Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 654: The insane Xu Tingsheng

Miss Xiang had already changed back to the kind of pyjamas that she was more used to wearing. The white cotton pyjamas were dotted with tiny, intricate fruit patterns of varying kinds.

Beneath the warm sunlight, Xiang Ning lay under the soft, white blanket, fresh and sprightly.

It had actually been very easy to convince her to change her pyjamas. Xu Tingsheng had extended a hand and tugged at her sexy little pyjamas at the time, saying, “You’re already relying on all this now. Then, when we’ve been married for one or two decades, when you’re in your thirties or forties…what do you intend to rely on then? Also, you simply don’t need this kind of stuff now!”

Hearing this and feeling that it made sense, Xiang Ning had decisively changed out of her sexy little pyjamas.

Her face feeling a little warm from the sunlight, Xiang Ning blearily opened her eyes to find Uncle lying on his side and looking quietly at her.

“Good morning, Madam Xu,” Seeing that she was awake, Xu Tingsheng smiled warmly.

“Ah, good morning, that whoever.”

“Huh? What do you mean by that whoever?”

“Um, well…hubby,” Xiang Ning called softly, her face a bit red as she plunged into and buried her face in Xu Tingsheng’s embrace, hiding for a while.

“How it went last night-can it really be considered a success?” Xiang Ning asked.

“It does, I guess,” Xu Tingsheng said rather painfully.

“I really didn’t block you with my knee on purpose. I also didn’t kick you on purpose,” Miss Xiang said very innocently, “That was all by reflex. I couldn’t control it.”

“I know,” Xu Tingsheng consoled her, “Girls are always like that during their first time. It’s very normal. Only couples consummating their marriages in movies and novels have warm, happy first times. Normally, it’s strenuous and tiring to death.”

“Oh,” Xiang Ning was silent for a while before she suddenly tugged Xu Tingsheng’s clothes in front of his chest, “What do you mean girls are always like that during their first time? How do you know?”

“Oh, I read that in a book. That book also said that couples in ancient times drank wine from each other’s cups actually to get the bride a bit drunk, so that it’s easier to do the deed. Girls then mostly never drank before, so they would topple with a single cup,” Xu Tingsheng made stuff up while thinking: You dare to ask me how I know? At least, you’ve been like this in both lifetimes. Boldly guaranteeing that you’re ready but attacking by reflex as soon as I lean over.”

“Oh, alright then,” Xiang Ning thought about it before venturing, “Well, do you want to try again now then?”

“No thanks…” Xu Tingsheng explained, “What I mean is that I’ve got to rest for a few days first. Your kick really hurt! Also, it tired me out.”

“Oh. Still, I’ve thought of a method.”

“What’s that?”

“Tie me up,” Xiang Ning said.



“At the beginning, it’s best not to play so big.”

“Oh. I know, you are angry.”

“I’m not angry. It just really hurts…”“Alright, I’m sorry! I’ll kiss you ten times.”


Xu Tingsheng stayed at home for a week. When Xiang Ning was released from school on Friday, he directly drove to pick her up and set off for Shenghai.

Xingchen had specifically set a date for this as when Xu Tingsheng and Xiang Ning walked into the company, they were greeted by applause from two rows of people standing on the sides.

“Are they celebrating you doing that to me?” A bit confused, Xiang Ning leaned over and whispered into Xu Tingsheng’s ear.

Feeling quite helpless at Miss Xiang’s overactive imagination, Xu Tingsheng replied, “No, it’s because you’ve come this time in the capacity of the company’s second biggest shareholder and future chairman. Everyone’s welcoming you in officially entering Xingchen Technologies.”

“Oh. Why am I the future chairman? Why isn’t it you?”

“Because that’s what I told them,” Xu Tingsheng couldn’t be bothered to explain.

He had three things to do in coming to Xingchen this time.

First was to confirm Xingchen’s future management system, signing long-term contracts with Hu Chen and He Yutan in placing them fully in charge of the running and management of Xingchen Technologies.

Many people had reserved their opinions about this, Hu Chen and He Yutan included. Still, Xu Tingsheng was insisting on it.

Second was to officially confirm Xiang Ning’s status as Xingchen’s second largest shareholder in holding thirty percent of its shares. At the same time, under a signed agreement that only Xu Tingsheng, Hu Chen, He Yutan and Old Jin were privy to, if Xu Tingsheng met with any accident in the future, Xiang Ning would be the one to inherit Xingchen.

Regarding Xiang Ning holding Xingchen’s shares, as everyone saw it, it was no different from Xu Tingsheng passing something from his left hand to his right hand. They were naturally fine with it.

Yet, the latter clause still caused the other three to break out in a cold sweat. Xu Tingsheng could only explain that life was very unpredictable and it was better to be prepared than not.

Third was to simultaneously launch the open betas of <> and <>.

This was faced with opposition by everyone in Xingchen. The one managing the games, Shao Yanshan, had even broken out cursing and smashed his phone after several failed attempts to convince Xu Tingsheng otherwise.

The reason was…this was definitely the most foolish thing one could do.

Simultaneously releasing two games with great market potential whose target player base also overlapped? Virtually no game company had ever done this before.

No one was that foolish. Doing this definitely couldn’t achieve that effect of one plus one exceeding two or something, not even equalling two…one plus one would definitely be lower than two, might even be lower than 1.5, because this was intrinsically-competing for players with oneself.

Everyone was opposed, and resolutely and vehemently too.

Still, Xu Tingsheng who was usually easygoing and habitually left things up to others was unexpectedly determined on this. His reason was: Creating a mighty impact that solidified the position of Xingchen Games as hegemon in a single go.

Only a fool would believe this. If one really thought like this, wouldn’t letting Xingchen release three hot games consecutively, each to a huge wave of popularity, better be able to win the trust and capital of gamers and the passion of the market?

More than three video meetings were held. Finally, unable to win against them in an argument, Xu Tingsheng turned off the video, leaving only sound, “Sorry, I’m deciding everything on my own this time. I’ll listen to you guys for everything else in the future.”

That having been said, however much they were opposed to it and could not understand it, Xingchen’s personnel could only implement it as instructed.

With both games having public betas simultaneously, both the servers and the employees were overloaded.

The public betas for both games were very popular. Still, the more it was like this, the more He Yutan, Shao Yanshan, Hu Chen and the others wanted to cry. Since they could still be popular like this, that meant that they could definitely have been even more popular originally.

As for the voices of the outside world, there was envy, there was jealousy, there was a lack of understanding, mockery and sarcasm.

Someone asked: How lacking in money is Xingchen?

Someone asked: Does Xu Tingsheng not understand or has he gone mad?

The three bigwigs of Xingchen sat down together to analyse this. They reckoned that the sole possibility was that Xingchen would be making a major move in the near future that required a huge amount of funds. This was why Xu Tingsheng was keeping all that to himself while crazily gathering funds without caring about short-term losses.

Though they tried to console themselves like this, the actual situation was that Xingchen’s funds began to be channeled away non-stop.

“What’s Tingsheng doing?”

“I don’t know. Have you asked Old Jin?”

“I have. He doesn’t know either.”

“He’s gone mad.”

The day after returning to Yanzhou with Xiang Ning, the insane Xu Tingsheng was already on a plane to America.

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