The Forgetful Detective Series

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Can someone compete with Okitegami Kyouko? She is a skilled agent that discovers culprits in a day. She doesn’t have time for rest, as her intuition for every prosecution is valid only 24 hours. Sometimes Okitegami makes notes on her skin with a unique pen. Kakushidate Yakusuke asks the agent’s help as somebody slanders him that leads to an unfair accusation. This novel has a movie adaptation.

In a primordial version, a detective Kyoko Okitegami suffers from absentmindedness. Though she can’t keep things in mind for even a few days, she resolves her client’s claims in some hours after they send requests. Kyoko’s name signifies “today” in Japanese. The second hero is Yakusuke Kakushidate, who runs after Kyoko as she is the only chance to collect evidence and justify an innocent Yakusuke.

The Forgetful Detective Series

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