The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time

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Something went wrong with Amamiya Hiroto’s karma. He suffered from permanent troubles and forgot the last time he felt satisfied. Even his last day in this world was anxious. Amamiya saw a girl who was sinking due to the storm. Her boat was damaged, and he jumped into the water to rescue her… When the hero woke up, a reincarnation’s master informed about Amamiya’s death. The guy saw dead people around, and one was a girl he tried to save. Both of them were about to be reborn and receive a chance for a better life. But eve, here Amamiya couldn’t enjoy his being and faced even more sufferings than before.

The Master encountered him telling the last transmigration failed, so Amamiya had to wait for a fresh suggestion. The Master’s real desire differed from his words. He didn’t believe Hiroto could ever gain pleasure, so he was afraid the third life would also torture him. But for that, the Master sent a curse to the pessimist who was sure someone would murder him or Amamiya would commit suicide.

But, luckily, Hiroto came to himself for the third time as a dhampir. He is now a half-vampire, a half-elf who got Magical capacity and a great Mana pool from the past

The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time

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