Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 651: Normal people should not test love 3

Yu Yue’s university relationship was really extremely blissful and enviable. For a whole four years, they had been the happiest couple in the class. This was one of the reasons why Xu Tingsheng was feeling so hesitant and conflicted.

Still, why had such a wonderful love ultimately been unable to stand up against the gruelling test of reality? It had been so frail. This was the second reason.

At the end of dinner, Zhang Fengping chose Golden Palace on everyone’s behalf.

After entering, two rows of tall women in qipaos bowed in unison, greeting in dainty voices, “Welcome to Golden Palace.”

Xu Tingsheng could clearly feel that these fellas were a bit nervous and uneasy, not knowing how to react.

Zhong Ming nearly reached out to help one up as he said, “No need to stand on ceremony.”

Fortunately, Zhang Fengping grabbed him before he could do so.

One of the women very nearly burst out laughing on the spot.

As compared to the welcome of the ladies, the managers inside were not so enthusiastic. Those in their line of work were very proficient at appraising people. It was visible from first glance that it was the first time this group of people was coming to this sort of place as they looked nervous and curious. Looking at how they were dressed, it totally did not seem like they could afford this place.

After several batches of customers who had come in later were led away, a manager finally came over helplessly to service them.

“Hi, sirs. I’m a manager here. Well…I’m very sorry, but you guys still seem to be students. I would first like to remind you that it costs over 5000 on average per person here. Therefore…”

Behind Xu Tingsheng, his roommates of his previous life all looked out of their element.

“It’s fine. Lead us to the best private room. Have everything be of the highest scale,” Xu Tingsheng said.

The manager raised his head to look at Xu Tingsheng.

How Xu Tingsheng wished that those kind of guys who looked down on others like in novels would appear and act all arrogant and rude with him. Sadly, this didn’t happen. The manager before him only seemed rather hesitant and conflicted as he retained his manners throughout.

Feeling helpless, Xu Tingsheng directly whipped out his black centurion card that had failed to show its efficacy in Shenghai City back then.

Passing it to the manager, he said, “Relax, do as I say. Let everything be of the highest scale.”

Fortunately, the manager recognised that card.

“This way please…”

He virtually bent his waist to the floor.

“For your tips, charge five thousand. Remember, we want the best,” Xu Tingsheng said in a low tone.

The manager nodded emotionally, saying that he would definitely do so and thanking him. As his colleagues looked rather curiously at him, he turned, secretly flashing that black card.

The managers who were leading customers in the venue all clapped their foreheads…the eyes of the women were all shining.

“Go notify the boss. Tell him that we have a black card customer,” The supervisor hurriedly told someone beside him.

While Golden Palace was top-class in Jianan, they actually didn’t see many of these black card customers in a year all the same. The supervisor naturally had to notify the boss. On one hand, they had to serve this group of customers carefully. On the other, they had to see if going over to greet them was necessary.

As Xu Tingsheng’s group headed in the direction that the manager was pointing, Zhong Ming hesitated at the back for a bit.

Finding his expression a little strange, Xu Tingsheng asked, “What is it?”

“Well, the one at the entrance whom I nearly helped up earlier-can I choose her?” Zhong Ming asked.

“Can he?” Xu Tingsheng turned and asked that manager.

“Which one is it? Please point her out to me, boss.”

Zhong Ming pointed rather awkwardly at one of the girls standing at the entrance. Seeing that, the girl pointed at herself. Seeing Zhong Ming nodding, she smiled and nodded too…the girls beside her had envious looks on their faces as they begrudged this.

The customer was young, looked pretty good and was a generous top-class magnate too. Naturally, they would be happy to have this happen.

“Alright. I’ll lead sirs in first…after that, I’ll immediately call her over,” The manager said.


After walking a few steps, Xu Tingsheng placed a hand on Zhong Ming’s shoulder, asking him, “Why did she catch your eye? That girl’s probably only average here.”

“How she held in her laughter, nearly laughing out loud earlier. I found it very cute,” Zhong Ming smiled rather shyly.

This guy had not been in a relationship since his first year of university, when his girlfriend had run off with the military instructor.

Xu Tingsheng thought about it and patted his shoulder, saying, “In a while, you can privately give her tips. Don’t be petty. However much you want, just say it…she will naturally tell the manager, and then the manager will ask me.”

Not having brought much cash, Xu Tingsheng could only do it this way.

Zhong Ming smiled and nodded, hesitating for a bit before saying, “Hey, I won’t call you Boss Xu anymore. Bro…to be honest, I don’t really understand why towards us, you’re so, so…”

“Actually, I can’t really explain it either. Somehow, it feels like fate. With you guys, I feel like I’m with bros that I’m very familiar with. Also…it feels pretty relaxed this way,” Xu Tingsheng said.

Zhong Ming nodded, saying quite emotionally, “You can actually be considered the second strange thing I’ve encountered in university. There was something else that happened in my first year…”

“What?” Actually knowing what this guy wanted to say, Xu Tingsheng feigned curiosity.

“During military training in my first year, my girlfriend ran off with the instructor. That night, I drank some alcohol. Feeling terrible, wanting to vent, I was going to wreck the military vehicle of the People’s armed forces…in the end, can you guess what happened? Even before I had the time to tell this to anyone, a call came in. A policeman from the relevant authorities warned: Doing so was an absolute no-no. He even said the country had already taken notice of me. I was freaking frightened to death.”

Xu Tingsheng calmed himself and feigned astonishment, exclaiming, “Really? It’s a good thing you didn’t do it then. Otherwise, you’d probably have no chance at studying to be a civil servant or whatnot in the future. Also, the country’s so omniscient.”

“Yeah, that’s right! I only thought about it, and they already knew about it…crazy omniscient. The country was probably guarding against me from the time my girlfriend followed that instructor. It really is crazy. I tell you, I think that even us coming to play here has definitely been monitored by the relevant authorities. It’s just that unless there are any special circumstances, they’ll probably just turn a blind eye to this sort of thing,” Zhong Ming said mysteriously.

“Well…it’s possible,” Xu Tingsheng could only play along with him.

“Anyway, I’m just saying all this in order to remind you. As a public figure, you’re definitely subject to more monitoring…so, you may need to pay more attention and definitely not say anything wrong,” Zhong Ming warned cautiously, “The relevant authorities of our country are seriously powerful.”

Who would have thought that the call Xu Tingsheng had made for the sake of Zhong Ming’s future prospects in his first year of university might inadvertently have nurtured a super law-abiding citizen for the country, a future patriotic civil servant who would definitely not be corrupt.Knowing that Zhong Ming was telling him this out of goodwill and while at risk of being monitored, at least in his own view, Xu Tingsheng accepted it and said with an earnest expression on his face, “I will pay attention to that. Thank you.”

Zhong Ming nodded in relief, “It’s good that you know about it. Still, you definitely shouldn’t tell this to anyone!”


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