Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 655: How many people will follow

Not long ago, he had helped Xu Tingsheng to sell all the overseas copyrights for <> at a pretty good price. The commission was naturally pretty good too, having been paid out very quickly as well.

In fact, he had even earned a commission from the purchasers because there had really been too many competitors. Wayne Yang guessed that Xu Tingsheng might know about that. Still, as long as he didn’t say anything, they would leave it at the level of tacit understanding.

Regarding this copyright, it had not been utterly necessary for Xu Tingsheng to sell it through him. Wayne Yang was well aware that there had actually been no need for that.

So, he subjectively viewed the matter as Xu Tingsheng expressing his goodwill in befriending him…it basically meant that he was relying on him as they should be working together again after this-looking set to profit a lot, Wayne Yang was filled with anticipation. Excited beyond himself, he had even given a double portion of tips after one of his flings.

Still, he soon discovered that he was wrong-this was actually compensation.

Compensation for what? Compensation for him having brought Xu Tingsheng to all the various major banks on Wall Street, to be repaid with Xu Tingsheng bypassing him upon coming again and truly making his move.

Right, Xu Tingsheng had bypassed him in approaching the major banks of Wall Street directly.

“Making use of and then discarding? Still, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that.”

Wayne Yang was not a bad guy per se, much less narrow-minded. He just always persisted with his life principles. For example, if you did not treat him well, he would sell information about you. If you treated him well, he would sell information about you too. The crux was not relationships but whether the price was enough.

Everyone judged him as shameless and scary in that when you gave him a way to earn money, he would have a way to earn money, and when you did not give him a way to earn money, he’d then use you as a way to earn money.

This was Wayne Yang’s bastard logic. He decided to grasp the relevant information and specific direction regarding Xu Tingsheng’s first large scale investment in Wall Street before profiting off that…

Might this wreck the friendship between the two?

He did not care.

He worshipped the god called profit, seeing value as one’s capital. When you have sufficient value, even your enemies will approach you to work together. When you have no value, even your friends will abandon you.

This was what Wayne Yang had concluded from his two decades of experience on Wall Street.

Still, he ran into a wall. After Xu Tingsheng returned to China from Wall Street, Wayne Yang who had connections and sources so abundant even he himself could not keep count launched many attacks all around and discovered himself running into dead ends everywhere.

“NDA? NDA! How it looks like something specifically designed to deal with people like me. Is that really necessary?

While Wayne Yang was very resentful, there was nothing he could do. He could not simply sell that ‘Xu Tingsheng’s investing in Wall Street’. Even the Chinese opening a restaurant near the hotel where Xu Tingsheng had stayed knew this. When going there to eat everyday, he would chat with the boss and employees.

What he needed was specific content. What exactly did Xu Tingsheng who had never lost before think highly of? What had he invested in? In China, at least, countless people wished to know this.

“The heck, I’m going all out.”

Wayne Yang gave an executive at Morgan Stanley Bank named Jennifer a call, inviting her for dinner together.

This female executive had already coveted him for very long.

Right, Jennifer was fifty-four years old. Having had failed plastic surgery, her face was a bit terrifying. For example, her brows sometimes went up and couldn’t come back down. Her lips were even thicker than a hotdog. Her chin sometimes retracted into her mouth.

In half a month, Wayne Yang lost more than 10kg, because he couldn’t stomach his food. At the same time, in order to ensure that he could use some functions normally, he ate a large amount of aphrodisiac medicines…they seemed to have left some aftereffects.

Finally, after a good time, Jennifer leaned in his embrace and told him, “The person surnamed Xu you were talking about, we did an internal evaluation and appraisal of him. The conclusion was that this basically already cannot be considered investing…he is attempting a large scale transfer of assets. As long as it can retain or increase in value, he’s taking anything.”

“Right, you definitely cannot tell anyone else about this,” Jennifer said.

Then, looking at Wayne Yang who was already jumping off and beginning to put on his clothes, she suddenly realised just how laughable these words of hers were.

“Yang, you can’t treat me like this…he’s a customer our bank is fully concentrating on securing. If the higher-ups of the company know that I disclosed this information…”

“Go to hell, witch. I’ve already got no more contents to vomit out,” Wayne Yang cursed as he left the room.

“Over a year ago, someone snatched Xu Tingsheng’s opportunity and invested in facebook. The value of the investment has already increased multifold now.”

“Now, the chance to follow him or snatch his opportunity is before you.”

“Think good and well about it. I can help you guys to get ahead of him, do what he wants to do.”

HIs face thin and wan, his liver weak, Wayne Yang told this to his customers-having expended so much to get the news, he did not intend to sell it cheaply. As for channels, he believed that he exceeded Xu Tingsheng in this area.


After returning to China, Xu Tingsheng was like a vampire-with regard to those companies of his.

In other words, it was not just Xingchen’s money that was being channeled away. It was the same for Hucheng and Zhicheng as well. It was just that due to the problem of shares, the procedure was a bit more complex for these two companies.

Besides that, Xu Tingsheng even drew a large amount of funds from Huang Yaming’s mines and bars every once in a while.

As some of Xu Tingsheng’s closest companions, Huang Yaming and Old Jin could basically guess that Xu Tingsheng was engaging in a gamble of titanic proportions. As for which side he was placing his bets on, they were unable to guess that.

They asked, but Xu Tingsheng wouldn’t say.

They tried persuading him, but Xu Tingsheng wouldn’t listen.

A frantic Huang Yaming asked Old Jin, “Won’t you help stop him?”

“I even want to follow for a bit,” Old Jin said, “Don’t forget. He’s Xu Tingsheng!”

Old Jin spoke of another matter behind Xu Tingsheng’s madness: How many people would follow?

While there weren’t many who noticed that Xu Tingsheng was madly channeling funds overseas, they definitely weren’t few as well.

The gambling table was big and there were many positions at it. The key was how many people intended to take up positions there. There were actually quite a few who were qualified enough, such as Ye Qing, such as Old Jin. There were more who themselves weren’t qualified enough, yet whose families and connections were.

There was one more person who was qualified enough.

Xu Tingsheng received a call from Lu Zhixin for the first time in a long while.

After she had asked what she wanted to ask.

Xu Tingsheng told her, “I am doing that. Still, I’m already doing it with Hucheng’s funds. You don’t have to add even more chips, right?”

Lu Zhixin said, “It’s not me. It’s my Dad.”

“He’s recovered again?”

“Yes. Still, this may really be his last all-in. Since he’s determined on attacking that fund and I’m unable to stop him, I can help him to switch the battlefield…can you treat it like you’re helping me? I need your opinion. If he loses this time, he really will jump off a building and commit suicide.”


“Hey, are you listening?”

“I am.”

Xu Tingsheng only had to say ‘Tell your Dad to stay out of it’ and everything would be resolved.

Still, he couldn’t say that. From investigating the clues and information from Apple’s father, Cen Xishan, Xu Tingsheng knew that the fund Lu Zhixin’s father had been frenziedly targeting and attacking all along actually belonged to Zhou Yuandai.

That had been one of the points through which she had risen to power a very long time ago.

Xu Tingsheng had actually already realised earlier that he might be able to do a lot through Lu Zhixin’s father, Lu Pingyuan…now that he had sent himself to his doorstep, Xu Tingsheng could not even think to refuse…

Unless he wanted Zhou Yuandai to see through his actual intentions.

There was no enmity between Zhou Yuandai and Xu Tingsheng. Still, more frightening than that was the intention she had already very clearly displayed. She wanted to control Xu Tingsheng, sought absolute control over him-and Xu Tingsheng definitely wouldn’t allow that. He did not want to be the next Cen Xishan.

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