Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 650: Normal people should not test love 2

Since everyone was still looking forward to the next round, they did not drink that crazily during the meal. Still, they were mostly a bit tipsy afterwards.

People are generally more passionate and talkative when they are drunk. Afraid that he would let slip many things he was not supposed to know after getting drunk, Xu Tingsheng had deliberately kept his alcohol intake in check all along. Thus, he was the most sober.

“How’s your post-graduation job-hunting going?” Xu Tingsheng took the initiative to broach this topic.

“Just finding a school to teach in! What else could we do.”

“How’s the school-finding going then?

“Some are more or less done. Some have familial connections. Some…are waiting for the hiring exams. Anyway, for us teaching students, it’s just a matter of better or worse. We can basically all still find jobs. We won’t die of hunger.”


“How about you lead us to start a business, Boss Xu?” Yang Xiaofeng asked.

The others turned to look at him, feeling that this was quite inappropriate. It was better not for a nice, friendly relationship like this to be stained by too many other things.

It was indeed still this fellow! The two partners whom Xu Tingsheng had started a business with in his previous life, Zhang Fengping and Yang Xiaofeng, were both here. In the end, the one who had run off with their final sum of money when the company was in tough times was precisely Yang Xiaofeng.

Xu Tingsheng had really hated him for a time in his previous life. While he didn’t exactly still bear hatred in this life, he would definitely not be involved financially with him again.

“I think that you guys should still go out and work for a few years first, accumulating some societal experience and connections,” Xu Tingsheng paused, “If you really want to start a business in the future, I could assist in some way…”

“Still, I must remind you. I personally believe that good friends had best not start businesses together. Otherwise, there’ll be too much financial entanglement. Yet money can sometimes destroy too many wonderful things, including friendships. So, if you look for me as business partners in the future, I conversely wouldn’t help you then.”

Xu Tingsheng was looking at Zhang Fengping as he said this. This was one of the two most important things that he wanted to say tonight. He understood Zhang Fengping’s circumstances. This fellow was guileless and inattentive. His family circumstances were on the better side among the roommates as they had some connections…there was still a relatively high possibility of Yang Xiaofeng wheedling him into starting a business together in the future.

Of course, he did not go any further than that.

“What about you, Yu Yue? How’s your job-hunting going?” Xu Tingsheng turned towards Yu Yue.

While he seemed to be asking it casually, that was actually his primary purpose in coming here.

“He’s the strongest. He’s been in a relationship with a girl in our class for four years. In order to work in the same place after graduation, the two of them have already agreed to teach at some distant mountain district for two years after graduating,” Wang Yu answered on Yu Yue’s behalf, the latter smiling blissfully by the side.

“If us teaching students wish to get an establishment job, these are basically restricted by place of birth. My girlfriend and I are both not from the province. One from the south and one from the north…so, we intend to apply for an education program that came out this year. We will first be support educators for two years. That way, we won’t be restricted by birthplace afterwards. We will also receive some benefits from policies in the area of the recruitment exam,” Afraid that Xu Tingsheng couldn’t understand, Yu Yue explained for his sake.

“Oh,” Xu Tingsheng replied mildly.

Indeed, without him around, things had still progressed in the same way that they had in his previous life.

At this moment, Yu Yue looked like he really looked forward to it. Yet, Xu Tingsheng knew what would happen afterwards…

Close to their graduation, Yu Yue’s girlfriend who came from a distant land, had an ordinary family background and not the best results had, with added marks from her thesis, unexpectedly managed to become their faculty’s most outstanding student-based on Jianhai Province’s rules, she would no longer be restricted by her birthplace.

A university professor helped her to contact a senior high that was ranked pretty well in Xihu City. She informed Yu Yue that she was not going to be a support educator any longer, having decided to stay behind.

Yu Yue asked, “Shall I go to Xihu City too then? Try to find a private school, or maybe even a training organisation is fine…it’s okay even if it’s some other job.”

The girl resolutely refused, saying, “Yu Yue, you should go back to your hometown. If you do this for me, I will feel a lot of pressure. If there are any changes in the future, it will feel like I betrayed you. Also, it’s too late for you to find anything now. What other jobs can we who major in history find?”

It was actually understandable that this was happening. While Yu Yue was disappointed, after taking a few days to compose himself, understanding his girlfriend’s feelings, he made a decision. He decided to complete those two years as a support educator on his own.

He got her to wait for him in Xihu City. Two years. Two years later, he could look for a school in Xihu City and reunite with her.

Actually, many of Yu Yue’s roommates had advised him at the time to just return to his hometown. After all, the economy in his hometown was not bad and a university student’s first two years out in society was usually when things were most volatile.

They hoped that Yu Yue would not bet on his girlfriend’s feelings being staunch…Xu Tingsheng was one of them.

Still, no one could persuade Yu Yue otherwise. He still went.

Sadly, just five months into Yu Yue’s time as a support educator, the girl asked to break up. She said she had fallen in love with a colleague at school who was a local of Xihu City…they planned to get married.

Hearing the news, the roommates burst out in righteous indignation. Still, Yu Yue himself calmly accepted it.

They had agreed to go together. In the end, she hadn’t gone, but he had. They had agreed on waiting. She hadn’t waited, but he had still continued…right, after the girl had asked to break up, Yu Yue had still chosen to stay on as a support educator.

Yet another year later, amidst a torrential rainstorm, Yu Yue who had traversed the mountain while returning to the school alone after sending his students home had encountered a small scale landslide. He had been trapped for an entire night. Although he had survived in the end, his legs had been crippled as never would he be able to walk again…

Every time Xu Tingsheng and the others had gone to see him, Yu Yue who had returned to his hometown to work as a handicapped person had not been strong and optimistic like in inspirational stories. He had been defeated and numb as he lived all on his own.

It was just that he had still chosen to forgive that girl.

“Actually, after she asked to break up, I went to Xihu City to look for her once. She cried very hard that day, saying that I gave her a lot of pressure, that my choice was like a moral chain forcing her to marry me.”

“She said that she was only an ordinary girl, only wanting to live a stable, pretty good life. She was not so noble.”

“She asked me: If she really waited for me for two years, would I definitely be able to get into a school in Xihu City? Even if I did, would we be able to afford a house in Xihu City? Would we definitely be very happy together after getting married?”

“She said a lot. I decided to empathise with her. There aren’t so many noble love stories in this world. We shouldn’t let past relationships become chains tying us down.”

This had been Yu Yue’s story in the later part of his previous life. It was one of the things that Xu Tingsheng had wished to change since way back after having been reborn. It was just that he had always been hesitant over how he should go about it…

In other words, Xu Tingsheng was hesitating over what he should do. Should he think of a way to punish that girl who, whether intentionally or unintentionally, had ultimately harmed Yu Yue’s entire previous life? Or should he go about it a different way, letting Yu Yue possess more and become her best choice, letting them merrily, relaxedly continue the beautiful relationship that everyone envied in their university days? Such a test of their love would be avoided that way.

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