Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 687: Levelling the mountains and seas 4

Whether or not Du Jin knocked Xiang Ning unconscious, the sniper opposite had never had a chance of killing her whatsoever. His opponent was someone who could wield knives and still reach this level in modern society.

He did not wield guns. Still, he could grasp even the breathing patterns of gun users.

So, Du Jin was the only one left who could kill Xiang Ning.

Xiang Ning was still lying unconscious on the sofa…

Crouching on the floor, Du Jin was assembling a German P229 pistol numbly but with incomparable fluidity.

There was no need at all for her to use a gun to kill Xiang Ning. So, even Du Jin herself actually did not know at this point if she was preparing to kill Xiang Ning or afraid of that person opposite rushing over…

She had to kill her, because Zhou Yuandai’s orders could never be defied.

She instinctively wanted to protect her, just as an older sister would her younger sister.



The moment the magazine was pushed in…a faint sound resounded from the door behind her.

Du Jin turned reflexively, aiming her gun at the doorway…

Then, she saw Huang Yaming who was similarly pointing a gun at her.

Moments ago, at that critical instance, Huang Yaming had gotten the assassin to go opposite and come over here himself…this was a smart move, because if it was the assassin who had just appeared at the doorway, Du Jin would definitely already have pulled the trigger.

Yet, now, this person…was Huang Yaming.

Du Jin’s hands were trembling.


The Xu family had always found Du Jiang trustworthy. Zhong Wusheng had been involved in and witnessed his former experiences, his time in jail included.

Through her blood-related brother, Du Jiang, Du Jin had been introduced to the Xu family. The records and information had all been privately verified…everything regarding her had then virtually no longer led to any suspicion and vigilance. It just seemed natural and totally reasonable.

After all, at that time, Xu Tingsheng had still yet to fully realise how great and how direct a threat Zhou Yuandai posed. When he had discovered it, he had habitually already come to trust Du Jin…it was very hard for him to think back specifically on it and notice anything suspicious.

Meanwhile, Du Jin had indeed done nothing to raise his suspicions at all. She had always worked hard at her job and was also on close terms with Xiang Ning. It did not appear fake.

Still, if one thought back on it carefully, remove Du Jiang from the equation and Du Jin’s very existence would become extremely obtrusive.

She had returned from overseas, gone through professional training and was proficient in guns. Xu Tingsheng had always suspected that she had a gun. However, due to innate notions on this amongst the Chinese, he was prone to avoid mentioning such a matter.

Thinking back on it carefully, she had actually always intentionally avoided overly interacting with and getting too close to Xu Tingsheng.

Her parents who were already strangers to her had suddenly called her back for a matchmaking session…and so she had left for a period of time.

A professional at her level could actually have Dongdong vanish without detection or harm whatsoever under her watch…one must know that Dongdong was a dog, and a very insensible dog at that. When meeting strangers, the first reaction of dogs is to bark.

Actually, the truth of the so-called matchmaking session was that Du Jin had been called back for some ‘ideological infusing’ due to her having gotten too close to Xiang Ning.

Actually, Du Jin’s words when Xu Tingsheng had enquired about Dongdong’s matter had been half true and half false…she had made use of Xu Tingsheng’s overestimation of Zhou Yuandai’s abilities to create a blind spot in his thought process.

Actually..most crucially, it was still because she really did like Xiang Ning a lot. It would have been hardest to put on an act in this aspect, otherwise.

A change had only happened to this matter on the night Xu Tingsheng had been directly and forcibly retrieved by Zhou Yuandai.

Xu Tingsheng had been with Huang Yaming before returning home that night. While chatting casually, Huang Yaming had told Xu Tingsheng that Du Jin had been adopted during an illness she had as a child. From having been trained and forged, she had been riddled with scars…

At that instant, Xu Tingsheng seemed to have grasped a bit of something.

While his thoughts were not sufficiently clear and he could not directly speak of Zhou Yuandai’s matter to Huang Yaming, while believing that he still had time…Xu Tingsheng had only casually mentioned to Huang Yaming at the time that Du Jin seemed to be a little strange.

He had not expected that he would be forced to leave just like that afterwards, totally unable to say anything else.

After he had vanished, that ‘Du Jin seems a little strange’ had become the greatest point of suspicion in Huang Yaming’s heart, his most important clue. It had also become his point of breakthrough in silently searching for Xu Tingsheng…

So, whatever Du Jin might have thought over this period of time, to Huang Yaming, at least, their interactions over this time had all been an act with a motive in mind.

How could Huang Yaming possibly embark on a new relationship after Xu Tingsheng’s sudden and mysterious disappearance?!

It was actually quite simple, really, just that virtually no one had thought of this.

Totally unable to contact Xu Tingsheng and with Cen Xishan definitely not daring to contact him too, Huang Yaming had tolerated it and maintained his composure just like that as he solitarily, silently investigated the matter…revealing no hint of anything to anyone.

He had indeed gained a lot, including that person hidden opposite, including Du Jin’s possible true motive…

Yet, he had not been able to do anything at all. He dared not act against them, dared not even make any preparations for fear that he would be found out-at the end of the day, he was afraid of provoking and evoking the wrath of the person behind Du Jin who was controlling Xu Tingsheng.

Only today, Huang Yaming had definitively learnt of Zhou Yuandai’s bankruptcy…then, linking these things together, analysing the matter and putting it together with Xu Tingsheng’s earlier actions…he had ultimately come to a conclusion.

If it had been anybody else, still unable to contact Xu Tingsheng under these circumstances, they would definitely be panicked or let their mind run wild before being overcome by sorrow. Fortunately, this person was Huang Yaming. He was cool-headed and decisive.

One had to set aside things they could not do at the moment, however worried they were. Otherwise, they would only waste time and lose opportunities…

Calming down and thinking about what he could and should do now…

Huang Yaming immediately notified Mr Xu that Du Jiang was suspicious before hurrying to Xiang Ning’s house with that assassin.


At the same time, in different locations.

A frantic Xu Tingsheng tried to dash out but was beaten up mercilessly by the two deaf-mute black men.

Du Jiang suddenly collapsed under Zhong Wusheng’s full-powered half step break. He looked bewildered as he fainted.

Du Jin and Huang Yaming still stood there with their guns pointed at each other…Xiang Ning was still lying unconscious on the sofa between them, oblivious to everything.

“It’s got nothing to do with my brother. He doesn’t know anything at all,” Du Jin was first to speak.

“Oh,” Huang Yaming said, “Zhou Yuandai is finished. Give it up.”

Du Jin shook his head, “That’s impossible. You don’t understand…she’ll never lose.”

Through her eyes, Huang Yaming could judge that she was being absolutely serious.

“Go. Leave,” Du Jin said, “Come after me when you’ve got sufficient people. I think you should have guessed everything. That’s right, I’ve been working against Xu Tingsheng all along. Now, the order I’ve received is to kill Xiang Ning. Go! If you don’t go now, how will you take revenge for them?”

Huang Yaming slowly shook his head.

“Even with a gun, you are not my match,” Du Jin said.

Giving up on the possibility of persuading her, Huang Yaming nodded, saying, “I know.”

He paused, adding, “Still, if you wish to kill Xiang Ning today, you’ll have to do it over my dead body. I’m not willing to fight for her. In fact, I’ve always hoped that Xu Tingsheng doesn’t get together with her. But I know for a fact that if she dies…Xu Tingsheng will be finished too.”

Du Jin looked into his eyes and got an answer.

“Would you like a woman like Xu Tingsheng likes Xiang Ning?” She suddenly asked such a question.

“No,” Huang Yaming shook his head.

“So, everything over this period of time was fake, right?” Du Jin asked.

Huang Yaming did not speak.

“But it was real to me…I like you…you’re the first person I’ve ever liked. Also, I hate you…hate you for not continuing to deceive me.”

Du Jin pulled the trigger.

By reflex, a step later, Huang Yaming pulled the trigger too.



The first sound was that of an empty barrel as the magazine slid out.

The second sound was the gunshot.

Du Jin collapsed.

On one side was Zhou Yuandai who had intentionally moulded her for over a decade, whom she dared not even think to defy. There was no going back for her and no way forward too…on the other side was Xiang Ning who was like a little sister to her and the first man she had loved.

So, this was her only choice.


Afterwards, Xiang Ning would ask, “Where’s Big Sis Du Jin?”

“She’s gone overseas to carry out a secret mission,” Xu Tingsheng would answer.

“Can I contact her then? I rather miss her.”

“You can’t. It’s not a secret mission for nothing.”

“Will she be back then?”

“She’ll be living overseas in the future. Also, after this time’s mission, she’ll be saying goodbye to her original identity and starting a peaceful life…having seen movies, you ought to know, right? It’s very difficult for her to quit and live a peaceful life in this profession…so, we can’t interrupt her.”

“Oh. I wonder if she’s in a relationship yet.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“She won’t be keeping in touch with Huang Yaming too?”

“She won’t.”

“Oh, what a pity. I thought they’d be together.”

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