The Magnificent Battle Records Of A Former Noble Lady / The Magnificent Battle Records of A Former Noble Lady Chapter 6

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TMBRFNL Chapter 6: Those who cannot be saved

“Syltina-sama! Please, help us!!”

Clinging to her while shedding tears and calling out to her was a woman. And surrounding her were a ton of people, people, and more people.

Seeing that there were so many citizens to the point that she couldn’t even see ahead of her, Syltina cursed at her carelessness in walking around with her face laid bare.

“Syltina-sama, have you returned to this country!?”

“You came to save us, right!!”

“That’s great! With this, we’ll be saved!!”

At the citizens who kept raising their voices at Syltina unanimously, Syltina cast her gaze around them once before letting out a small breath.

“I am troubled when it rains. It’s fine even if you just lend me the edge of your house’s eaves. Could you please do that for me?”


“For 3 days, I haven’t eaten anything. Please show even a little bit of mercy.”

“Could you give me at least a single cup of water? Please.”


“2 years ago, did you all not shake off my hands when I said that and lowered my head, seeking salvation?”


“Despite that, at this point, when you all are troubled, you grieve and ask me to save you?”

“However, that was because of the King and them!!”

“I don’t care whose orders it was. For me, the reality was that I was abandoned by all of you. That is all.”

The citizens fell silent. As if to say that she no longer had business with them, Syltina began to advance forward. Though confused, Tedla too followed after her.

“A-Are you going to abandon us!? We are just citizens that don’t have any power whatsoever!! Is it not a noble’s duty to protect the citizens!!”

“That’s right!! Are you saying that it doesn’t matter cause we’re just commoners!?”


Hearing the criticizing words of the agitated citizens, Syltina’s feet came to a stop. Dwelling within Syltina’s eyes as she turned back to the citizens, was definitely anger.

“The ones who abandoned me first and demoted me into a mere girl was you all, was it not!! It’s far too late for all of you to expect me to help you!!! Don’t just show off your powerlessness! Don’t think that it’s only natural to have others protect you! I no longer have the duty to protect you!!”

The citizens flinched at the words Syltina shouted.

“This country should just perish with all these people!!”

As everyone stood dumbfounded at the heartfelt words that the girl spat out, Syltina had already left the area.


“Where is the room of the man, Alhart Roulans?”

After arriving at the inn which had a signboard with the words “Blue Bed” hanging above it, Syltina questioned the reception while wearing a cloak with a hood that deeply hid her face.

“Are you his companion?”


“Do you have something that can prove that?”


Upon being asked for something to prove her companionship, without any hesitation, Syltina showed them a ring worn on her thumb.

“I have certainly confirmed it. Alhart Roulans-sama is in the room on the right at the end of the hall on the second floor.”

“Thank you very much.”

Lightly bowing her head at the receptionist’s guidance, Syltina went up the stairs and headed for the given room.

“Syltina-sama, what is that ring?”

“At the Guild, depending on the contents of a request, there are times when your life will be aimed at. That’s why those who form a party together put matching items on their bodies, and ask for the inn to only tell those who show those items where their room is. At the inns in Luran Kingdom, they won’t even tell you if that person is staying at the inn until you show them the item.”

Syltina answered the question of Tedla, as he followed behind her, without stopping her steps.

“They’ve thought it through.”

“Because if you don’t think, you’ll die.”

They arrived at the second floor room at the end of the hall on the right. Without even knocking, Syltina opened the room’s door and went in.



Disregarding Tedla’s startled cry, Syltina rudely entered the room, ignoring Alhart as he slept and called out within the room.


As if to answer to Syltina’s call, a single black cat appeared out of nowhere and flew into her arms.


Tightly embracing that black cat, Syltina sat down on the room’s provided sofa.


After that, Syltina completely stopped moving. Tedla called her out with a bewildered voice, but she didn’t give a single response.

“That’s why I said so, Sylti.”


He didn’t know when he had woken up, but Alhart, who had been sleeping when they had arrived at the room, was sitting cross-legged on top of the bed.

“This country can only hurt you. Whether it was 2 years ago, or now. That’s why Kuro and I said that we were against coming to this country.”

“……so? Who are you?”

Sighing at the sight of the silent Syltina, Alhart turned his gaze towards Tedla.

“Ah, um, I’m Tedla Balratona.”

“Ahh, the second son of the Duke. After getting like this, Sylti won’t revive for a while, so what do you plan on doing?”

“By what I plan on doing, you mean……”

“It’s fine if you stay here until Sylti revives, or it’s fine if you head back to the Ducal house first. In any case, the lodging provided for Sylti is your house, right?  We know where it is, so even if you go back beforehand, I can send Sylti over afterwards.”

“……I’ll stay.”

“I see…….oi, Sylti. It’s not too late right now. You wanna quit?”

At Alhart’s question, Syltina shook her head from side to side, causing Alhart to lightly shrug.

“Um, why is Syltina-sama in this sort of state?”

“Didn’t you come here together with her? You don’t get it?”

Seeing Tedla tilt his head at his (Alhart’s) words, Alhart gave a fed up sigh as he sat down next to Syltina.

“What happened on your way here from the castle?”

“What you say……I apologized, and it was rejected, and then…….we were surrounded by the citizens. She was asked to save them.”

“It’s that.”

“Eh? My apology……?”

“Ahh, no. Not that. After that.”

“You’re saying that being surrounded by the citizens and asked to save them was the cause?”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

Lightly tapping on her back while stroking it as though to soothe her, Alhart nodded.

“It’s fine to be happy that she came back to this country. It’s also fine to cling to her while apologizing for what happened 2 years ago. However, just asking her to save you is no good. That alone is not permitted.”

Within Alhart’s eyes as he quietly talked, was a rage that contrasted greatly with his calm tone of voice.

“She had always been helping this country’s people. But at the time when she was asking for help, she was completely rejected. Even so, just how thick-faced do you have to be to ask for her help at this point in time?”


As if it were agreeing with Alhart’s words, the black cat resting within Syltina’s arms gave a single cry.

“2 years ago, all of you hurt her and hurt her, and then as though nothing happened, you called her to guard some Saintess. That alone already made me doubt your nerves, but on top that you ask her to save you? I must say, even idiots have to think at times. Until she became the ‘current’ her, just how much do you think Sylti had to sacrifice, how much effort she had to accumulate, and just how many wounds do you think she had to bear? For those citizens who simply cling to her based on her cuteness, just how much do you think she’s been hurt by their foolish appearances? Don’t think that she’ll lend even a single finger of help to those people who don’t even apologize and just try to use her.”

From beginning to end, Alhart simply spoke quietly, but Tedla couldn’t help but find that frightening.

Under that silver hair were a pair of sharply glinting amber eyes, which looked at even Tedla, who had apologized to Syltina, with a predatory gaze that seemed like he would bite Tedla to death if given the chance.

Translator Notes:

Man, people from this country sure are detestable, huh? Also, cat! Mofu mofu is justice! Nyaa~!!

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