Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 668: The last song 3

Chick Bao was sobbing the whole way back to school.

Everything must eventually come to an end. It is just that those in love always like to believe at some point in time that this end will be decided by lifespan-actually, how many love stories in this world really end with death?

Most love stories just end due to personality incompatibilities and intractable issues. To put it simply…they wreck it themselves.

Chick Bao sobbed while talking about Lu Xu’s good points. There weren’t many girls who were able to talk about the other party’s good points after they had broken up over a problem. They were usually both nice and ‘dumb’.

Granted, there were surely some unique good points about Lu Xu. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Chick Bao to remain entangled with him for four years while constantly breaking up. Just as his flaw was his easily hysterical nature, the good things about him were intense as well, being relentless and hard to forget.

Sadly, he had still wrecked things for them in the end.

They saw Chick Bao who had finally calmed down somewhat to her dormitory building in D district.

She would be leaving the next day…returning to her hometown.

Giving congratulations, farewell.

Finally, those familiar figures would disperse one after another, going their various ways.

Xu Tingsheng’s group of four headed back to C district.

Old Wai received a text from Li Linlin, “Old Wai, remember to help save us three seats later.”

“Three? Aren’t we sitting with Tingsheng and the others?” Old Wai sent a reply.

“Let’s not sit together today. He’s got to go on stage, so he has to sit a little more up front. It will just be the two of us, and then one more seat.”

“Oh. Who’s coming?”

“No one, just a classmate. Anyway, save us seats first. I’ll be a bit late. Shush already. Right, go buy some food and drinks now,” Li Linlin sent a reply before heading out, preparing to wait for Xiang Ning.

“Oh, okay,” Old Wai who was getting managed more and more strictly by his future wife told Xu Tingsheng that they would not be sitting together tonight before befuddledly getting out of the car and leaving first.

He did not notice and had not told Xu Tingsheng that Li Linlin had asked him to save three seats, yet had not said who it was that would be coming.

Had he said it, Xu Tingsheng would definitely have realised who that extra seat was for.


Xu Tingsheng, Li Xingming and Zhang Ninglang set off after eating dinner together. On the way there, Zhang Ninglang went off with his junior. The remaining two who were on their lonesome said hi to their classmates as they headed there.

Be it those whom they were familiar with or those they did not speak much with, they all felt a sense of imminent separation at this time.

A few simple female classmates who easily got shy took a photo together with Xu Tingsheng. Those who were more enthusiastic and lively hugged him, saying some mischievous words.

The two of them ran into the class chairperson, Zhang Yan, outside the report hall.

Seeing Xu Tingsheng, Zhang Yan greeted him and asked, “You’ll be going to Shenghai after graduation, right? My boyfriend and I have decided to go to Shenghai too. Whatever the case, we’ll work hard for two years before deciding anything else. When you’re free, we’ll look for you to have a meal together.”

Their classmates all knew that Xingchen Technologies was based in Shenghai and were also aware that that was the heart of Xu Tingsheng’s career.

Xu Tingsheng casually answered, “Alright.”

Still, his mind had actually drifted away. Zhang Yan’s question had caused Xu Tingsheng to suddenly consider: Where should I go next?

His fight with Zhou Yuandai was not an actual confrontation on the battlefield with guns. He ultimately still had to find a place to be at.

If this question had popped up a while back, Xu Tingsheng would not have hesitated in the least. He would have remained in Yanzhou, accompanying Xiang Ning. When she finished twelfth grade, he would then go to the city where she was studying university at.

Still, the situation now was different. If he stayed behind and could not control himself, he would disturb Xiang Ning, even causing her to be threatened. It would be too difficult to control himself.

Besides that, he had already long since ceased to run his two companies in Yanzhou. On one hand, it had already been decided that Fu Cheng would be working in Shenghai. Ms Fang and Niannian would go there sooner or later. Huang Yaming would definitely leave Yanzhou too…as was true of others.

Many people would be leaving.

Under these circumstances, without Xiang Ning by his side, Xu Tingsheng’s sense of belonging in Yanzhou…would be no more.

On the contrary, that sort of solitary piteousness and sense of numbness from having nothing to do…it would grow non-stop as time passed.

Still, if he really were to leave…could he do it? Was there a way for him to live peacefully elsewhere?

Close to graduation, virtually everyone was envying Xu Tingsheng, because he totally did not need to consider what to do next and face the pressures of work, life and society like others.

No one knew that he was actually the one who truly did not know where to go next.

When he was still feeling lost regarding this issue, Lu Zhixin walked over. She was dressed as a girl in university should. It felt just like in their first year, when she was the belle at her foreign language faculty.

The two smiled at each other.

“Is your faculty’s graduation party tonight too?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

Lu Zhixin shook her head, “It was two days ago.”

“Were you dragged on stage by the principal?”

“Yes. I had no choice,” Lu Zhixin said.

“It’ll be the same for me later too,” Xu Tingsheng smiled helplessly.

“What have you been busy with recently?” Afraid of it being awkward, Xu Tingsheng found another topic.

“I was working on recruitment in the various schools some time back. I’m free these few days,” Lu Zhixin said, “So, hearing that you may be singing in a while, I came…you don’t mind, right?”

“Of course not,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“What time does it begin?” Lu Zhixin asked.

“Seven. It may be a while before it comes to me,” Xu Tingsheng answered.

Lu Zhixin raised her hand and looked at her watch, “There’s still some time then. Can we walk together?”

She raised her head and looked at Xu Tingsheng, “We’ve graduated. Four years have passed so quickly.”

Xu Tingsheng was not seeing firmness, coldness or fighting spirit in Lu Zhixin’s eyes for once. Instead, it was something that could be called melancholy.

“Where to?”

“Just around the campus. Then, follow me.”

Lu Zhixin walked in front. Xu Tingsheng walked behind and to the side. Beneath the dim evening sky, they passed the lecture theater where they had first met, passed the library, passed Xu Tingsheng’s dormitory at C district, the same place where Lu Zhixin had waited with a scarf that year.

The two passed familiar places, yet tacitly did not mention those past events.

All the way till…they reached that stretch of field.

Lu Zhixin sat on the stands, looking at Xu Tingsheng beside her before turning to look at the football field in front…

“Back in our first year, I was seated right here…”

“That day, you scored two goals. Everyone was cheering. You were Yanzhou University’s hero.”

“That day…”

She raised a palm, “Look, there’s still a scar on my palm. Getting a rose from you was so difficult. Moreover, I even lost it completely afterwards. Or maybe I never truly possessed it in the first place…”

“But I still feel very happy at how I successfully schemed against you…even though I was the one who fell helplessly because of it in the end.”

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