The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 11


Hey guys, here’s my first regular release ever Cool huh. Ok so i won’t have internet connection for whole day tomorrow, so chapter 12 might come a little later. I’ll do my best to post it on time though. Meanwhile i am still trying to uncover mysteries on modern informatics heavenly dao, and believe that’s not so simple Anyway, Here is Chapter 11



At this time guards have obtained the news of Ninth Prince taking his fiancee to go out for a stroll. Immediatly bunch of guards prepared themselves, and were just waiting for Ninth Prince’s order. They were all standing by the entrance, only Yun Caixiao was still in her changing room.

When Ninth Prince finally saw Yun Caixiao, he couldn’t help himself and whistle.

This time Yun Caixiao was wearing long pink skirt, and with this, this light color caused her to seem more pure. And these high heeled shoes made her look extra appealing. She also weared transparent tights, which emphasized her slender legs even more!

Those beautiful long legs, these outstanding round buttocks, in addition to a developing bosom, her youthful aura and all of that perfectly blending together, made her seem like a goddess descent!

Ye Jinning was standing by the side of Hong Xiaobao and examined her really carefully. He especially liked her legs. You could see him gazing at them more than often. His throat clearly twitched from time to time. He was swallowing his saliva.

In his mind they already seemed like a match made in heaven, but in the hearts of other people he was a person that couldn’t control his force while wiping his ass, so obviously they kept the distance of atleast five meters from him. Even Yun Caixiao wrinkled her brows while with him.Unfortunatly she couldn’t distance herself from him, cause of his status.

Completly disregarding Ye Jinning, Hong Xiaobao went forward, and held Yun Caixiao’s hand while grinning ” Little sister Caixiao, you are so beautiful today, even more than usual. Is it because of a walk with me today ?” What was unexpected was that she didn’t refuse his hand. Ye Jinning’s eyebrows had jumped up, and he almost grounded his teath to powder, but he preserved. Hong Xiaobao this bastard, he made me swallow defeat twice already, i’ll endure it for now.

“Taking a walk with Big Brother Xiaobao, it’s only natural for me to be even more attractive, otherwise i would make Big Brother Xiaobao lose face !” Although Yun Caixiao was Martial Arts cultivator, but in heart she was an extremly tradional woman. And intelligent traditional woman knows, that when going with her man to the streets, girl must dress herself nicely for a man to gain face. Although Martial Artist don’t care about these trifling matters, but if she can give face to other party then she will do so.

Although Yun Caixiao was very beautiful, but Hong Xiaobao was not left in the dust. Hong Xiaobao was wearing Blue Fox Golden Silk Crown with eight Golden Pearls as an embroidery, and a giant ruby in the middle. Over his shoulder he caried sable’s shawl. If you put Yun Caixiao and Ye Jinning standing together then first thing that would come to your mind would be “Martial Artists !”. Then if you would put Yun Caixiao standing near Hong Xiaobao then your first thought would be “Emperial son with his conucbine !”. The difference between the two was like a difference between a parrot and a pheonix !

“Little Sister Caixiao is the best !” Hong Xiaobao said with a grin. Afterwards he looked at the row of guards and said “Are you prepared ? Then, let’s go” Although here he is Ninth Prince, but he came from earth afterall, so he didn’t have emperors demeanor, which was really apriciated by this bunch of guards.

“Ninth Prince, where are we going this time ?” The leader of guards asked Hong Xiaobao with a smile “Today’s weather is really good, it’s very appropriate to go on a stroll.” Ninth Prince was a very magnanimous person, so if he would eat meat, then the rest of them could at least drink some soup

“First we shall go on a little shoping” Hong Xiaobao has decided on the traveling schedule “Our first destination shall be the Great Healthcare!”

Great Healthcare! Hearing these words, all of the guardsmen felt their saliva flow.


Day in Chijing Imperial City was very good, whole city bathed in warm sunlight, and it was covered in a golden afterglow.

Hong Xiaobao has brought Yun Caixiao out of imperial palace, and had taken her to the capital’s broadest avenue. Chijing City was the Chiyun Empire’s capital with enormous circumference that could easily accomodate over a million people.Despite that the street that they were walking on was pretty empty.  It was so wide that 20 horse cariages could ride side to side on it. Street was filled with all kinds of shops; weapons shops, restaurants, inns. All kinds of shops could be found here.

Yesterday Hong Xiaobao has borrowed Yun Caixiao’s Exquisite Blood Jade, so of course he was worried that he would owe her one, so today he has brought over 50 thousand taels of silver in banknotes. If Little SIster Caixiao would find something to her taste, he of course would buy it for her.

In this group Hong Xiaobao was walking with Yun Caixiao at the front,  Ye Jinning was following them, while the guards were covering the back. In all honesty, Ye Jinning suffered from injustice, because beside guards and prince’s concubine, the only one that would usually follow him behind would be courtial eunuch.

Since Chijing City is an imperial capital, prince would usually go outside of imperial palace only on grand occasions. Despite this few people were scared of Hong Xiaobao’s convoy, instead they  came closer with enthusiasm.

“Ninth Prince your highness, have you come out of palace for a walk ? Are you healthy Ninth Prince your highness ? Is this prince’s imperial concubine ? She really is attractive. This certainly is the perfect match made in heaven !

Since chilhood Hong Xiaobao left imperial palace to play around the city. At first people were afraid because of the large status disparity. But after awhile everybody discovered that Ninth Prince was quite friendly, and didn’t have usual Imperial Familys’ arrogant bearing. Slowly Hong Xiaobao has earned himself a good reputation and more and more people started talking with him everytime he left the imperial palace. Sometimes they even  played innocent jokes on him.

“Ha ha, today i come out to play outside imperial palace, but please do not manage me ha ha” Hong Xiaobao was walking while greeting all of the townspeople. He scurried all of the shopkeepers back to let Yun Caixiao see their stalls.

If she finds anything suitable fr her he would definetly buy it. Thought Xiaobao

Afterall why would a man collect riches if not for their woman ? Especially my Little Sister Caixiao ! She has such a big sentiment to me, if i won’t spend my riches for her, then for whom ?! Thought Hong Xiaobao

Buy! As long as Little Sister Caixiao likes it i will buy it !

After walking or a while Hong Xiaobao suddenly heard Tian Can shouting

“Go to that Medicine Herb Shop lad. I smell some good raw materials from there , buy them for me and i’ll help you concot some medicine for your sweetheart. Also that Ye Jnning lad will regret messing with you !

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