Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 669: The last song 4

“Do you still remember how I looked at the time?” Lu Zhixin felt the cool summer wind with her finger, next turning as she smilingly looked at Xu Tingsheng and said, “Today, I’ve deliberately dressed the same as back then.”

“Actually, I’ve regretted it, regretted why I didn’t stay an ordinary university student, the very beautiful and proud kind, then have an ordinary university relationship with you. Even if we might break up very quickly.”

“Still, there’s no way that could happen, right?”

“In this life, fulfilling your sentence is already enough-Lu Zhixin, the one and only.”

“For this, I will work very hard. Also…thank you, Xu Tingsheng. Thank you for letting me meet you.”

Lu Zhixin rose and hugged this man who had been standing beside her all throughout.

Actually, this was her first time hugging him like this.

She said softly into his ear, “I had a dream a few days back. In the dream, I went to the battlefield with you, thinking that you wanted to conquer the entire world, wanting to stand beside you…sadly, I discovered in the end that what you truly wanted was just a house and a pond, a small courtyard and a well and a maiden who would never go to the battlefield.”

“You left.”

“Meanwhile, I remained on the battlefield. I couldn’t return and wasn’t willing to return…because at the end of the dream, only then did I see things as they really were. So, the one who truly wanted to conquer the entire world was me all along!”

Just like that, the two were silent for a while.

Xu Tingsheng’s handphone vibrated. Vice-Principal Niu was calling, clearly to urge him to hurry over to the report hall.

“Answer it first and go back. I’d like to sit here alone for a while longer,” Seeing Xu Tingsheng a bit hesitant, Lu Zhixin relaxed her grip and smiled mildly.

Xu Tingsheng left first, passing the stands, passing the field…

Outside the door, he unconsciously turned and glanced over. Lu Zhixin’s figure was indistinctly sitting quietly on that stretch of stands. The sky was already dark, the cool wind blowing gently amidst the darkness…

That figure was lonely and quiet. This was her reining in one of the few scenes that could warm her heart over these past four years.

Actually, Lu Zhixin was far more lonely than most other people in this world. It was just that that had never been discovered.

Xu Tingsheng could basically understand that this was actually Lu Zhixin’s farewell to him.

Because of Hucheng, they would still be in contact in the future, perhaps even a lot. In terms of feelings, though, she had let go, at this time that was itself a time for farewells.

The four years of university had gusted past like the wind in great haste, finally reaching the last point.

It had taken away many things, be they good, bad, important, cherished…


The first thing Vice-Principal Niu did upon seeing Xu Tingsheng was pull his T-shirt.

“What’s with you? Are you intending to dress like this today?” The old man asked angrily.

Xu Tingsheng nodded carefully.

“Go back and change.”

“There’s no need, right?”

“What do you mean no need? Do you think I’ll have no way to manage you in the future?” The old man tugged at his suit, “Do you think we principals dress up so well and move out to attend every single graduation party?”

Xu Tingsheng understood what the old man was trying to say. The graduation party was not the graduation ceremony, after all. They were treating this so seriously because of him.

“I’ll go back and look for something then. I don’t think I have formal wear in my dorm,” He said.

The old man raised his watch and glanced at it, saying, “Hurry up. Make it seem more official.”

As Xu Tingsheng went back to his dormitory to change, the graduation party had actually already started. There were people crying, people laughing in the report hall.

Old Wai who was guarding two empty seats finally saw Li Linlin as well as the person behind her…

“Wa, Xiang Ning…um, Little sister-in-law…you, you’re here? Why aren’t you with Bro Xu?” Old Wai still did not know of the current state of affairs between Xu Tingsheng and Xiang Ning as he asked rather emotionally upon seeing her.

Being asked about Xu Tingsheng, Xiang Ning rather nervously tugged at the back of Li Linlin’s clothes.

“ Oh right, Bro Xu has to go on stage. Relax, Little sister-in-law, you can just sit with us. Come on, sit. Look, there’s food and drinks here,” Before Li Linlin could say anything, Old Wai realised and added before enthusiastically welcoming her.

Li Linlin pulled Xiang Ning along to sit down, glaring at Old Wai, “Since you know, why still ask? Watch the performances properly and don’t bother us.”

“Right, also, lend me your phone for a bit,” Seeing that Xiang Ning was still nervous, Li Linlin hurriedly added, asking for Old Wai’s phone to eliminate the possibility of him notifying Xu Tingsheng.

“Huh? Why?” Old Wai asked while taking out his phone.


An impatient cough was enough. Not needing to reply or further explain, Li Linlin took Old Wai’s phone and waved it at Xiang Ning, indicating for her to relax.

In actuality, though, Li Linlin herself was feeling very conflicted as to whether she should tell Xu Tingsheng…that Xiang Ning was here.

Time and time again, she had had the urge to remind Xu Tingsheng about it. Still, Xiang Ning’s repeated pleas, especially the unease and pain in her eyes, had left her conflicted and caused her to give up.

Li Linlin and Xiang Ning had interacted virtually every weekend for a year. The Xiang Ning in her impressions was simple and cheerful, someone who couldn’t hide things and whose eyes could smile too.

As she looked at Xiang Ning who was trying very hard to suppress her feelings at this moment, seeing the weariness and sense of confusion in her eyes, Li Linlin’s heart ached.


Up on stage, the principal, Zhao Kangwen, was finishing up his speech.

After sufficiently expressing his reluctance to part with and hopes for the graduating students, wishing them well, he said with a look of candour on his face, “To be honest, of all the faculties in Yanzhou University, this is only the second graduation party that I’m attending.”

“Why am I here tonight? While it may sound a bit mercenary, I indeed just had to be here to give a word of thanks.”

“It’s also to network, hoping that certain students who are doing well will contribute more to Yanzhou University in the future. In Vice-Principal Niu’s words, when they have nothing better to do, they can just come back and donate a building or something.”

The listening students laughed knowingly.

Zhao Kangwen adjusted his slightly awkward look and continued, “These four years, the cut-off mark for Yanzhou University has been rising like a rocket. These four years, Yanzhou University has been as well-known as some longtime famous schools. These four years, Yanzhou University and I have received countless commendations. These four years…Yanzhou University has been very proud.”

“All this was because of a guy who missed Qingbei by two marks four years ago, applying for Yanzhou University as his second choice. To this day, I rejoice that this happened.”

“When his name appeared on the list of incoming students, we higher-ups were very happy, because a highest score in history had come that would look very good on our recruitment booklet. We even awarded him on entering. Yet, we indeed never thought that everything afterwards about him would be so unordinary.”

“Thank you. Thank you for the glory you have brought to Yanzhou University. Thank you for creating a legend here.”

“Thank you for that archaeological thesis. Thank you for those two goals you scored against Jianhai Technological University in your first year. Thank you for never failing a course. Thank you for not dropping out from university like Bill Gates and co. Thank you for not driving around campus with Ferraris and Lamborghinis.”

“More importantly, thank you for the two student aid funds you set up in Yanzhou University, Hucheng’s Heart and Agglomerating Yanzhou University. As well as Agglomerating the Stars that is directed towards the whole society.”

“Also, thank you for specially establishing a fund for Yanzhou University’s library. I guarantee that in the upcoming few years, we will definitely let you see a university library that is first-rate within our country.”

“Thank you. You’ve graduated, Xu Tingsheng.”

“You are Yanzhou University’s pride.”

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