The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 10

At this time Hong Xiaobao was pressing Exquisite Blood Jade against his Deltoid Muscle, where there wasn’t any acupuncture point. But unknowingly why, the energy of Exquisite Blood Jade not only didn’t conduct, but what’s more suprising it stopped moving at all !

“This isn’t right, Exquisite Blood Jade energy is flowing faster when pressed against acupoints, but why did it stop here at all ?”As soon as Hong Xiaobao said that, Meng Xianji voice resounded withing his brain “Haha, you stinky brat, your really intelligent, being able to discover that so fast”
“Hey, what’s the matter here ?” Hong Xiaobao knew that he found something unusual
“Right, what you found a moment ago i like to call ‘Secret Holes’ ” Old man said while nodding his head ” You stinky brat, find all of the Secret Holes, then you will be able to practice my Limitless Fortune Divine Art!
“Good!” Having his cultivation road opened to him, Hong Xiaobao was really determined to practice
After thoughtlessly eating his dinner, and after 2 hours of rest, Hong Xiaobao dilligently spend all night trying to find all of the Secret Holes. While he was doing that Meng Xianji and other Grandfathers were quitly discussing in his bracelet.
Xi Hong said “Xianji, this child is very intelligent, do you really intend to teach him ?”
“Nonsense, this little bastard’s such a good seedling, do you want to waste him ? Greedy Wolf Body is difficult to ind even in several millenia!” Meng Xianji said while smiling ” Us running into him is our good fortune ! I have a feeling that if we want to unify all of the Godheads, then we all will need to rely on his strength”
“I guess he’s just passable” said Tian Can with indifferent nod “I won’t help him much in martial art cultivaton, but when it comes to alchemy i doubt anyone could direct him better than me !”
“It’s rare to see you get involved in something” Xiao Sanshao said with a smile”Xianji will be responsible for his cultivation, Xianji’s Limitless Fortune Divine Art is very suitable for Xiaobao. Everyone of us is a Heavenly God so everybody will be responsible for teaching him. Chen Nan this child is very intellignt right ? What do you think ?”
After five minutes Chen Nan said “Indeed, i’ll teach him my Formation Arts”
“I’ll teach him the art of forging” Xi Hong was a good hearted person as he expressed his will to teach younger generation “This child forging talent is really good”
“This Old Man is a Cooking Heavenly God, and it just so happens that i was looking for a successor to pass my skills” In all honesty Meng Xianji was really happy.
“I will be responsible for teaching him the alchemy” Tian Can said ” You guys chat alone. My condition today isn’t very good, so I’ll go rest first”
I’ll teach him craftsmanship of wine tasting and jewelry processing” Xiao Sanshao also looked very happy. “So it’s decided. As for the four old fools, we will talk about them when they’ll wake up”
Meng Xianji coldly snorted “I peh, i dare them to wake up right now!”
At the dawn of the next day Hong Xiaobao finally sighed with satisfaction
“I haven’t anticipated that human body, besides 361 Primary Acupoints and 114 Extraordinary Points, has entire 311 Secret Holes! Limitless Fortune Divine Art is really fierce.What marvelous abillity will i get when  all of the Secret Holes will be added to the normal acupuncture points ?”
“Old Bones, i’ve found all of the Secret Hole positions, what do i do now ?”
“Now you should… “Meng Xianji was ready to speak, but suddenly he smiled and said “Oy, your Caixiao sweetheart has come, and that means that you obviously need to take her on a walk. By the way you can buy some raw medicine materials, when you come back it will be very usefull to you”
As soon as he said that, Yun Caixiao has conveyed her words “Big Brother Xiaobao are you up ? Uncle emperor asked you to take a stroll with me outside. I wonder if Big Brother Xiaobao would be willing to ?”
After hearing that, Hong Xiaobao jumped out from his bed and jubilantly called “Come, come Little Sister Caixiao! Elder Brother will lead you on a walk today ! Do you remember where i promised to take you last time ? We’ll go to the ‘Great Healthcare’ today !

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