance. Wu Yuewei raised her camera to take photos of their surroundings from time to time, smile warm and face calm beneath the setting sun.

At one point, Xu Tingsheng continued their earlier topic on a whim, saying, “What you were asking earlier…you seem to have liked me in your previous life too.”


“I had a dream,” Xu Tingsheng said, “That dream extends further than this life has been, with my life on another trajectory. So, I simply take it as my previous life…”

Wu Yuewei stopped, looking at him, “So, did things ultimately end up the same way in that dream of yours?”

Xu Tingsheng did not reveal the ending as he said, “In that dream, everything was the same before I studied twelfth grade.”

A reminiscing look on her face, Wu Yuewei asked, “So, you still only liked me for a little bit? Before regretting it?”

“No. Actually, I feel that it’s just the age that we met. Your happiest, and also the times that I should have cherished most…I was still insensible. And after that…”

“After that, you became sensible?” The light of hope was hidden in Wu Yuewei’s eyes, even though this was only a dream, or perhaps a distant tale that could not be reclaimed.

“Perhaps. Still, things change, people meet and separate…we never met for many years after that. At one point in time…I lost my direction and hope in life. During that time, I heard that you once tried to find out about me.”

“But we really never met?” Sounding a bit incredulous, Wu Yuewei seemed to be taking it seriously.

Xu Tingsheng hesitated for a bit, “When we met again, it was already at your wedding. I only knew that you were the bride after getting there. It was also by chance that you discovered…that I was there. You called me senior and toasted me a glass of wine alone.”


“Then, you got drunk,” Xu Tingsheng feigned nonchalance, “You can’t take alcohol, after all.”

“Oh…” Wu Yuewei said, “But I don’t like this story at all, not in the least.”

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