Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 678: A red heart illuminates my fighting spiri

The conversation between Xu Tingsheng and Zhou Yuandai went on till the early hours of the morning.

Zhou Yuandai who had gradually grown a bit tired seemed to have finally finished pouring out her feelings, or rather finished showing off her ‘glorious’ post-rebirth life.

“We should return to the main topic at hand,” Zhou Yuandai stood up and said, “Those people under the rifles’ scopes yesterday along with those I believe you are concerned about who are not under those scopes for the time being…I’ve prepared a namelist for you.”

She passed Xu Tingsheng a list. Besides those who had appeared on the computer screen the previous night, there were also Xu Tingsheng’s sister Xu Qiuyi, Wu Yuewei and Apple.

“If your family or friends make an overly antagonistic move, or you yourself…if I happen to find out that you are lying to me. For one sentence, choose one person…you can make the choice.”

“There’s no need to worry for me…it’s all possible, just that it’ll take a bit more effort, hold a bit more risk.”

Looking at the namelist, Xu Tingsheng was silent for a time.

“What, are you secretly numbering them?” Zhou Yuandai gazed at his eyes, “Or have I made an error in judgment and there’s actually someone among them that you really want to die…family? Friends? A woman that you want or don’t want?”

“Wu Yuewei? Apple? How about adding Lu Zhixin to this list too and choosing her as the first one? That’s fine with me.”

She closed in on him.

“I have no intention of lying to you. Since you know that I’m concerned about these people, you should know that I daren’t take the risk,” Xu Tingsheng replied calmly.

“In that case, you’ve first got to give me an explanation about Apple and Symbian.”

“That was only to test if you were reborn. You and I both know that however this matter ended up, it wouldn’t affect you much regardless.”

Zhou Yuandai lowered her head and thought about it before looking back up, “Alright, number two…was investing in Wall Street an intentional misdirection? In April, America’s second largest housing loan company, New Century, went bankrupt. How do you explain that?”

“In August, the Federal Reserve will make their move, causing the price of the stock market to soar back up. Confidence in Wall Street will recover and stabilise. The American government will successfully resolve the crisis. Therefore, now is the best time to buy.”

Xu Tingsheng did not evade Zhou Yuandai’s gaze at all.

“If you lie, someone will die. You will choose that person yourself,” Zhou Yuandai said.

“I know,” Xu Tingsheng nodded.

Zhou Yuandai stared at him, finally saying after a long time, “Alright, I’ll wait till August then. Still, you must remain behind and wait together.”

She paused, then said, “Record a video for your family to pacify their emotions and stabilise them. Your father especially has contact with a pretty high level…I don’t want to see people going overboard in their actions. In other words, I hope we can have a happy cooperation.”

“Alright,” Xu Tingsheng answered, not putting up a needless struggle.

Zhou Yuandai left. A black man walked into the meeting room, setting up a mini camera and aiming it at Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng adjusted his emotions, controlled his expression and said, “I’ll keep it short, Dad. Have you ever found it strange how our family has developed as if with divine aid these past few years? …In truth, your son has indeed always been blessed with the help of a benefactor.”

“Now, I have graduated from university and have time. This benefactor just happens to have a big matter that he wants my help in completing. While it is not dangerous, it’s so great that it concerns contentions between countries in the finance market. So, it must be kept secret. I must also leave for a period of time.”

“For at most two years after this, I probably won’t have much contact with the family. Please take note of this, Dad, and do remember to take good care of yourself.”

“Only you alone can watch this video, Dad. So, in the upcoming time, not only do you have to take care of yourself, you also have to help to pacify and take care of everyone else…I’ll have to trouble you with this.”

“And finally, Dad, you are the person I look up to the most. I believe that you’ll definitely have no problem.”

The video passed Zhou Yuandai’s inspection. The next day, it appeared in Mr Xu’s car.

On the same day, Xu Tingsheng flew off to Japan in Zhou Yuandai’s private jet…Zhou Yuandai planned for him to remain in Japan till August before going to America.


Xiang Ning still remained there, waiting. That Friday night, Xu Tingsheng did not return. A puzzled, angry and upset Xiang Ning unknowingly spent the night on the sofa. She was woken up by Du Jin in the morning.

Du Jin did not know where Xu Tingsheng was too.



Xiang Ning began to worry. Still, she mustered up her courage and enquired about it. Huang Yaming and the others all told her that Xu Tingsheng had just gone overseas on a business trip and forgotten to bring his handphone with him…only then could she relax, going back to attend school.

The next weekend, she saw Xu Tingsheng’s Dad who was meant to be her future father-in-law.

“We did argue. It’s all my fault for being spoilt by him and becoming too wilful. Still, it was going to be okay already. He also said that he would remain here…within a few kilometres of me,” Xiang Ning had started to feel that Xu Tingsheng’s departure might be related to her as she felt guilty and very apologetic.

“In that case, he’ll definitely come back to look for you. You’ve got to trust him. Also, you’ve got to try to get into a good university…he’ll definitely be very happy that way.”

Mr Xu’s consoling words managed to settle Xiang Ning’s heart.

At the same time, Mr Xu still needed to suppress his worry and even pain, pacifying many people. This included his family and also Huang Yaming and co.

Mr Xu was certainly aware that things were definitely not as simple as Xu Tingsheng had said in the video. Even if some benefactor really existed, this time’s matter should also be the other party trying to extract a high price from Xu Tingsheng in repayment.

It was just that he dared not make any reckless moves for now…dared not let others do so too.

Huang Yaming too received countless inquiries from others. Amongst Xu Tingsheng’s friends, most of those who were wondering about his sudden disappearance from the face of the earth would think to ask Huang Yaming first.

As instructed by Mr Xu, Huang Yaming was also pacifying everyone, even though many people were actually able to sense that things were not right.

“If you feel worried, help do the matters that Tingsheng has left behind! What freaking use is there in jabbering on?!” Frustrated, Huang Yaming eventually pushed them back with some forceful language.

Unease and gloom began spreading everywhere.

When Wu Yuewei and Apple unexpectedly came to look for Xiang Ning together, when Lu Zhixin who had no one to ask stood in front of Ms Fang’s door alone on the weekend Fu Cheng came home, when Mr and Mrs Xu began arguing…

At the same time, Hucheng, Zhicheng, Xingchen, the Bingzhou mine district-all the entities related to Xu Tingsheng were in full-blown expansion. While they did not know whether this might be of use to Xu Tingsheng, so long as they could do a little something for him, it could better quell the anxiety in their hearts.


Japan, Hokkaido, morning.

Xu Tingsheng sat at the table, eating breakfast.

His current state was very strange. He spent most of his time living a leisurely life under surveillance. From time to time, he also participated in some meetings of Zhou Yuandai’s corporation, just like a Director from outside the organisation.

Zhou Yuandai would ask for his opinion, but not often. She did not introduce him to the others as well.

That day, Zhou Yuandai showed up for breakfast together with Xu Tingsheng for once.

“You’ve helped so many people…and in the end, when you are like this, everybody else is just living very well, with their family, their lovers, their money…none of them can help you. How do you feel?”

Zhou Yuandai looked interestedly at Xu Tingsheng, as if looking forward to seeing his pain and his disappointment.

Xu Tingsheng silently ate breakfast, not speaking.

While there was no one by his side, those people were all in his chest…it was precisely because of them that he had the courage to face Zhou Yuandai.

A red heart illuminates my fighting spirit.

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