Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 653: What happened to the little beauty

Before he completely lost it, Xu Tingsheng retreated a little and sat straight, pressing and stabilising the shoulders of the incoming ‘little tiger’ with both hands.

“Can you tell me what this is all about, Miss Xiang?” Xu Tingsheng inhaled deeply and asked, looking at her.

As faint light filtered in through the window, Xiang Ning’s eyes were lustrous and shining.

Xiang Ning was rendered speechless for a while before she said in a delicate tone, “I want that.”

“Huh?” Xu Tingsheng recalled that it clearly had not been like this in his previous life as he had clearly only succeeded with a lot of coaxing, wheedling, plus acting pitiful, “This is very sudden. Didn’t we agree that it’ll be after you graduate? Why?”

Looking at him, Xiang Ning raised her head slightly and said, “I’m thirsty.”

Thirsty your sister!

Please, this simply isn’t how women should look when they say they’re ‘thirsty’, alright? Also, you’re a mere brat at seventeen, yet to experience the ways of the world. Do you know what being thirsty means? And…where did you learn this word from? Did you look it up on the net?

With that in mind, Xu Tingsheng put on a stern face and said, “If you don’t speak properly and tell the truth, do you believe me when I say I’ll lift you up and throw you out?”

“You dare?”

“Try me.”

As Xu Tingsheng got off the bed and reached out to pull her, Xiang Ning gripped the bed and refused to let go, kicking him.

“Really, I’m telling the truth! I’m seventeen already. I’ll be eighteen in two months…I feel that I can!”

“Let go, Xu Tingsheng! If you pull me again, I’ll cry, do you believe me?”

Xiang Ning puffed up her cheeks and glared at Xu Tingsheng.

After persisting for a while, Xu Tingsheng surrendered, “Alright, since you aren’t willing to tell the truth and aren’t willing to get off…I’ll go to your room to sleep then.”

Xu Tingsheng made as if to leave.

“Come back,” The voice behind him finally turned gentle.

“On the bed.”


Xu Tingsheng did as he was told and waited for her to speak the truth.

Xiang Ning leaned over weakly and whispered into his ear, “To tell you the truth, I’ve lusted after your fleshly body for very long.”

“Xiang Ning.”


“Read fewer web novels, okay? Especially ones with male MCs…your line is wrong.”


Xiang Ning looked discouraged and was silent for a while as she rested on Xu Tingsheng’s shoulder before she finally said, “It’s been twice already. Once in order to save me, and with what happened this time…twice, you’ve nearly died, and I’d no longer have my Xu Tingsheng.”

Feeling tears falling on his shoulder as her figure trembled slightly, Xu Tingsheng hugged Xiang Ning’s little body tightly in his embrace very forcefully.

“When you weren’t around,” Xiang Ning continued softly, “Once, Big Sis Du Jin went to Jiannan during the weekend to do something. Worried about me being alone, she brought me with her. Then, going to Jiannan’s Happy Shoppers to buy stuff to eat while taking a look at our family’s store, I ran into someone.”

Already able to guess, Xu Tingsheng asked, “Liang Qin?”


“What did she say to you?”

“The same as what she told you. She thought that I already knew. Don’t blame her.”

“Alright,” Xu Tingsheng said, but was already thinking of getting his father to send her to some other province the next morning.

“I asked her when she told you about it. Then I calculated the time, and discovered…so it was on the day before we were going to get engaged,” Xiang Ning forcefully hugged Xu Tingsheng tightly, “Separated in life, reunited in death. It was because of this that you lied, deliberately not wanting to get engaged with me, right?”

“Why would I be afraid of that? I’m not superstitious,” Xu Tingsheng wasn’t willing to admit it.

“Of course you aren’t afraid. You’ve even nearly died because of me before…reunited in death. You’re afraid that the one who dies might be me, right?” Xiang Ning thought that Xu Tingsheng was saying that he did not fear death, “Or, you are worried about me, right? I asked Lu Min. Lu Min said that you’re afraid that if we get engaged and do that…if anything happens in the future, it’ll hurt me even more.”

“It’s not like that.”

“If it’s not like that, do that with me, Xu Tingsheng. Little Xiang Ning is yours anyway, always. I feel that lately, I’m more or less ripe anyway.”

“…” His Miss Xiang really wasn’t refined at all.

Xu Tingsheng wanted to laugh, then felt a bit like crying. If it was just a divination lot, Xu Tingsheng wouldn’t be afraid of it. Still, he definitely couldn’t tell Xiang Ning about Zhou Yuandai’s existence and the threat that she posed.

“Or you’ve actually decided to be separated in life. So, you’ve decided to give up on me? When are you planning to do it? Shall I pack my luggage first? Do I return everything that you bought me? How about the wedding gown? Who’s your next girlfriend, do I know her? Will we still be friends in the future?”

“Stop. Don’t intentionally stab your boyfriend’s heart like this…one blade after another too,” Xu Tingsheng tried hard to smile.

As Xiang Ning grew up, she was becoming more and more like in his previous life, especially with how shameless and adorable she was and when she was full of herself in believing that she was cunning but generally actually couldn’t fool anybody at all. She also always seemed able to turn weighty, serious matters lighter.

Hearing Xu Tingsheng say so, Xiang Ning who was gaining momentum showed a bit of awkwardness at having been exposed before immediately continuing, “That’s just how it is. Anyway…do as you deem fit. I just want to tell you that I don’t believe in all that…if it has to be real, I’m only afraid of being separated in life. I’m not afraid of reuniting in death. I hope that you won’t be afraid too.”

Xu Tingsheng wiped her tears and smiled, saying, “I’ll think about it then. Let’s sleep first.”


“Huh what? It’s still the weekend tomorrow.”


Xiang Ning lay down with her back to Xu Tingsheng and was silent for a while under the covers. Suddenly, she sighed slowly.

“What is it?” Xu Tingsheng asked carefully.

“It hurts, my self-esteem…” Xiang Ning said dismally, “Aren’t you attracted by me at all?”

“How’s that possible?”

“How were you able to resist it then? I heard Nannan and the others say that their boyfriends are always so eager…we’ve been living together for a year already. I even did that just now, but you were able to resist it…I suddenly feel so down.”

Xu Tingsheng bundled her over and looked into her eyes, “Are you being serious or are you pretending?”

“Of course I’m serious,” Xiang Ning looked straight into his eyes.

Seeing this, Xu Tingsheng hesitated for a bit before he leaned in and said into her ear, “Actually, I’m having a very hard time holding it back. It’s just that you don’t know.”


“When you’re asleep sometimes, as I look at you, two people leap out in my mind, an angel and a devil. They have an intense fight…in the end, if it all fails, I have to secretly take a cold shower before I can sleep.”

“No wonder it always feels like the soap’s being used up so fast.”

“Cough. Um, that doesn’t seem to be the main point, right?”

“Heh,” Xiang Ning stuck out her tongue in glee before looking sympathetically at Xu Tingsheng, thinking about something as she climbed onto him, “How about you let the little devil win today then?”

“But it just returned to the fort in defeat.”

“Let it have another round then. I’ll help it.”

Xiang Ning covered Xu Tingsheng’s eyes with a palm, got up and sat on his legs as she turned on the bedlight with her other hand…she slowly moved that palm aside, closing her eyes as she asked softly, “Do I look nice like this? Has the little devil turned into a Super Saiyan?”

The flimsy pyjamas actually weren’t all that sexy. Still, worn by a girl who was like an apricot that had just ripened, just that bit of concealment could ‘kill’.

“Did you buy it yourself?”


“Didn’t you feel embarrassed?”


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