The Magnificent Battle Records Of A Former Noble Lady

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This is a tale about an aristocrat named Celtina who had to adapt to circumstances to manage the plan of liberation of her country. Her father was a Duke but it didn’t help her escape expulsion from the homeland. She was chased and settled in a nearby land 2 years ago, however, when she became foreign and great trouble appeared in her country, she was pleaded to rescue the territory. Celtina needed aid to fight with beasts but she only got an uncertain magician, ex-groom and ex-brother who became the First Prince and Knight, a betrayer that made her suffer through hell and a guy with no enthusiasm to do anything as companions. Is it possible to establish peace with such people in a team? Celtina will change her behaviour from ridiculous like boke to intelligent like tsukkomi to overcome enemies.

The Magnificent Battle Records Of A Former Noble Lady

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