The Magnificent Battle Records Of A Former Noble Lady / The Magnificent Battle Records of A Former Noble Lady Chapter 3

03. Request Acceptance

The lands where monsters appear are tainted.

The taint becomes weak as time passes but it takes several decades for it to completely disappear and during that time, life will not dwell in the tainted lands. Even if it’s possible to defeat the monsters, it’s impossible to remove the taint.

However, it is said that only a person who came from a different world and can use healing magic is able to purify those taints. To rely on some few lines in the old documents although it’s unknown whether they are the truth or not, Rideiran Kingdom has already reached the point where they have no other means of salvation.

Fortunately, there’s Akari who came from a different world two years ago. However, she can’t even stand a chance against a monster let alone purify the taint if she left alone on a journey. Even the First Prince who hasn’t heard that he will go along and the second son of Balratona Duke family, a Squire, were somewhat anxious to deal with monsters while protecting Akari. Therefore they selected Syltina from among several people.

“Join the journey to purify the taint and protect Saintess Akari.”

It was the royal order the King gave Syltina.

“In the first place, even the Knight Leader should be able to protect her if it’s just on the level of monsters. Why must I go?”

The monsters are certainty strong. But it’s not to the point that humans won’t be able to compete with. Despite this, why was the duty pushed to her? Syltina cannot help but wonder.

“The Knight Leader position is vacant right now.”


“Since the former Knight Leader Famiras Kranzart suddenly resigned a year ago, the successor has yet to be decided.”

“One year ago, you say…Why did something like that even…”



“The political situation declined, public order was disturbed, the citizens were in chaos, most of the nobles did not go out of their territories. It was not only that. The Sub Leader was tentatively appointed as the next Leader but he only sent his refusal. Thereafter, even his whereabouts became unknown.”

Utterly astounded, Syltina was indeed experiencing this at the moment.

Nothing had changed in this country during the two years she was away. Therefore, something like this happened. Everything she tried to maintain for the person who will take over her position after she was exiled two years ago ended in vain.

This is the result of that. The county is falling into ruin, the citizens are grieving, the Knights are wavering, public order is in disorder, the nobles are living in seclusion, monsters are appearing and generating taint.

The Knight Leader position, the status for Rideiran Kingdom’s strongest, has been vacant for a year. There is even no Sub Leader, who should be the second strongest person. The capable people left have the position of Squad Leaders, but insecurity remains if it’s just them facing off monsters. So they reached out to Syltina, whose name is widely known even in foreign countries.

Didn’t I told you so? Syltina sympathized with the people in front of her for the first time since she came here.

However, while it might be true that she sympathized, accepting this request is a different case.

Just as Syltina was about to refuse for the nth time, the door to the audience room opened with force so strong it was unbelievable.

“Hello, excuse me for interrupting.”

Ahead the opened door, a silver-haired man listlessly stifling a yawn said a few words and came inside.

“Who are you!? What are the Knights doing?!”

“Oh, I’m not someone suspicious. Here, look. A letter from the Guild Master to Sylti. He told me to deliver this immediately so I brought it here.”

Syltina only sighed, astonished at the man who said so while waving the envelope he is carrying with a flutter.

“Al, how did you come here?”

“No, it’s not that…”

“By defeated, you mean…”

“Then that’s fine.”

“Hey! Who is that man!?”

First Prince Fract shouted, pointing at the man Syltina referred to as “Al”.

“He is————-”


“This is…”

Syltina’s eyes slightly widened as he read the contents of the letter and looked over Alhart with an astonished expression.

“It’s like that.”

“…I see. So it’s like that.”

They nodded to each other as if coming to some kind of agreement while the surroundings looked puzzled. Unmindful of them, Syltina once again kneeled in front of the King.

“I will accept the guard mission for “Saintess” Akari.”

With those words, the atmosphere shook in a different meaning than the first time.

“You swiftly changed your mind? What is written in that letter?”

“It is a directive from the Guild Master to accept because a commission for us to guard the Saintess came to the Guild. I will not decline a commission because of personal feelings.”


“Yes. It is commission for Alhart Roulans and I. Therefore, this man will also join the journey for the purification.”

“Pleased to meet you.”

“…I understand.”


The same instant Syltina snapped her fingers, the letter Alhart brought burned without leaving any trace. After confirming it’s done, Syltina stood up and drew the sword hanging from her waist.

The King reigned in the tension which built up then and there with a hand. Just as it calmed down, Alhart similarly pulled out his sword.

“Since it was accepted as the ‘request of the Guild’, please allow me to pledge to you using the style of the mercenary guild we belong to, “Dipterous Sword” which branch is established at Ruran Kingdom.”

“I as well.”

“Go ahead.”

Upon the King’s authorization, both of them thrust their own swords at their feet simultaneously.

“”In accordance to thy command, I will become the shield that protects thee from henceforth. In the event I accomplish this great cause, this sword will obtain the brilliance of the greatest treasure. Until this body is forgotten in time, this mind will become the sword that protects thee. The moment everything is fulfilled, this name will be honorably handed down from generations to generations. My name, my sword, my life. I vow to stake everything in order to protect thee. This body exists for thy sake.”

At the same time we finished speaking, a high metallic sound rang from the swords as returned them to their scabbards.

“So cool…”

A hush fell over the place and Akari’s words echoed, letting her true feelings spill.

“Amazing! Both of you were cool! I was moved!”

Despite saying “both of you”, Akari’s eyes are turned towards Alhart alone. Seeing Akari like that, Syltina smiled wryly and shrugged her shoulders, drawing away from Alhart by a step. As if she was waiting for that moment, Akari, who was tightly snuggling up to Fract until then, ran up to Alhart and took his hand.

“Please take care of me, okay, Alhart-san!”

“I am actually really anxious. Just when I got used to this world, they started calling me “Saint” and told me to go on a purification journey…”

Akari’s voice shook and she lowered her head, still clasping Alhart’s hand. A drop of liquid that fell to the floor made the surrounding people show pitying eyes in sympathy.

“Even a person from another world like me can do well in order to save the people in this country. I can do my best whenever I think of that…but, I’m still uneasy…”


When she lifted her face, Akari’s eyes are wet with tears. However, she was smiling despite looking like that. Sighs of admiration leaked from the surroundings at the teary but lovely, courageous smile of a beauty (this is a bit late but Akari is a peerless beauty).

“If Alhart-san protects me, I can do my best no matter what happens!!”

Directly spoken to by Akari with a smile, Alhart replied, “…Yeah? You done? Err, sorry but I didn’t hear what you said halfway through. Come again?”

———This reaction. On top of that, with a yawn.

“…Huh, uhm, Alhart-san?”

This reaction is probably unexpected even for Akari. She looked up at Alhart with a dumbfounded expression.

“And “Saintess”, was it?”

“It’s Akari. Akari Fuyuhara.”

“Well, whatever. I am protecting you because it’s a request for my party member Syltina. Syltina said “a request for us” but it’s just because since we’re in the same party, a request for one person inevitably becomes the “request for the party”.”


“In short, I am protecting you because of Syltina. Do not forget that.”

Akari glared at Syltina.

“If there was no formal request from the guild, I will cut you off and quickly abandon this kind of country. You should express your gratitude for Syltina’s kindness.”

Alhart bent to whisper that close to Akari’s ear. He murmured it with a slight killing intent. At once, Akari’s face turned pale and she quickly returned to Fract’s side.
Not even glancing at Akari, Alhart stifled a yawned once more, then stepped in front of Syltina, who was looking at him in amazement.

“I’m done with my task so I’ll go back to the inn and sleep. Contact me if something happens.”

“Got it.”

“Should I also reserve a room for you?”

“I think it’s probably alright. I’ll drop by once when this is over.”

“Okay. It’s the inn called “Blue Bed”. Do you know the place?”

“Sure. See you later.”


Alhart patted Syltina’s head once and left the audience room. Syltina saw off Alhart then turned to the King and fixed her posture.

“By the way, King. I have a request for accepting this commission.”

“What is it? State your request.”

“After this mission ends safely, I ask you not to bother me ever again.”

“…Very well.”

“Thank you very much.”

“The departure will be in three days. Gather everything necessary until then. I asked the Balratona Duke House to take care of you until the departure. I will have it arranged so everyone joining the trip will have time to meet together tomorrow. Drop by the castle with the man before in the afternoon.”

“I understand. Then, excuse me for today.”

As Syltina bowed deeply and turned on her heels, only Akari was looking at her with eyes full of rage.

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