Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 652: Normal people should not test love 4

There was already someone seated beside Zhong Ming, that cute lady who had nearly laughed out loud at the entrance earlier. Despite being nervous and overwhelmed, he forcibly composed himself in pretending to be an old hand at such entertainment centres. This was something that many men would do in such a scenario.

The boss of Golden Place knocked on the door and toasted a glass of wine.

He hesitated, asking, “You’re Xu…”

“Just having a gathering with some classmates,” Xu Tingsheng said.

The boss gave him an understanding look, bid him farewell and left.

Next came what Zhang Fengping had described in his previous life. Model-class beauties standing in a row, all with their various styles and outstanding areas.

Xu Tingsheng found that his roommates all found it rather hard to pick someone…what was worse, they even said awkwardly, “No, pass.” It was just as if they were worried that the self-esteem of the ladies would be hurt as a result, causing them to feel sad and pained.

He gave the manager who was standing by the side a look.

The manager stepped forward and said, “Please choose as you like, sirs. These are the rules. There’s no need to worry that the beauties will feel sad…if you’re worried that after you’ve chosen, there’ll be better ones later…”

“Just choose a few more then. No upper limit,” Xu Tingsheng smiled and said.

The row of ladies happily clapped together. The atmosphere instantly relaxed. With another two glasses of wine to embolden themselves, everyone was no longer shy about choosing people.

Xu Tingsheng similarly chose two to sit beside him. Still, when they approached, he reminded, “Just help to drink and enliven the atmosphere.”

Xu Tingsheng did not have to worry about what came next. Be it singing or drinking, these girls were a hundred times more proficient at enlivening the atmosphere than Xu Tingsheng was.

Xu Tingsheng observed from the side and found that things were more or less as he had thought. His roommates were mostly reserved, basically not doing anything truly outrageous as they were just soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying this first-time experience.

Maybe this feeling of hugging left and right and being served and esteemed like a king was the true reason men liked to go to such entertainment centres.

Yu Yue was made to sing two songs too. Still, in terms of his closeness with the ladies, he was even more guarded and strict than Xu Tingsheng was. From time to time, he was forced to the corner by the enthusiastic ladies, not knowing what to do.

Xu Tingsheng got up and sat down beside him, asking the two ladies who were in the midst of teasing him excitedly to step aside for the moment.

The two clinked glasses and drank a bit before Xu Tingsheng smiled and asked, “What is it? Are you afraid of your girlfriend? But it’s not like you’re really doing anything untoward.”

“I’m not afraid, exactly,” Yu Yue smiled awkwardly, saying, “It’s just that she keeps on appearing in my mind. Maybe I haven’t drank enough yet.”

Xu Tingsheng was silent for a while.

“Is your relationship very good?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Will you marry no one but her?”

“If you ask me, yes.”

“Will she marry no one but you?”

“Probably.” Yu Yue smiled blissfully.

Seeing him smile like this, Xu Tingsheng finally came to a decision on what he had previously been hesitant on.

“If you do not intend to be a support educator out of altruism and are just considering it for the purpose of hometown restrictions and work, there is no need to go for it…or a few years later, when you’re all settled down, you can go complete this dream together then,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Huh?” Yu Yue looked rather puzzledly at Xu Tingsheng.

“To me, this sort of problem is actually very simple,” Xu Tingsheng put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Go back and discuss it with your girlfriend. Choose a city that you both like, such as Xihu City…I’ll settle what remains for you both. Establishment, hometowns…and other problems that could arise in the future.”

At first, Yu Yue had a disbelieving look on his face. Still, considering how the person before him was Xu Tingsheng, he no longer doubted anything.

Next, he was overjoyed, then rather lost for words as he ventured, “I…”

“Just saying thanks is fine. Next, remember to contact me as soon as possible,” Xu Tingsheng took his wineglass and clinked glasses with Yu Yue before saying, “You shouldn’t feel it to be too much or anything. This matter is really very easy to me, as simple as raising one’s hand.”

“Thank you,” Yu Yue nodded before raising his head and downing the XO in his glass in a single gulp, “I’ll tell her when we get back and see what she thinks.”

“Alright,” Xu Tingsheng could naturally guess what his girlfriend would think about it.

After all, he too had been rather familiar with that girl in his previous life. They had been in the same class, and she had been his roommate’s girlfriend for four years. Instead, it was Yu Yue who was a bit too much of a romanticist.

“What about you? You wouldn’t actually still want to experience it?” Xu Tingsheng smiled and asked.

“How did you know? Well, I actually do rather wish to experience that process with her,” Yu Yue said with a yearning look in his eyes, “That way, our relationship might be better in the future.”

“It’s already good enough,” Xu Tingsheng said, “If love can be smooth, simple and happy, then all we should do is let it continue being like this…”

“Remember, we are only normal people. So, we shouldn’t test love too much.”

There was something Xu Tingsheng had actually left unsaid. There aren’t so many noble loves in this world. Normal people’s love actually mostly cannot withstand tests that are too great.

So, let those fiery, tempestuous trials and tribulations be left to movies, dramas and novels. As normal people, what you should most do when possessing love is to let it avoid tests and trials as much as possible.

Protecting a simple happiness also leads to a happy life.

Xu Tingsheng hoped that the conditions he had forged could allow the happiness of Yu Yue and his girlfriend in university times to continue, causing that formerly firm love to not be crushed by reality…even though he had no confidence in doing so.

He had sorted out his thoughts. A previous life was a previous life. When they no longer had to experience all that, perhaps the harm would no longer exist…at least, that was what he hoped.


The next day, the roommates of his previous life moaned after waking up that they should not have gotten drunk the previous night.

After bidding them farewell, Xu Tingsheng said goodbye to Yan Zhengyu too before heading back to Yanzhou.

Reaching home, opening the door.

Miss Xiang was like a little tiger, going for his clothes as soon as he returned as she repeatedly checked if there were any wounds on him.

After confirming that Xu Tingsheng was okay, she began to wear an angry face in a huff…

This was very like Xiang Ning. Still, from how she was constantly sneaking a glance at him, Xu Tingsheng felt that something was wrong somehow.

That night, after he had taken a bath and was lying down on his bed, Miss Xiang appeared at the door of his room in her pyjamas.

The problem was the pyjamas that she was wearing.

Xu Tingsheng rather dared not look for fear that he would become a beast.

He averted his gaze and asked, “What’s with the pyjamas?”

“What? Doesn’t it look nice?” Miss Xiang was not being cheery as usual as she asked this in a suggestive tone.

Miss Xiang who was seventeen and very nearly eighteen actually already had a lot of allure. A bit unable to withstand it, Xu Tingsheng stammered, “It’s not that it doesn’t look nice. It’s just that in the past…in the past, your pyjamas were so cute, so fresh, so village girl-like…now…”

“What is it like now?”

“It’s a bit…”

“Right,” Not waiting for Xu Tingsheng to say that word out loud, Xiang Ning responded and buried her head a bit shyly…that bashful, delicate look especially caused Xu Tingsheng much grief.

Xiang Ning was actually not so used to wearing sexy little pyjamas too as she was nervous and shy, her body even trembling slightly.

Gritting her teeth, she looked at Xu Tingsheng and said, “I want to sleep here tonight.”

Next, not waiting for Xu Tingsheng to answer, Xiang Ning closed the door and plunged under the covers.

After a short while, the tender white hand reached out from under the covers, taking away the book in Xu Tingsheng’s hand and placing it on the cabinet by the bed. She closed the bedlight while she was at it. Xiang Ning’s little body slid up along Xu Tingsheng’s chest…finding his lips with hers.

Having lived together for a year, it was actually already very normal for the two to kiss and hug.

Still, Xu Tingsheng detected something different from her lips. Tonight, Xiang Ning’s lips were fiery, carrying passion and a frenzy that the shy little girl had never yet possessed in this life.

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