Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 685: Levelling the mountains and seas 2

Not long ago, after telling Xu Tingsheng ‘love separated by mountains and seas’, Zhou Yuandai’s next sentence had been ‘mountains and seas cannot be levelled’.

Xu Tingsheng had not said anything at the time. Still, he had actually answered in his heart: In that case, I’ll move the mountains and fill the seas.

He had done just that, toppling Zhou Yuandai whose wealth and strength might be dozens of times higher than his…

As another three banks announced their bankruptcy by the time it came to get off work…Zhou Yuandai was officially declared bankrupt. A massive entity akin to an empire collapsed mightily just like that.

It was also at this moment that in a chain reaction, Zhou Yuandai and all her enterprises were truly exposed in the public eye for the first time. It was like a massive beast living in the depths of the ocean. Only as it took its final breaths, flopping over with its belly facing the sky, would it appear on the ocean’s surface.

The carnivorous fish would swarm over as they caught its scent…

As she sat opposite Xu Tingsheng, Zhou Yuandai’s facial muscles were twitching and trembling non-stop.

The last time she had felt so helpless and wretched was not when she had died in her previous life but in this life, at the moment she had lost her foreknowledge.

That time, she had turned from a ‘god’ into a human. Yet, she had still been a human who presided over countless others as she had still possessed immense wealth and power.

This time, however, she would be completely turning into a normal person, or perhaps not even that.

It was destined that a person like her would not be able to live as a normal person after having been completely defeated. Her own mentality dictated that it was impossible while others too would not allow it.

Zhou Yuandai’s way of doing things and style determined that while everyone would fear her when she was powerful, the seeds of hatred would also be buried. So, as soon as she fell, there would be countless former enemies and opponents, people from other cults, governmental forces or some destitute and living on the streets…be they powerful or weak, all of them would be in a real haste to charge over and deal the finishing blow.

With her economic ties with those underground mercenary organisations, it was also fated that she would become their sinner and enemy this time.

In her madness and triumph, Zhou Yuandai had actually betted the money of countless people. While people in this world can be devoid of emotion and love, there is absolutely no one who can possibly be free of relationships of mutual gain with others after having grown to some extent.

In Zhou Yuandai’s world, she was cold and merciless to everyone, only being connected to them by this mutual gain. With that, as soon as this mutual gain was wrecked, even turning into a loss…others would treat her with the same cold, merciless attitude.

“Aren’t you worried about these people dying at all?” Zhou Yuandai took out that namelist, placing it on the table as she sought to threaten Xu Tingsheng.

After all, this person before her was still in his period of foreknowledge.

“Your force from the mercenaries should already have retreated. Also, your most loyal believers are possibly being hunted down as we speak,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

“Oh, so fast? Who leaked the information?” Zhou Yuandai thought about it herself, then asked, “Cen Xishan?”

Xu Tingsheng nodded. His most crucial and covert interaction with Cen Xishan, every critical segment of the plan, had actually been completed at Apple’s Grandma’s funeral. It had been written in water on the lid of the coffin.

“You’ve won,” Zhou Yuandai laughed, “Sadly, you aren’t in time to stop me from killing you. Today’s coincidence…I suddenly brought you along and had a change of location. No one will be able to find this place for a while.”

“Also, they…” She pointed at the two deaf-mutes behind her, “They don’t know anything at all besides obeying me.”

Xu Tingsheng did not speak in a silent admission of Zhou Yuandai’s words. For all his calculations, he could not have known of today’s last-minute change. For some reason, Zhou Yuandai had suddenly brought him somewhere else…

At this moment, these words inexplicably appeared in his mind: Separated in life, reunited in death.

Was that lot really fate?

“Are you afraid of death?” Zhou Yuandai suddenly asked.

“A little,” Xu Tingsheng answered frankly.

“How about I ask you something first then?”


“You’ve suffered great losses too this time. Your period of foreknowledge is also coming to an end. Have you thought about your future if you continue living?” Zhou Yuandai looked into Xu Tingsheng’s eyes, “Can you imagine the feeling of losing your foreknowledge? Becoming that ordinary and mediocre you from your previous life once more? Wasting this rebirth?”

Actually, he still had seven full years of foreknowledge. Still, he obviously could not reveal this now.

Xu Tingsheng thought about it and said rather sincerely and with a bit of self-derision, “At least I’ve got much more money that in my previous life! To me, even some tens of millions may already be a lot…also, it’s far from that. As for becoming ordinary and mediocre…I can just become a teacher again at most. Then marry and have kids, living that ordinary life, slowly growing old.”“You’re willing?”

“I am.”

It was destined that Zhou Yuandai would not be unable to understand Xu Tingsheng on this point. Still, she quickly grasped another point. Zhou Yuandai felt that this was key in Xu Tingsheng still being able to live calmly and happily even if he lost his foreknowledge.

She had guessed right.

This was something which could truly destroy Xu Tingsheng’s life completely, leaving him with pain that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

This was Zhou Yuandai’s final, crazed vengeance which was even more brutal than killing Xu Tingsheng.

“I think that I have not much time left. While there aren’t many who know of this place, it’ll be found out sooner or later,” Zhou Yuandai pointed at her pretentious robe, saying, “I can’t let myself die in the hands of a bunch of ants.”

She moved a chair to the wall, opened the window and climbed onto it.

“You may be willing, but I’m not. This is unacceptable…I want to be reborn again…I want to be a god again,” It seemed like she was talking to herself but also like she was talking to Xu Tingsheng.

At this moment, one could tell from her eyes that she was already completely crazy.

Xu Tingsheng observed his fleeing route and prepared for a final bid for freedom.

“I won’t kill you…dream on. I won’t give you a chance to be reborn again,” The crazed Zhou Yuandai looked wretchedly at Xu Tingsheng, saying hysterically, “Still, I won’t let you have it good. I have a method of revenge that’s better than killing you…I want you to feel pain for the rest of your life.”

After some deranged cackling, Zhou Yuandai pressed a button on her handphone, sending out a text that had already been composed beforehand.

She raised her phone for Xu Tingsheng to see.

There were merely four words in that already sent message: Kill that little girl.

“Come on, guess. Who is it?”

“It’s already too late for you now.”

With that, Zhou Yuandai turned and leapt out of the window with her phone in her hand…

Not having received any instructions, the two deaf-mutes who had very likely been purposely made that way since young simply stood there, unmoving.

“Who is it?” Xu Tingsheng tried to guess.

If he had read Xiang Ning’s diary, it would actually be very easy to guess.

She had written that Dongdong was very scared of Du Jin…

So, that former event had not been real…rather than Zhou Yuandai’s operative being skilled enough to capture Dongdong from under Du Jin’s watch without her realising anything at all…it was Du Jin who had captured Dongdong in the first place.

She was the hidden agent Zhou Yuandai had planted in Xu Tingsheng’s midst all along.

Now, she was by Xiang Ning’s side.

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